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2 Automatos Automatos is a full suite of automated intelligent IT products that offer remote monitoring and management solutions to corporate servers, desktops and networks.

3 Prime Customers

4 Automatos Features Online solution Fast, simple implementation without risk Intelligent reports Excellent client support End to End Security Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP- UX and Tru64)

5 The On Line Solution Pay as you use Does not require hardware purchase or software maintenance Fully automated solution, available 24x7x365 Easily expanded to multiple locations No hidden costs Unlike traditional data management technologies Automatos solutions dont have any hidden costs such as training, IT personnel support, consultancy for implementation and/or integration, or software maintenance and upgrades. Software licenses Known costs Traditional Data Management Technologies Model Hardware Implementation Training Integration IT personnel support Maintenance and upgrades Hidden Costs

6 Simple Implementation Immediate results eliminating time-related costs How long will your company be willing to invest and wait to see the first results of a management solution for servers/desktops? Implementation done in hours or days Traditional data management technologies generally require months to be implemented and configured. No need for training Unlike other systems in the market, its not necessary to train people to use Automatos. With only a few clicks reports are generated, in a matter of minutes. Functionalities you really need and use at no risk The features found in Automatos solutions are developed exclusively to solve problems in managing IT. Our competitors frequently have a variety of features that present no real benefit, and which are sold jointly with their other services, such as consultancy, training, integration, hardware, etc.

7 Intelligent Reports Automated and on-demand report generation Reports can be generated periodically or on-demand, with no limit. Presented in HTML or PDF format, they can be easily saved or forwarded by e-mail, for instance. Conclusive information instead of raw data Through a traffic light schematics, the reports zoom in the information when bottlenecks are found. Instead of raw data, our reports present conclusive information about your servers and desktops. Pro-active suggestions Using a plain language similar to what a human consultant would use, the reports dont show mere occurrences, They clearly indicate cause of problems and provide proactive suggestions for solving these problems, with the help of graphs and charts. Multi-platform Support for Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and Tru64. Wyndham International "We found the user interfaces to be extremely intuitive. The ability to create ad-hoc reports with a high degree of flexibility in how we could view report details was a definite plus." Andy Miller, Director of Network Engineering

8 How Automatos Works User Through our secure portal users monitor their IT infrastructure and receive reports about performance, capacity planning and software inventory, besides monitoring their systems in real time. Report generation Reports are sent to the user in pre-determined periods or on-demand. They are very conclusive, made in a very easy-to-understand language and detailed as if they were made by a real consultant. Automatos agent The Automatos agent is downloaded from the portal and installed on the machine the client wish to monitor. It will then collect, compress, encrypt and send the data about the system in a secure way via internet to the Automatos analyzer. End-to-end security 1 Agent download Report is sent 3 2 Secure transmission Automatos analyzer The Automatos analyzer receives, decompresses and stores the data, which will be analyzed and interpreted automatically to provide conclusive information for the user.

9 Automatos Solutions Automatos Server Management Suite Hardware and software inventory Real-time monitoring - RTM Performance analysis Capacity planning Server consolidation Application performance analysis (SQL and Oracle) Automatos Desktop Management Suite Hardware and software inventory Software removal User data registry Secure remote control Software metering Software license management Desktop detection Automatos Network Management Suite Inventory and monitoring of SNMP-based appliances Automatos End to End Security Automatos Distribution Wizard

10 Automatos Server Management Suite

11 Asset Wizard – Detailed Inventory Hardware and software inventory Including software version and manufacturer. Software license management Easily define compliance rules and generate reports on which machines are running unauthorized software. Change management The change management feature enables you to easily keep track of all changes in software and hardware. Reports and administration Detailed or generic reports can be easily generated in HTML, PDF or XML. Answers to questions such as Our Sales Dept has 5 licenses of CRM Software 2.0. How many installed copies do they have? or How many Pentium IIIs are there in my Company?.

12 RTM Wizard – Monitoring and Alerts Monitor servers with a web browser The RTM Wizard offers real time monitoring of servers in any given browser. Through a web-console users can monitor a group of machines using a single view. Monitor individual machines in detail Any individual server can be monitored in detail, including the process list and its resource consumed in real time. Powerful and simple notification service Users may define thresholds for multiple resources, and the availability of specific processes can also be monitored. Notifications are sent by e-mail, pager, SMS or ICQ whenever the thresholds are hit. Performance history can also be saved and exported into CSV files.

13 Performance Wizard – Performance Analysis Results presented in concise, understandable language, including graphs and tables that analyze resource consumption. Each section follows simple traffic light schematics (Red, Yellow, or Green) indicating when bottlenecks occur and the severity of the problem. When bottlenecks occur, the report zooms into the corresponding section, showing details about the processes running at the time of the bottleneck. Continuous Performance Analysis Automated report generation with conclusive information about the monitored servers or desktops

14 Future resource needs forecast Specific upgrade recommendations are made, supporting the following models Reports are generated in minutes, so you can better plan your spending for new upgrades, avoiding waste and maximizing results. Capacity Wizard – Capacity Planning Future behaviorUpgrades recommendations Tendency analysisSimulations (What-If Scenarios) HP ProliantIBM RS/6000 HP 9000IBM xSeries HP AlphaIntel Generic SUN SPARCAMD Generic DELL PowerEdge

15 Server Consolidation Wizard Server consolidation is the process of substituting a whole group of heterogeneous and multi-platform servers of many different generations into a small group of modern and simplified machines, in a uniform and compatible way Server Consolidation Wizard generates a consolidated report indicating the exact server model that would support the workload current distributed among several different servers

16 Application Performance Analysis Plug-In Oracle and SQL The Plug-Ins analyze the state of specific applications of Oracle and SQL Server databases, helping administrators maximize availability and improve response time. This is done by capturing and analyzing the configurations of Oracle and SQL, and the physical resource utilization: identifying performance bottlenecks of this applications. Some of the monitored resources with this tool are: CPU and memory consumption, network, access and disk space (per instance), cache hits, number of open connections and log utilization rate.

17 Automatos Desktop Management Suite

18 Rationalizing license software investments Software metering Measurement of the use of software products for each individual machine, allowing cost and iinvestment control. Software license management Control of the number of licenses for software products by department or sub-areas within your organization. Management of information, allowing optimal resource utilization User data registry Software removal Automatos Secure Remote Control Desktop detection

19 DeskPS – Desktop Performance Solution Performance analysis - generating management information, allowing optimal resource utilization Continuous performance analysis Identification of performance bottlenecks Automated report generation Can deal with millions of computers simultaneously Detailed hardware and software inventory Hardware, software, network and media Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Linux Change management Sophisticated asset management reports Consolidated capacity planning for desktops Upgrades recommendations within a specified horizon Indication of upgrades for multiple resources Indicates processor model for upgrade, when necessary Prepared to manage millions of machines

20 DeskPS – Desktop Performance Solution Response time analysis Remote analysis of applications response time A single machine or many machines simultaneously Configuration is done by means of a robot (KMVC) Sizing analysis Comparison with current configuration by means of a profile Choice of minimum and recommendable requirements May or may not take current workload of the machine into consideration

21 Automatos Network Management Suite

22 Network Management Suite - SNMP Monitoring service using standard SNMP agent Inventory management of SNMP-based applications Lists all applications within a network (switches, routers and others), allowing the control of costs and investments. Real-time monitoring Monitoring and alerts done through a real-time console and retrospective reports that describe the performance of all applications in the network (switches and routers, among others).

23 Automatos End to End Security

24 End to End Security The Automatos process went through a severe internal security and interference analysis on machine performance, and was approved in all our internal spheres for use in Latin America. Antonio Abdallah Nehme, Product Manager JPMorgan Non-intrusive agents No sensitive information is collected Secure data transmission Security through firewalls World-level infrastructure

25 Automatos Distribution Wizard

26 Distribution Wizard Features Simple Affordable Easily deployed Manageable Integrated with other Automatos Services Components On Target Machines Automatos Secure Remote Control Servers ADA Agents On Stager Machines ASA Agents Distribution Agents / Plug-ins Management Database Management Portal The Automatos Distribution Wizard supports the on line file, command and software distribution for desktops, utilizing Automatos Secure Remote Control. It is integrated into the Automatos Portal and allows for the distribution of packages from 3 rd party software packagers.

27 Ask about our FREE no-risk deployment…..we solve your IT problems first, or you dont pay!


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