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Pollution Work made by: Raquel Costa 11.ºC, n.º16.

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1 Pollution Work made by: Raquel Costa 11.ºC, n.º16

2 Pollution Pollution is the introduction of pollutants (whether chemical substances, or energy such as noise, heat, or light) into the environment to such a point that its effects become harmful to human health, other living organisms, or the environment (, 19/10/07 ).

3 We can identify several types of pollution: Water pollution; Air pollution; Sound pollution; Soil or ground pollution; Light pollution.

4 The levels of pollution are growing because: Population is increasing; Forests are disappearing; There are more big cities with less green spaces; Non rational use of resources. We are ruining our planet by taking actions without looking to its consequences.

5 Some consequences of pollution are global threats: Greenhouse effect ; Global warming; Climate changes; Depletion of the ozone layer; Lack of drinking water; Glaciers melt (raise of sea levels); Destruction of ecosystems. These changes put in danger living organisms as well as human health.

6 It is up to us! Use energy-saving long life light bulbs; Dont use non biodegradable plastic bags; Use public transports instead of personal cars; Use rechargeable batteries; We must decrease our wastes, emission of dangerous gases and save water to preserve our future.

7 It is up to us! Stop water from running when brushing your teeth; Put a water bottle inside your flusher; Control taps and use dirty water for plants; Dont leave TV, video or other appliances on stand by; Separate your wastes in order to be recycled.

8 These are simple things that anyone can do, but we all know that there are many people that dont follow them because is not easy to change our habits and people refer to have less work than help the planet. In fact some people do even worse: we can easily find rubbish in the streets, bottles in the rivers...

9 A brighter future? Peoples way of thinking must change in order to provide next generations a better planet. Some examples of measures that are taking place: Children are receiving information about what they can do to help the environment starting from nursery and primary schools. Governments are investing more in facilities directed for collecting and treating residues. There are television programs about environment conservation for adults and youngest.

10 Sources: dexg.shtml BARROS, Virgínia; CORREIA, Paula; PINTO, Fernando; Screen 2, Porto Editora, 2007.

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