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Stephen Wells 18 th March 2011. The Top Management Programme (TMP) is the Leadership Foundations flagship programme An established track record in developing.

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1 Stephen Wells 18 th March 2011

2 The Top Management Programme (TMP) is the Leadership Foundations flagship programme An established track record in developing strategic leaders in the HE sector Over 40 of the current UK Vice-Chancellors/Principals are TMP Alumni, with many of the other past participants of TMP holding some of the most senior roles throughout higher education. TMP is intended to be challenging, providing an opportunity to broaden perspectives and to act as a force for change at both a personal and professional level. The programme is designed to provide long-term benefit to both the individual, the university or higher education college and the wider higher education sector.

3 Selection to TMP requires the full support of the institution and the Vice-Chancellor. Participants will automatically become members of the TMP Alumni (currently over 440 members) and continue to benefit from a vibrant support network.

4 1. The future of higher education What will be the impact of the economic downturn, the increase in student tuition fees, with the following refocus on the student experience; globalisation and trans-national education, European integration and expansion and other macro level influences on higher education. 2. Strategic leadership What is strategic leadership and how can you enhance your capabilities to deliver it? What changes might be needed in the form and structure of university governance and management? 3. Leading change What helps and what hinders the process of effecting major strategic change? How do other organisations achieve sustainable change? 4. Strategic financial management What financial and resources issues do you need to consider as a strategic leader? What data intelligence and key performance indicators (KPIs) do you really need to focus attention on leading an institution? 5. Strategic human resource management What good practice exists that will enhance the culture and climate of higher education institutions? How do you get the best performance from all staff in the organisation? 6. Career management What can you do to enhance your own career and the development of others? 7. Personal growth and development How do you currently operate as a strategic leader? How might you enhance your current performance and develop your capabilities as a strategic and influential leader?

5 One day Induction Week 1 – Leading the changing organisation Kingston Week 2 – Trends in Government and Ireland London and Dublin Week 3 – Leading high performance organisations Edinburgh Action Learning and personal development

6 Deans, PVCs, DVCs, interim VCs and Directors 1 st Estates Director to attend TMP programme Organisations represented from all of Higher Education including not for profit colleges

7 The main topics of the week were; Strategic planning and being strategic Governance: the changing agenda Scenario planning –challenges for the next 5 years Leading change Team working (team leadership styles) The private sector in HE- the US model (Apollo Global) Air Chief Marshall Sir Brian Burridge the rollercoaster ride of strategic leadership Prof Malcolm Gillies, VC, London Metropolitan Reflections on leadership transitions and strategic leadership

8 The main topics of the week were; Leading in HR: Horizon scanning and responses (post Browne and CSR) Lobbying and Influencing Policy Issues Group Investigation : Million + Fiscal overview, policy developments and current challenges – HM Treasury Policy Directions for Higher Education – Dept of Business, Innovation and Skills Prof Sir Alan Langlands, CEO, HEFCE working with government Prof Aldwyn Cooper, CEO of Regents College Ireland Higher Education Authority Ireland Trinity College, Dublin University College, Dublin Dublin Institute of Technology

9 The main topics of the week were; Interpreting and benchmarking financial performance data in an Higher Education context Top team working Key issues in challenging times Performance management Strategic HR issues in Higher Education Higher Education in Scotland; current issues and future challenges Inspirational leadership through mythodrama: Henry V Case Study – University of Eastchurch

10 360 appraisal Manager, peer group, subordinates and customers Action learning Mixed group of seven Project based All day sessions in organisations (London, Northumbria and Bedfordshire) Continues after TMP 22… Personal Development plan

11 To be an effective leader you need to have a wide variety of skills and abilities It enabled me to think outside of the day-job and gain valuable understanding of the HE sector. The group was able to learn together where members of the group could share their knowledge and experiences. The residential format was good to enable further debate on issues raised during the day. Action learning great opportunity to see other HE organisations bonding as an action learning set, enabled wider trust and sharing of confidential issues. The scenario planning exercise of the University of Eastchurch was a positive experience. It enabled me to be responsible and understand areas within HE. I have a network across the sector to contact, to test ideas or discover best practice

12 Using external experts to share experiences is very beneficial for wider learning We all have knowledge of areas and these could be shared with the SMG to enable learning Sector learning - All organisations are going through the same issues as LSBU We can learn ideas from the not for profit and even private sector on providing higher education Academics and support staff can work together to reach a win-win situation The team is stronger when it works together, not in silos and sometimes peoples abilities are not always apparent

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