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Outdoor Adventure Management

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1 Outdoor Adventure Management

2 We are the team of dedicated mountaineers and professional Outbound trainers, driven with the common goal of training corporate teams to make them versatile & cohesive team unit to face the challenges of highly competitive corporate world, to cope effectively stressful situations, to succeed & to live life happily, with the experience of Team work and Trust through Outbound training. Super Teams are not created overnight.

3 Recently the founder member of Outdoor Adventure Management Mr Yateen Gharat is selected by Professor In charge for Outdoor Management Development Prof.Charuhas Joshi for imparting Lectures and Facilitation at Welingkars Institute of Management for their Distant Learning Courses on the subject of Experiential Learning, and Out bound Training for regular PGDBA and MBA students.

4 O AM follows the methodology of Reviewing skills &Experiential learning through Outbound training, Adventureby choice is the theme. H aving four wings to ensure of its commitment to the clients forthe best deserving corporate solutions. I ts wide and powerful wings of four areas impart skills andknowledge for- most Team work related corporate solutions. E xperiential learning. T eam building skills. P roblem solving skills. C orporate survival.

5 OAM believe in Out Bound Training, as it plays the most effective role in People Management, Productivity, Communication skills, Time management, Leadership qualities and hence provides overall Quality development. OMD results in high levels of motivation, performance, achievement directly in line with business needs. OAM imparts Adventure based Outbound Training modules for Corporate while insuring high level of Security and Involvement and Fun.

6 Outdoor Adventure Leisure Outings with Team building Experiential Learning( Coming Together) Object Oriented Adventure Outings(Risk Taking) Team building-Trust Building(Synergy) Out Bound Training/Motivation (Lakshya) Leadership Development( Eklavyaya) Outdoor Management Development ( Ajinkya)

7 Ice breakers Number Games Team building Games Trust building Games Solution oriented Games Group Initiative with Mobile props Group Initiative with Fixed elements High rope Activities Low rope Activities

8 Improved Time Management Incessant creative ideas at work Application of basic Management principles Win at any cost Attitude Greater Team Work Open approach to Self Improvement Challenge accepting attitude Solution Oriented approach Risk taking attitude Procrastination Diffused Self reliant-Self sufficient approach Fact finding attitude Broadened Perspective

9 Object-Goal oriented thought process Heightened Will power Leadership qualities infused Heightened Self Awareness Heightened Self Confidence Improved Mind Body Synchronization Learning to Step Back-De stress-Relaxation Conflict Resolution Improved Retention Ratio( Companies point of view.) Self Motivated –believe in Motivating others Empathizing-Bold-Daring Learning to put one self in the shoes of Customers Learns to Follow and support leaders 100%

10 Learns to respect Seniors Learns to give effective Feed back Learns the value of Co-ordination Learns the value of Planning Learning new things with effective questioning skills Learns the Effective Listening skills Learns to develop Trust in Team, Company, Self. Learns to accept Facts the way they are.( Reality) Learns to handle Failure-Dissatisfaction Learns the value of Openness in Relation ships Believes in Building Bridges Learns to Communicate effectively Learns the technique of Effective Visualization

11 Completely Charged Team, ready to take on any task regardless of its difficulty. Participants are able to Relate to each other at deep root level. Sense of being United is believed and felt predominantly. Participants feel sudden change in the way they look at day to day routine work. Participants feel completely recharged and full of energy after program. Synergizing…………Synergy effect is optimized. Undiscussables are discussed with comfort level, which adds to Pinpoint problem solving. Participants feel too much happened in too shorter time hence need little more time to find words for their own feelings.( Reviewing experience all by themselves and expressing it during Debrief.) Participants feel sudden deluge of Learnings, which sometimes overwhelmingly intense.(Once they find a knack of giving words for their own feelings they are well on the course of Self Motivated Learning.) Participants keep on getting those Clicks, Eurekas and Wows long after program is over,sometimes learning keep on Dawning on them even after couple of months. Thinking and linking will become natural process for them. Participants certainly learn how to derive pattern out of day to day happenings and immediately learn to process the experience in terms of where it can be used positively in Future.

12 Participants learn systematic Processing of experience, in order to extract pin pointed Learning out of it. And it becomes second nature to them. Reduced Internal conflicts within the team to greater extent, although not completely diffused but at least it is looked upon from all the angles and few Core Issues are Addressed to. Reaction to emotional issues or emotion arising issues is much under control. Motivational attitude is encouraged all throughout teams and eventually filters down to everyone connected to the team more as Healthy Infection. Out of box thinking is predominantly observed after OMD session. Problem solving attitude is nurtured because, somehow it apparently gives them more power to make decisions and implementation of plans. Hence problems are welcomed as against previously avoided. Vision is enhanced more prominently,participants try and see Bigger Picture all the time which eventually brings them to work for Common Goal. Time Management is improved to greater extent, Time Frame Awareness eventually becomes a habit. Goal setting and prioritizing entire work load becomes second nature to them. To achieve High you must Aim High Flexibility, acceptance and adaptability is exhibited every now and then within work atmosphere as well as outside the work realm.

13 Response to emergency and sudden change in situations is tackled very nicely, patiently and with cool head. Ever Learning attitude is encouraged throughout team. Brain storming becomes regular habit for teams, before going into any new work or project. Trust Support Cooperation Coordination and Mutual Respect is at its peak within the team. Transformational Leadership, Motivational Leadership and Alternative Leadership become the regular part of team behavior. Ego issues are kept at bay, around work situations.(First comes Team and Task.) Participants will strive for the best they can achieve, by giving their 100 percent efforts. Leadership is developed and encouraged at all levels. Win at any cost attitude will eventually eradicate Complacency within the teams. If Team wins, I win, If Company grows I grow this will be the order of working.

14 General Adventure Involvement Agakhan Youth and Sports Board Agakhan Social welfare Board Centralised Risk Management People(CRP) Shraddha Training centre. Bandra East Community Center-NGO Parivarthan-NGO Thakur College IIT Powai Gokhle Highschool Fidai Boarding Sun shine nursery Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh S.S. Travells Corporate Involvement Balaji associates (Leading General Insurance company) Air-tel Citi Finance TravelOrg(Milind Gunaji Headed Company) Reliance Communications(Mobile division) LIC Of India RNA Builders Welingkars Institute of Management Studies

15 Thanks Team Yateen Gharat-:00919820833622 Outdoor Adventure Management

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