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Making the most of your time

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1 Making the most of your time
Time Management Making the most of your time

2 Prepare: Where is time going?
Create a time log Identify the “Black Holes” eating your time. Set priorities Identify your prime time

3 Organize: Mastering the moment
Set Priorities: Master calendar Weekly timetable A daily to do list

4 Work: Controlling Time
Just say “No” Get away from it all Enjoy silence Take an e-break Let your fingers do the walking Expect the unexpected Combat procrastination Balance school and family demands Balance school and work demands

5 Evaluate: Checking your time
Use a check off list to assess if you accomplished what you intended to do Give yourself credit for everything you accomplished

6 Rethink: Reflect on your personal style
Reassess your priorities Reconsider your Personal Style of Time Management Consider doing less Do more

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