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Key Performance Indicators

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1 Key Performance Indicators
Jane Page Principal Pharmacist, Medicines Procurement University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

2 Key Performance Indicators
An Update Where are we now? What can we do? What use are they?

3 Overview Typical performance indicators gathered by (procurement) pharmacists Work done in South Central (Alison Ashman) Work done by David Samways et al KPIs commissioned by PASA KPIs in use – how to make them work!

4 Benchmarking Stockholding (stock-turns) Stock checks
Stock write – offs Invoices processed Proportion of orders/invoices sent electronically Contract variance reports

5 South Central KPIs Spend Stock discrepancies Stock value Stock turns
Invoices processed Expired stock

6 Stock turns per year Average Hosp 1 Hosp 2 Hosp 3 Hosp 4 Hosp 5 Hosp 6


8 Contract Variance Reports
Reported at Trust level by PASA Off contract spend as a % of total spend Monthly report





13 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Project Nov 2004
Key Outputs Best Practice Performance Measurement KPIs (defined as key, diagnostic or practice) 12 KPIs recommended measuring both supplier and trust performance

14 KPIs delivered (courtesy of NHS PASA)
Line items delivered on time, in full * Incorrect items received Incorrect quantities received * % lines returned vs. lines ordered % invoices matched 1st time (not done) Timeliness of payment Line orders involving manual intervention by pharmacy staff % orders transmitted electronically * Points 1-7 from JAC * from ASCribe

15 Line items delivered on time, in full KPI1
On time defined as within the lead time for that supplier (this is held on SMAINT and updated with each delivery. In full means total quantity delivered in one drop. Report works as long as deliveries are booked in on the day they arrive. Orders placed on Friday for delivery on Monday are classed as “not on time” for wholesalers.



18 What Next? More Trusts running KPI reports on Supplier performance
Compare electronic ordering with numbers of delivery errors Improved reporting on invoice KPIs % invoices received electronically and processed automatically (paperless) Improved use of resources

19 Thank You

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