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Where Do Most People in Southeast Asia Live?

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1 Where Do Most People in Southeast Asia Live?
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2 The climate of India is affected by seasonal winds called
Hurricanes Monsoons Typhoons Tornadoes Where do most of the people of India live? Southern coast Center of the country Northwest near Pakistan Along the great rivers and fertile valleys What is the best way to describe the climate of China? Hot and dry Mild and temperate Rainy and subtropical Combination of all of these

3 Where do most Chinese live?
In Mongolia to the north In the central hilly plateau region Area of the country with milder climates Around the Gobi and Taklimakan Deserts Which has a major effect on the climate of Japan? Ocean currents Monsoon rains from India Winds coming off the desert Cold air sweeping off large glaciers What is the best way to describe the climate and geography of North Korea? Mountainous and cool Large deserts, hot and dry Mostly river delta and tropical Mix of mountains and river valleys and mild temperatures

4 Which type of climate makes Vietnam ideal for growing rice?
Warm and tropical Dry and desert-like Colder due to winds from glaciers Bitter cold in winter, hot in summer How have the mountain ranges in northern India affected the country’s development? A life in the mountains is so hard that no one lives there. The mountain ranges have prevented India from having any large cities. The mountain ranges have often protected India from northern invaders. Northern India has no large rivers because the mountains cut off the seasonal rains. Why do so many of the people of India live in the Ganges River Valley? The river provides fertile soil for farming. The Ganges River is the only source of fresh water in India. There are few other places in India where people can find work. They live along the Ganges River to keep away from polluted industrial areas.

5 Why do most of the people of North Korea live in the western half of the country?
The rest of North Korea is made up of desert. The area has more farmland and fewer mountains. There are fewer cities and less pollution in the west. There are no rivers in the mountains of North Korea. Why do almost 25% of the people in South Korea live in and around Seoul? The climate is subtropical and warm year-round. The area around Seoul is protected from seasonal rains. Most of the rest of the land in South Korea is not suited for farming. The city provides markets, jobs, and education not available in rural areas. How have the farmers of Japan been able to raise crops in land that is very mountainous? They grow only those crops that do not need fertilizer. Farmers are limited to crops that do not need irrigation. They have built farming terraces along the mountain slopes. They raise crops only in the small valleys found between the mountain ranges.

6 How do the Japanese feed their people with so little good farmland?
Many of the Japanese people starve each year. The Japanese depend on fishing and imported food. Tourists bring their own food when they visit from other countries. The Japanese sell oil to earn money to buy food from other countries. Which is an example of a natural resource? Factory Deposit of coal Irrigation canal Hydroelectric dam

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