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East Asia.

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1 East Asia

2 Relative Location

3 Introduction East Asia is the most populous region in the world
China is the most populous country, and the oldest continuous national culture China and Japan have been rivals from time to time East Asia has experienced colonization, and has seen both internal and international conflict Japan is extremely wealthy, but poverty may be found in parts of the region Eastern China is undergoing rapid economic development East Asia is one of the core areas of the world economy and an emerging center of political power

4 China

5 Regions of China East South central North Northeast Northwest


7 “The Heartland” (regions of South central and East) Most populated
North Cold winters, warm/hot summers Political and cultural centers South More mild climate Richer farming Hilly… people packed into farmland in river valleys

8 East Beijing

9 South Central Shanghai Guilin

10 Northeast Formerly known as Manchuria Cold, sparsely populated
Many natural resources Oil Iron Aluminum Ore Coal Lead and zinc Govt is working to recover these resources more effectively

11 North “Mongolia” Gobi Desert Hot, hot summers Bitterly cold winters

12 Northwest “Xinjiang” (sheen jee ahng)
Desert basin , surrounded by mountains Important oil producer Wheat and cotton can grow here Railroads have opened up the area Many non Chinese live in this area

13 Southwest “Xizang” (shee dzahng) aka “Tibet”
Sits among several mountain ranges, including the Himalayas Mostly barren, but some farming is possible China took over in 1950 and has worked to develop hydroelectric power since


15 Rivers of China Huang He or Yellow River Yangzi or Yangtze River
Guangzhou or Pearl River

16 Yellow River Carries very fertile, yellow-brown soil called LOESS
Causes frequent flood and destruction… but leaves silt!!!

17 Yangtze River Carries much of China’s trade
At mouth of the river is Shanghai Hydro electric power… Three Gorges Dam

18 Pearl River Actually a system of rivers
Flows through southern China to the port of Guangzhou (a major port city)

19 The People 95% of people in China are ethnically Han
Minorities: Tibetans, Tajiks, and Mongols Many different dialects of the Chinese language, but the official language is Mandarin

20 China's Flag China's national flag was adopted in September, This flag was first flown in Tiananmen Square on October 1, the day of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The rectangular flag has a red field with five golden-yellow stars (each with five points) in the upper left corner. The star on the left is larger than the other four. The red color of the flag symbolizes revolution. The large star symbolizes the Communist Party (which rules China) and the smaller stars represent the people of China.

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