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TAA Monday, September 29, 2014. Time Management s/about.html.

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1 TAA Monday, September 29, 2014

2 Time Management s/about.html

3 Discussion O How does it make you feel to have responsibilities pile up? O Do you feel better when you put your responsibilities off or when you have them accomplished? O How can you better plan to accomplish your goals?

4 Tracking Time O Using the “Tracking Time” handout, track hour by hour what you have spent your time doing. O Calculate your time in the categories listed below the 24 hour chart. O Answer the two questions about how you spent your time. O Turn and share your day with someone around you.

5 Managing Time O Once you have discussed how you have spent your last 24 hours, complete the “Managing Time” chart. O You may need to create a quick “To Do” list so that you can ensure all the tasks you need to accomplish will be put on the schedule.

6 Strategies for Studying and Breaks O Blocks of study time and breaks O Use dedicated study spaces O Weekly reviews O Prioritize assignments- what is your weakest area- start there. O Identify resources to help you O Achieve "stage one"-- get something done! You have to start somewhere. O Postpone unnecessary activities until the work is done! O Use your free time wisely!

7 Effective Aids to get organized O Create a simple "To Do" list This simple program will help you identify a few items, the reason for doing them, a timeline for getting them done, and then printing this simple list and posting it for reminders. Create a simple "To Do" list O Daily/weekly planner Write down appointments, classes, and meetings on a chronological log book or chart. If you are more visual, sketch out your schedule First thing in the morning, check what's ahead for the day always go to sleep knowing you're prepared for tomorrow O Long term planner Use a monthly chart so that you can plan ahead. Long term planners will also serve as a reminder to constructively plan time for yourself

8 Reflection O Why is it important to accomplish daily goals? O Why does one typically procrastinate? O Does anyone have a useful examples of how to help others manage time wisely and not procrastinate?

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