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The University of California at Davis

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1 The University of California at Davis
Take notes as you learn about UCD!

2 Freshman Admission Requirements…
Complete UC Approved “A-G” courses with a grade of “C” or better. Minimum 3.0 GPA to apply to UC Schools. ACT test + Writing Score or SAT Test (Combined reading, math & writing score) Two SAT Subject Tests (formerly SAT II) Two Personal Statements UC Davis Campus-Specific Criteria:

3 Freshmen Student Profile (Fall 2010)
45% of freshmen applicants were accepted to UC Davis 43.8% men, 56.2% women Demographics (major groups): 17.4% Chicano/Latino 39.3% Asian/Pacific Islander 33.3% White 3.0% African American

4 Average Freshman GPA: 4.0 (Fall 2010)


6 UC Davis Offers 100+ Majors

7 Estimated Annual Costs for 2010-2011
Living on campus: $29,259 Living off campus: $25, 990 Commuting: $22,865

8 Athletics UC Davis is an active member of the NCAA Division I Big West Conference in which they compete against sister UCs Santa Barbara, Irvine, and Riverside, as well as five other schools. They offer one of the most diverse athletic programs in the country, sponsoring 15 varsity sports for women and 12 varsity sports for men.

9 Student Housing
Student Housing operates 17 residence halls totaling 34 buildings which are distributed among three distinct areas of campus: Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto. All three areas are located on the west side of campus; Segundo is in the northwest corner, Tercero is in the southwest corner, and Cuarto is off campus, one block northwest of Segundo.

10 Today more than 30,000 of the brightest, most diverse and well-rounded students in the nation are studying at UC Davis. A typical student might spend the morning experimenting in a chemistry lab, the afternoon playing club lacrosse and the evening performing on the stage of the Mondavi Center. By taking advantage of one of the nation's largest university internship programs and our international education programs, our students are making the world their classroom.

11 Total Number of Students

12 Paying for School… Overall Financial Aid 54% of Fall 2008 UC Davis undergraduates were awarded financial aid (including loans); average award was $14,275. 51% of Fall 2008 UC Davis undergraduates were awarded family income-based grants or scholarships; average award was $11,176. 47% of Fall 2008 UC Davis undergraduates were awarded loans. Average cumulative indebtedness at time of graduation for those who have borrowed: $15,155.

13 Some Other Interesting Tidbits…
More than 50% of UCD undergraduates work on a research project with a faculty member before they graduate. One in every 250 Californians is a a UC Davis graduate UCD leads the nation in graduate and undergraduate education in the biological sciences, topping the charts in numbers of doctoral and bachelor’s degrees conferred. Apply for Fall admission: UC Application filing dates are Nov. 1-30

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