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Metro Munich C1 Car E-Part: Electronic Control System, TCN

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1 Metro Munich C1 Car E-Part: Electronic Control System, TCN
The control system of the C1 car was developed and realized by Siemens Transportation Systems Erlangen. It is based on the databus system TCN which is internationally standardized according to IEC 1375 and IEEE 1473-T. The sub-systems of the car control level are linked by the MVB vehicle bus. They exchange functional and diagnostic data with the SIBAS 32 car control unit. Operational, status and diagnostic data are indicated on a display located in the driver’s desk.

2 Car Control Level Endcar Trailor car Backbone MVB (MVB M) MVB MVB
IBIS-Bus Zugziel Innenanzeiger Innenanzeiger Innenanzeiger Innenanzeiger Kursnummer Backbone MVB (MVB M) MVB-Service Dose SKS 3-KW ZSG Typ 3 SKS 2-KW Repeater SKS 2-MW Repeater Klima Display IBIS Türst. FR R Türst. 1R Türst. 2R Türs. 3R Türst. 1R Türst. 2R Türs. 3R MVB MVB Tür- Bus Tür- Bus Türst. FR L LZB Option HBU Türst. 1L Türst. 2L Türst. 3L Türst. 1L Türst. 2L Türst. 3L C-I/O C-I/O SKS 1-KW ASG BSG SKS 1-MW ASG BSG Richtung 1 Richtung 2 Fahrbefehl L-Bremsbefehl L-Notbremse Räumfahrt Endcar Trailor car

3 TCN Components: Overview

4 TCN Components: MVB PC/104 Interface
For integration of sub-systems Implemented in MVB/WTB gateway, SIBAS KLIP, driver’s desk display and various other systems Application Programmer’s Interface for integration of sub systems Driver software DOS Driver software Win 3.11 Driver software Win NT

5 TCN Components: MVB 32 Communication Co-Processor
For SIBAS 32® control units Central Control Unit (CCU) Traction Control Unit (TCU) MVB bus administrator and MVB node interface Siemens SAF 80C165, 16 Bit microcontroller Dual-Port RAM interface to SIBAS 32® CPU (386/486)

6 TCN Components: MVB AS 318 i/o Sub System KLIP
Interface for SIBAS 32® KLIP i/o Input module digital Output module digital Input module analog Output analog Optional MVB bus administrator Siemens SAF 80C165, 16 Bit CPU microcontroller

7 TCN Components: MVB Repeater
Links up to four MVB EMDB segments Up to 32 nodes per segment Up to 200 m line length per pro segment Redundant MVB lines, A and B Independant power supply for channel A and B

8 TCN Components: MVB Compact i/o
Compact input/output unit with integrated MVB interface Interface for driver’s desk electronic Inputs for push buttons, switches, driver’s handle Output for control indicators

9 TCN Components: MVB/WTB Gateway
For SIBAS 32® (ZSG, ASG) MVB bus interface with line redundancy WTB bus interface with line redundancy Conforms with UIC leaflet no. 556 Siemens SAF 80C167, 16 Bit microcontroller

10 TCN Components: MVB Bus Cable
Double shielded twisted pair lines Shield connection in crimp technology Pin contacting in crimp technology Robust metal housing Locked mounting screws

11 TCN Components: MVB PC Card (PCMCIA 2.0)
MVB interface for Notebooks TCN car tester MVB bus analyzer Win 4.0 driver software

12 TCN Bus Tester Hardware components Notebook Scenic Mobile 7xx/Lifebook
MVB PC Card TAP (Terminal Access Point)

13 TCN Bus Tester Software components MBA (MVB Bus Analyzer)
Bus diagnostic data Records, traces Trigger functions Filter functions Bus topology works on bus level

14 TCN Bus Tester Software components CTU (Car Test Unit)
Definitions and transmission of test signal data sets Bus admin. functionality MVB Status WTB Status Display of signals Bus topology works on logical level

15 TCN Bus Tester Software components CTE (Car Test Program Editor)
Creation and start of Test vectors and simulationprograms works on logical level

16 Engineering and Networking of Distributed Control Systems
Integration of decentralized systems TCN PT Programming Tool DISPLAY TCU DIO Signal description TCN CCU Radio HVAC TCN engineering by Siemens experts ATP DCU Brakes TCN PT generates all required parameter files (NSDB) for each node

17 TCN Experience Siemens Transportation Systems was a leading partner
in the development and standardization of TCN. We have collected field experience in engineering and realization of more than 27 projects with TCN control systems. TCN reference list

18 TCN Reference List Project Vehicel type Customer Country Prag
Wien V-Wagen München C.1 Tren Urbano ISAP-III HK Berlin BR 152 ÖBB 1016/1116 ÖBB 2016 EG 3100 BR 189 SS4C LE 5100 Dalian Metro Loco Metro Prague Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe Münchner Verkehrsbetriebe San Juan, Puerto Rico ISAP Athen BVB, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe DB AG, Deutsche Bahn AG ÖBB, Österreichische Bundesbahnen DSB, Dänische Staatsbahnen China Rumänien Czech Republic Austria Germany USA Greece Denmark China Rumania München C.1 Metro Münchner Verkehrsbetriebe Germany

19 TCN Reference List Project Vehicel type Customer Country S-DT8.10
ICT-ET VT 605 CP Pendoluso BR 642 OSE Slowenien EMG 312 Saõ Paulo CPTM Airport Link Malaysia ÖBB STW ÖBB MW ET424, 425, 426 Heavy Rail High Speed Trainset Tilting Trainset Commuter Trainset Control Car Passenger Train Trailor Car Passenger Train SSB, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG DB AG, Deutsche Bahn AG Portugiesische Bahn OSE Griechenland Slowenische Bahn CPTM Brasilien Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Österreichische Bundesbahnen Germany Portugal Greece Slovenia Brazil Malaysia Austria

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