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Santa Monica College At A Glance. Approx. 34,000 students at SMC.

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1 Santa Monica College At A Glance

2 Approx. 34,000 students at SMC




6 Ethnicity/Race Spring 2011 Asian/ Pacific Islander 19.4% Hispanic 31.3% Multi- Ethnic 3.0% Black 9.4% Unreported 4.9% Native American 0.3% White 31.8%


8 Credit Status Fall 2010

9 Full-Time/Part-Time Status Fall 2010 Full-Time 35.8% 11,160 Students Part-Time 64.2% 19,978 Students

10 Top Feeder High Schools Santa Monica 233 Fairfax 176 Beverly Hills 209 Alexander Hamilton 201 Palisades 172 Out-of- State 1,506 Foreign High School or Equivalent 1,033

11 Financial Aid Fall 2010 What percentage of students receive financial aid? 42% How many students does that equal? 13,000 What is the average financial aid amount? $

12 Distance Learning Fall 2010 On-Ground Courses 78.4% Combination Distance Learning & On- Ground Courses 13.1% Distance Learning Only 8.5%

13 Persistence Fall 2010 Fall to Spring FTF 5,514 Persisted 3, % Fall to Fall FTF 5,514 Persisted 3, % Credit First-Time Freshman Student Term to Term Persistence

14 Successful Course Completion Fall 2010 Success Rate Basic Skills60.8% Transferable Courses 69.8% Vocational Courses 69.9% College-Wide68.2%

15 Transfers


17 Transfers to UCs

18 For the last 3 full academic years, SMC has transferred the most African-American and Chicano/Latino students to the University of California

19 Transfers to UC African-American students 119 Chicano/Latino students

20 International Students

21 3200 Students from 113 countries


23 100 Each top country sends more than 100 students to SMC

24 SLO Assessment Summary Fall 2011

25 Fall 2010Spring 2011Fall 2011 # Departments Assessed # Courses Assessed # Sections Assessed # Course-level SLOs Assessed # Course Enrollments Assessed11,62826,34927,258 # Assessments 1 26,80150,36266,203 1 This count is greater than the count of course enrollment assessed because some courses had multiple SLOs DESCRIPTION OF COURSE-LEVEL ASSESSMENT

26 SLO Assessment Summary Fall 2011 (cont. ) Fall 2010Spring 2011Fall 2011 # Assessments26,80150,36266,203 # Assessments – Mastered SLO 22,63042,37256,051 % Assessments – Mastered SLO 84.4%84.1%84.7% SLO Assessment Result Summary – All Departments

27 Institutional Learning Outcomes # Assessments# Mastered ILOFall 2010Spring 2011 % Mastered ILO Fall 2011 % Mastered ILO ILO #1: Personal Attributes 80,85770, %87.3%87.2% ILO#2: Analytical & Communication Skills 227,329195, %86.9%86.2% ILO#3: Applied Social Knowledge & Values 50,60243, % 86.5% ILO #4: Applied Knowledge & Valuation of the Physical World 23,71220, %87.4%86.8% ILO Assessment Result Summary by ILO

28 SMC Spring Fiscal Update Not only did we get hit with a $6.2 million reduction in state funds at the beginning of this fiscal year, we sustained another $1.4 million in trigger mid- year cuts and a totally unanticipated February cut of $2.85 million that resulted from lower-than-anticipated student enrollment fees and property tax revenues. This is both a result of new cuts imposed by the state and a lesser amount of revenue than planned from non-resident tuition. The projected current fiscal year-end fund balance (reserves) for the college has worsened in the five months since the college's budget was adopted. *From Dr. Tsangs Spring Update dated March 1, 2012

29 SMC Spring Fiscal Update (cont.) For , Gov. Jerry Browns proposed budget will be flat even if voters pass proposed state ballot measures this November to raise taxes Since 2008, weve been forced to eliminate 1,000 class sections, squeezing many students out of our classrooms. That brings our total cuts to a stunning $11.1 million for this fiscal year. *From Dr. Tsangs Spring Update dated March 1, 2012


31 Nursing SMC has a 94% pass rate for the Registered Nursing Program (NCLEX Examination)

32 Cosmetology April 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011 Written Cosmetology Exam 8 students passed 100% pass rate Practical Cosmetology 9 students passed 82% pass rate Written Esthetician 9 students passed 90% pass rate Practical Esthetician 9 students passed 100% pass rate

33 Disabled Student Center Served 1,001 students Served 1,600 students 32.6% increase in the last 6 years

34 Disabled Student Center # of students in the Autism Spectrum have quadrupled in the past 5 years 15 in in

35 Alternate Media Department can caption all videos shown in class Close- Captioning Flexible CCTV for visually- impaired students Offered at the High Tech Training Center Zoom-Twix The High-Tech Training Center and Alternate Media Specialist converts approx. 215 books in electronic format each semester Electronic Books Resources for disabled students…

36 Ecological Footprint…

37 SMC Program Facts 1 st College in nation to offer a certificate and AA degree in Recycling and Resource Management Since beginning their partnership in 2002, Sustainable Works has graduated over 4,000 students through their 9-week sustainability workshops

38 7,500 students use the Big Blue Bus every day Thats over half of our daily population!

39 Thanks! Special thanks to: – Hannah Alford and Daniel Berumen (Institutional Research) – Genevieve Bertone (Sustainability) – Lisette Rabinow-Palley (DSPS) – Denise Kinsella (International Student Center) For their assistance in gathering the facts presented in this informative slideshow!

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