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LIstituto Comprensivo G. Verga Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (CT) Sicily - Italy Presents.

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1 LIstituto Comprensivo G. Verga Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (CT) Sicily - Italy Presents



4 Waste disposal is one of the main problems that Italy has to resolve. If we dont change our point of view and lifestyle, the next generation couldnt enjoy our planet beauties.

5 GlassPlastic Alliminium and tinsPaper and Cardboard

6 In order to avoid this We must do this…

7 Garden Waste Grass mowing and cut-off flowers Plants (without earth) Branches, trees and hedges clip Bulky waste Old or wooden furniture Mattresses and wires for beds Fridges, TV, PC. Clothing Cloths Knitwear Linen Hats Bags Leather Urban hazardous Waste Out-of-date medicines Piles Containers with residual substances marked by the symbols Metals Aluminium cans (AL) Containers of tin, tin plate or other metals Tin foil

8 Biodegradable Waste Leftovers Kitchen waste Stale food (without package) Egg-shells Used paper serviettes and handkerchiefs Glass Bottles (without top) Pots and other boxes (without cap) Glasses Phials Plastic Package Bottles for water and drinks Bottles of shampoo, bath foam, detergents and containers for cosmetics Polystyrene or nylon packs Paper and cardboard Sheets Photocopies Writing- books Newspapers Magazines Books Boxes Cardboard packages Non recyclable Waste Earthenware, ceramic, chinaware, clays Pyrex glass, light-bulbs Dirty cloths, sponges Videotapes, Compact disks, floppy disks

9 November Activity ARticles, Conferences and Photo Gallery.

10 On November we have studied about Ecology and Environment. A series of readings and classroom discussions with our Science teachers about the meaning of these words.

11 On November 7 th, we met a member of the JoniAmbiente a green organization, who talked us about the difficult problem related to rubbish. He explained us the most simple way to learn doing waste collection. Written by: 2° B

12 Conference Green Symbols Yesterday we took part to a conference about Green Symbols. Of course we have already faced this subject with our Science Teacher. During the meeting the expert showed us a large number of slides related to the most common eco – symbols and their meaning.

13 He said that they are universal symbols as we can see them in schools, streets and public places. The Green symbolizes a clean and healthy world. Among the eco- symbols we saw, the common ones are:



16 we walked around our town to discover how clean is it, taking photos of waste littered places, different types of dustbins, containers and bells for the waste collection.

17 Nature – path: excursions to the Reserve of Fiumefreddo the Gole dAlcantara Volcano Etna



20 In order to protect this peculiar ecosystem the river Fiumefreddo has been included among the first 19 Sicilian natural reserves. The local W.W.F is, in fact, entrusted with the management of the reserve. It is possible to go along "sentiero natura, which is long about three kilometres. The way is in concrete pavement and it is a level road with grassy stretches. The excursion takes about 90 minutes including a rest and the observation time. The great importance of this protected area is due to the particular ecological conditions created by the cold water and by the flowing of Fiumefreddo river.

21 They provide a perfect habitat for watery vegetation such as "Brasche" and Buttercups. These types of plants are more typical of Central and Atlantic Europe. They represent a unique survey station for all of southern Italy. In the mouth of the river there are plants of papyrus whose quality is superior to that of the Ciane river in Syracuse and to the Egyptian papyrus.


23 The Alcantara is a river in Sicily. The name Alcantara is of Arabic origin. The Alcantara Gorges are deep incisions in volcanic rocks and cliffs, caused by the eruptions of Mount Etna.Mount Etna The less intrepid traveller can reach the gorges with a lift, but the more adventurous can descend into the gorge on foot, where the river can be followed for about 150 meters through mysterious shadowy rocky bends along the walls of the rock-face.


25 Mount Etna is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily. It is the tallest active volcano in Europe and is in an almost constant state of activity. Eruptions of Etna arent always the same. Most occur at the summit, where there are currently (as of 2008) four distinct craters (the Northeast Crater, the Voragine, the Bocca Nuova, and the Southeast Crater). Other eruptions occur on the flanks. Summit eruptions can be highly explosive and are extremely spectacular, but are rarely threatening for the inhabited areas around the volcano. On the contrary, flank eruptions can occur down to a few hundred metres altitude, close to or even well within the populated areas. There are some of the religious based theories that were popular in the past.

26 Firstly, Aeolus, the king of the winds, who is said to have imprisoned the winds in the caves of Etna. According to the poet Aeschylus, the giant Typhon was confined to the Etna walls and this explained the eruptions. Another legend says that when the Mount Etna erupted in 252, one year after the martyrdom of Saint Agatha, the people of Catania took the red veil of the Saint, remained untouched by the flames of her martyrdom, and called her name. And the eruption ended! But the legends also came from the Anglo-Saxon world: according to one of these the soul of the Queen Elizabeth I of England now resides in the bowels of the volcano Etna, because on the pact she made with the devil in exchange for his help during her reign.



29 In the last ten years Italy has known an increasing number of killer floods: The global warming The abandon of the countryside Building abuse The deforestation

30 The most important thing is defending the environment. We have the duty to respect the place where we live, that is to say, the. Most people dont respect it and spoil it. The word Pollution means the introduction of chemicals into natural environment, with the consequence of great damages on it. There are different types of pollution.

31 The first is the water pollution;because of tanker, sea vegetation and sea animals run the risk of dying.

32 The second is the acustic pollution; great noises, such as the horn, can damage our hearing.

33 In the end, there is also the air pollution; smog and dumping of industrial waste have a damaging effect on the air. To conclude, we think that pollution is a very important problem and it can have bad and dangerous effects on our health. Written by: Alessia, Greta, Tatiana, Dario and Tommaso

34 Our suggestions are… …To be continued…

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