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Supply & Install SHARJAH, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Our professional & Reliable Work Brochure ….

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2 Our professional & Reliable Work Brochure ….

3 · Company Profile · Pre-Qualification · Projects · Trade License & Other Documents · Contract Details

4 Abyad & Asfer Trading Company is heading towards the 21 st Century with a solid background, an eminent history and an open mind for new technologies. Abyad Asfer Company develops a long-term relationship with its clients through consistent quality service and support. Abyad & Asfer Company is committed to leadership in the industry by increasing its research and developments budget. New technologies, services and tactics are our objective for the years to come. This company has undertaken large number of projects in Civil works as well as internal finishes with landscaping work involves with number of building activities as follows.

5 Natural Stone Work & Marble works Interior Design & Gypsum Décor Works Aluminium glass Works & Cast Aluminium Works Stainless Steel Works G.I. Steel Spiral Stair Works. CCTV & low Voltage Works Over head Projectors & Automatic Screen installations Irrigation & Landscaping works Marble Flooring Work,Tiles & Plaster,Interlock

6 Achieving efficient, economical and fast construction is our main concern. Abyad Asfer Was establishes in 2010 as one of the most prominent contracting in United Arab Emirates. Abyad Asfer has growing tremendously in the last few years having completed large projects in a very short time span with high quality and competitive price which has given the company great advantage amongst its competitors. The compliance with the international building standards and new technologies has been instrumental in completing our projects on time and within the budget.

7 Abyad & Asfer Company is a specialist civil work Contracting with 5 year proven experience over the field and has completed a number of projects. Projects are undertaken and working closely with our supply work team, we constantly strive to review services with levels agreements, pricing, alternative and more cast effective systems and products invocations on a regular basis to ensure delivery of perineum and efficient quality and service with entire satisfactory of clients / Consultants / Customers.

8 Our aim is to provide a forward generation technology with innovative service. Where we are able to offer our expertise and specialist knowledgeable executive engineers [team leaders] to ensure on execution application with standards working and sharing knowledge and experience to adhere with specified product quality with friendly Environment. We assure our quality of work with our professional workshop drawings and procedures as per the specification and requirements set with Architect Engineers and clients. We enhance our productivity and site progressive work with committed assurance and update our superiors with maintaining tract record with day to day throughout the duration of project.

















25 Email: Contact

26 Please do remember your entire requirement for your villa needs Solutions we glad to serve at your kind. Solutions Thank You !

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