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Which picture is the odd one out?. David Brent – why?

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1 Which picture is the odd one out?

2 David Brent – why?

3 Derren Brown = memory techniques Priority grid = organisation Clock = time management Brent = manager

4 Derren Browns memory techniques v=3WPY3I8yTkY Watch the video and discuss how memory techniques might be able to help you in your studies.

5 To assess how memory techniques and good time management can aid academic organisation of studies

6 Link System In an example given by Darren Brown, the first three items are: telephone, sausage, monkey. His first picture is of someone trying to dial an old-fashioned phone by using a flaccid sausage; his second picture is of sausage being cooked over a barbecue by a monkey in the jungle; his third picture is of a trained monkey doing up the buttons on your shirt. The link system is used for remembering a list of random things in the exact order in which you wish to recall them.

7 1.Pound coin 2.Sad face 3.Magazine 4.High heels 5.Pen 6. Pillow case 7. Milk 8. Biscuits 9. Side board 10. Moon You have two minutes using the link system to remember these ten things…

8 Memory Palace Pick a place that you are very familiar with. For instance, the route might be your walk from the bus stop to your home. Another route might be the rooms in your home. Next put the objects in the room with a key visual image. This can be as funny, silly or disgusting as you like! =vmueuSRJrZc Click on link!

9 Money Computers Shoe Bus Dog Snake Book Stairs Locker Report Floor Cat Tree Flower Hair Juice Bug Child Brush Pencil Painting Plate Bed Bag Steak Oranges Trousers Eyes TV Table You have five minutes to remember all of these…

10 Planner check? Get your planners out! Look in the planners. Try to identify good and the not so good ways of organising time/work. You have three/four minutes to go around the room.

11 Memory testing… In a pair, you each have two minutes to talk about how you organise yourself during a twenty-hour period.

12 We LOVE your FEEDBACK! Categorise as a class good and bad time management / organisation. Using planners/ what you do in a day etc. GOOD BAD Self-assess: how can you improve your organisational skills?

13 The priorities grid – can this help you?

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