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w w w. w i I l s o n b u s i n e s s. c o m

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1 w w w. w i I l s o n b u s i n e s s. c o m
Welcome to.. . Willson’s Business Opportunities w w w. w i I l s o n b u s i n e s s. c o m w w w. w i I l s o n g r o u p s. c o m

2 About Us WILLSON Group Co., founded in 2013 by Mr. Rajeev Kumar in India, began its march into the national market by the end of Today WILLSON Group has become a multinational conglomerate in fields like agri culture based, trading and e-business, etc. And with its business reaching all over India, & regions and has established strategic alliances with top-rank enterprises from many states. The diversified products developed by WILLSON Group, such as health care products, health care appliances, skincare applications and household products, are creating a high quality life for more than 1 Lac families around the India and have helped them to enjoy health, happiness, beauty and affluence. WILLSON Group has been adhered to its charitable philosophy of "originating from society and therefore contributing to society" and has been actively taking on corporate social responsibility.

3 A high quality workforce of professional talents, together with a localized and well regulated management, has contributed to the Nationally strategic goals of WILLSON Group. In addition WILLSON Group has an unbeatable National team in terms of research, innovation and professionalism, including more than 1000 employees; 35% of which hold master's degree or higher. Based on a complete operational management system and well-designed regulations, WILLSON Group is marching into the Fortune 500 in big strides by relying on the remarkable theories such as "New Swap and Alternative Theory", "New Supermarket Theory", "Consumption Results Wealth" and "Operational Consumption Results More Wealth".

4 Chairmen’s Theory Six-Network Interaction Theory
As information converges at high speeds in the 21st century, the global economy is racing towards globalization and multi-polarization. As a result, the philosophy of win-win has not kept up with global economic integration, and some enterprises are unable to thrive in the fiercely competitive context and are left behind.To address this situation, Mr. RAJEEV KUMAR the Chairman of Wilson Group, has summarized his domestic and overseas practices to propose the Management and Development Strategy of "Six-Network Interaction Theory."

5 The six networks in "Six-Network Interaction Theory" include Human Resource Network, National Education Network, National Logistics Network, National Tourism Network, National Capital Flow Network, and the Internet from the view point of historical evolution. The Strategy of "Six-Network Interaction Theory”, both static and dynamic, is rooted in consecutive leapfrogging, innovation, striving for perfection and improvement, and in globalizing innovations both in the direct selling industry and in the world. The Strategy of "Six-Network Interaction Theory" is interactive. Each network interacts with the other five. The Strategy of "Six-Network Interaction Theory" can be generalized to many fields, is universally applicable to the laws, rules, culture, custom and habits, and business context in any country and region, and has helped Wilson develop its global business to produce a growth effect of geometric proportions.

6 Affiliate What is Affiliate Online Marketing?
A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“Affiliates") who market the company's products for a commission. What is Affiliate Online Marketing? Online affiliate marketing (OAM) is becoming an increasingly popular method of marketing through the Internet. Many people are using affiliate marketing to make money through their Web sites and blogs.

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips
If you’ve decided affiliate marketing is right for your business, there are many different ways to go about it. It’s not the right strategy for every business. It depends on the kind of business you have. If you have a brick and mortar pizza shop, this probably isn’t for you. But for a retailer it can be a helpful tool. Brick Marketing sets up one web site that resells your product or service on other web sites. It’s performance-based marketing, paid by commission. Brick completes the whole process: Develops a strategy, writes program terms, writes banners and text ads to promote the site. They start by listening to what your business needs— the audience you’re looking to reach and who your competitors are. From there, Brick designs a successful affiliate program that works for your business. Picking an affiliate network— a group of web sites that represent your business interests— is another key part of the process. Then they launch the program and put a tracking system in place to illustrate how effective it is. The whole thing is completed in-house by Brick to get your affiliate program started. Down the line, they do monthly promotions and create affiliate programs to help. For their monthly full service program, This is a program that offers clients a full solution for their affiliate program.

8 Once you know “What is affiliate marketing” you can begin to consider whether it’s a good tactic for your business. You need to work with professionals once you can define affiliate marketing. They know the most common mistakes and can provide helpful affiliate marketing tips. You don’t want to waste your money advertising on another’s web site, make sure you’re getting on a profit return on your rupees. Affiliate marketing is another tool for your business to compete in today’s tech-hungry world. But like other tools, if not properly used you can even damage the traffic heading to your site. A poorly designed, poorly placed advertisement can make viewers think twice about your competitor. You want to send your competitor an ad that makes them a little scared. Many businesses have exploded due to affiliate marketing in your company could be next. There are also independent, third-party affiliate networks that are now also becoming popular tools in affiliate marketing. Deciding which way to go for your business is something you can get started on today. In today’s fast-paced, electronic world, affiliate marketing can be a great tool for your business. Once you can define affiliate marketing and have picked up some useful affiliate marketing tips, it’s time to consider whether it can help your business. The web is getting bigger by the day, and spreading your presence to other web sites can help attract more visitors and customers to your web site, providing a route for your business to grow.

9 How do i Join ? This is your First step to getting in you element and finding your healthy balance with WILLSON WILLSON System is your Complete guide to starting, retailing and sustaining successful in WILLSON business WILLSON India avails Free Membership for new Distributors. This registration makes you a 1-Unit independent distributor with a life time membership. As a distributor you will benefit from the support resources and assistance of WILLSON. The first step also entitles you to purchase Business Kit and products at distributor's price.

10 Advantages of Willson Business
As a member of the WILLSON family of distributors, the sky is the limit. * WILLSON business is a global business. * Evergreen health industry. * Business of distribution. * Innovative and time tested products. * Minimal investment with virtually no risk. * Flexible working hours. * National Travel & Luxury awards. * Cumulative sales plan. * Handsome retail profit and development of your contacts into independent distributors. * Strong support system to help you succeed. * No qualification or prior experience required. So anyone can do it. * WILLSON is a personal way of doing business. You work with people you like to work. WILLSON network marketing is the way to future.

11 Network marketing: What is it?
Network marketing is simply a method of providing goods and services to customers where the retail ‘middle man’ has been replaced with a network of independent distributors. These independent distributors use a product or service and for their own personal retail sales and for the volume of retail business generated by the people they train and lead in their network. * Network marketing is based on ‘word of mouth’ and any business that produces quality products recognizes the power of this form of production. * The money saved by not advertising and the usual margin given to a retailer gets distributed among the independent distributors. * For nearly 50 years, network marketing has provided a perfect opportunity to people by helping them to be self employed to create additional income and gain better control of their lives. This innovative method of marketing has grown into a $ 100 billion industry that includes virtually every developed country of the world.

12 How Network marketing is for everyone and simple ?
To understand how effective ‘word of mouth’ is think of the last time you purchased something …… clothes, jewellery, furniture or perhaps a car. You probably bought it because of the recommendation of someone close to you. Sometimes you recommend certain products in your circle of friends & relatives and they buy those products. The fact is that every day we promote other people’s businesses without paid for it. In WILLSON, we’ve simply taken the word of mouth process and attached a reward to it a sale results. So, by simply sharing the products and business benefits with your friends, You could generate an earning for yourself, which might become, a very substantial income.

13 Market Involvement In short it was a good decision
Since everyone’s interest are common, there is a better team work approach towards business. In short it was a good decision In the conventional model of business, there is a downside: * There is the high start up investment just to open your doors. * The failure rate is very high. Up to 90% of the small businesses fail in the first five years. * There is a personal problem of cash flow and chasing money owed to you. * Even if you get the money in, you pay yourself the minimum, as you need heavy reinvestments to sustain your business. * Finally, you say goodbye to your personal life, because you have to work at your business round the clock- 365 days in a year. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

14 Product Presentation Opportunity 1
Network marketing does a great job by bringing products and opportunities to market because it enlists thousands of great people in an enterprise in which they can directly and immediately benefit in direct proportion to the time they commit and the skills they develop. The person-to-person approach of network marketing has the potential to inform and educate all consumers in a way that mass advertising could never achieve. It gives the consumers a clear view of the products. Simply put, it is a more effective approach. Opportunity 1 As the fastest growing multinational company in a shortest period, WILLSON offers people from different backgrounds, industries flexible working time, workstation, and career development opportunities which are healthy, consistent, stable and faithful.

15 Opportunity 2 WILLSON natural products for the global consumers and helps every one to realize healthy living conditions. Based on 5,000-years profound Chinese culture of healthy therapy, merged with the latest innovations and research of the global life science, nutrition and health, and medical fields, Wilson developed the world first-class qualified and trustworthy product serials such as health food, health care, beauty care and home care products etc. Product draws inspiration from the nature and extracts natural ingredients. The formula is based on advanced science and global technology achievements to ensure the high-quality products and achieve the perfect combination of "natural" and the "best". Products capture the worldly trend and share professional conception.

16 Opportunity 3 WILLSON marketing staff "create wealth today, realize dream tomorrow, and realize the value of life the day after." No-risk investments and low investments in the start of enterprise. Provide full time or part time jobs with flexible working time and workshops for communities of different lifestyles. This system helps improve the living conditions for yourself and your families as well as the quality of your life.

17 Opportunity 4 Through professional services for personal dream, create unique value, develop elegant career and enjoy a happy and confident life! Communication produces trustworthiness; the trustworthiness brings upon affection; and the affection creates miracles. Happiness arises from sharing qualified products and quality life. WILLSON training programs involves many subjects guiding personal business opening, including sales, economics,public relations and Commodities for the quick personal growth and overall career development. Enjoy immense and unique WILLSON corporate culture, and cultivate positive and optimistic, persevered and confident attitude.

18 WILLSON Group Products
In accordance with Group's philosophy, namely "restoring health to mankind, contributing to society", WILLSON products are subject to continuous research and development, entering the market under the way of thinking "To prevent diseases, to delay aging, and to care for environment in order to fulfill the needs of India costumers, to apply the newest technology and natural ingredients as the main components, to meet people's need in modern era, to keep costumers healthy, and to improve the quality of life of every family with satisfactory products and service. Dynamics of life and working that is highly mobile gives us almost no time to take care of our own body. The health of our body decreased without being recognized by ourselves. So, what can we do about it? We may not allow diseases attacking us.

19 Health Care Beauty Care
WILLSON Group as a national company, having a company philosophy "Restoring health to mankind by contributing to society", dedicated itself to maintain the health of its costumers. WILLSON Health Food Products referring to Chinese theory of maintaining the health culture, combined with modern technology, is able to supply nutrients demand of every person, to stabilize body function, to prevent diseases, and to bring health. Under various products and practical usage method, they can meet vitamins demanded by different people. Health Care Appearance is the first most impressing 'name cards' for everyone. Do you wish to add the value to this 'card name'? Beauty firstly comes from skin. Beauty Care Life should be taken care of and be enjoyable. And to enjoy our life, we need to be healthy. WILLSON health products using Chinese medicine which is closely related to meridian, energy and blood, acupuncture theory, through excellent design and modern technology, allow you to relax in taking care of your health, and enjoy a healthy life in the midst of your busy time.

20 Home Care The atmosphere of clean home appliances can eliminate fatigue after working. WILLSON house cleaning products are created to help you creating warm and sweet atmosphere. These cleaning products are collaborated with the knowledge of production technology and high quality standard, and they consider daily household need, varied product types, varied use, cleaning the house optimum, bringing no damage to skin, and being environment-friendly. They make household cores easier and lighter; make you enjoy a joyful life.

21 50 Types products are Coming soon
Products List many types of health products & equipments… Instant Body Relief (IBR) Machine Coco Butter Body Lotion Healthopia Machine Vitamin-E Fairness Lotion Ozonizer Machine Almonds & Honey Moisturizer Lotion Quantum Solar Energy Pendants Frizzease Hair Serum Quantum Energy Bracelets Cleansing Milk Anti-Tanning & Blemish Cream Treatment Hair Oil Spotless Beauty Anti Marks Cream Willson’s Dish Wash Dish Wash Skin Whitening & Fairness Cream Willson’s Hand Wash Hand Wash Breast Firming & Tightening Cream Vitamin-A Cream Under Eye & Dark Circles Vitamin-B Cream Papaya Facial Spa Wash Face Wash Vitamin-E Cream Neem Tulsi Anti Acne Pimple Face Wash Long & Shine Hair Shampoo 50 Types products are Coming soon Hair Fall Control Shampoo full products detail mentioned on other presentation

22 Products and Training are Available
Seminar will be organized every Sunday….

23 WILLSON Mission "One World, One Family "
*Mission Statement: "To provide global consumers with quality products and opportunities of education & cause, improve their life quality, and make the society harmonious." *WILLSON Brand Core: "One World, One Family " *WILLSON Brand Core Value: "Extraordinary Innovation? Paramount Responsibility? Excellent Teamwork" *WILLSON Brand Slogan: "Inspired By Heritage" *Business Philosophy: "Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind." *Corporate Spirit: "Contributing to India through industrialization, and striving for higher goals through harmonious teamwork and genuine dedication." *Quality Guideline: "Parable to build human health, Milestone to realize technical innovation, Method to make sustained improvements, and Heart to satisfy consumers."

24 Register with us Business Plan…
The Start WILLSON Group Unique & Innovative plan you have to join company and be entitled for the smart incentives of greatest business Register with us A person after joining company will become an Independent distributor.

25 Various Income through WILLSON Group
The best offers for you Daily Affiliate Income.. Extra Bonus Income.. . Many Types Level Income.. . Willson Provide Rewards Income.. . Magic Capping Income.. . Royalty Income

26 + + + + + JOINING PACKAGES 5,000/. 50 15,000/. Rs per day to 50 days
With Products of same MRP. + 15,000/. Rs per day to 50 days 150 With Products of same MRP. + 25,000/. Rs per day to 50 days 250 With Products of same MRP. + 50,000/. Rs per day to 50 days 500 With Products of same MRP. + 1,25,000/. Rs per day to 50 days 1250 With Products of same MRP.

27 Click on Affiliate’s Folder Just Click and watch the Ads for U
How to get Daily Affiliate Income? For getting affiliate income simple you will have to view our ads. This ads will be transferred into your login panel every day. Login Your Id. Click on Affiliate’s Folder You Found New Ads Daily Just Click and watch the Ads for U You will got automatically as amount as mentioned

28 Retail Discount for Distributors
Extra Income Extra income completely depend on Company’s daily turnover 1 Star 10% 2 Star 20% Retail Discount for Distributors 3 Star 30% 4 Star 40% 5 Star 50%

29 Willson Group defines incomes in 10 levels
Level Income Willson Group defines incomes in 10 levels Ist Level 10% 2nd Level 8% 3rd Level 6% 4th Level 5% 5th Level 4% 6th Level 3% 7th Level 2% 8th Level 2% 9th Level 1% 10th Level 1%

30 Daily Capping Daily Capping 15000/.
If you successful to achieve for continuously 5 days then you will achieve a reward gift for this of 5000/-

31 Reward Bonanza 1-1-2014 to 30-6-2014 1.5 Lac 2.5 Lac 5 Lac 10 Lac
Samsung LCD (10,000) 2.5 Lac Sony Laptop (20,000) 5 Lac Bajaj Pulsar 150cc (50,000) 10 Lac Nano Car (1 Lac)

32 25 Lac Alto Car (2.5 Lac) 50 Lac Duster (7.5 Lac)

33 1 Cr. Skoda Car (15 Lac) 2.5 Cr. Audi Car (25 Lac)

34 5 Cr. Villa (50 Lac)

35 Contact us Near SBI (ADB) Bank, 1st Floor, Bye Pass Chowk, Ponta Sahib, Distt. Sirmour, H.P (173025) Willson Group Web:

36 OUR BANK DETAIL Under Processing.. .
Bank Name: Oriental Bank of Commerce. A/C. Name: Willson Advertising Company. A/C. No: Branch: Paonta Sahib, Sirmour. IFSC Code: ORBC Under Processing.. .

37 Thank for our Presentation
Thanks Thank for our Presentation

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