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PHOBOS-R (QR020) 2-18GHz Threat Warner

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1 PHOBOS-R (QR020) 2-18GHz Threat Warner
07Aug 2009

2 Contents Candidate Applications Functional/Non-Functional Performance
System Architecture Hardware (UAV/Vehicle, Mast Mount/Remote) Example Operational Contexts Signal Conditioning Threat Processing Handheld Display Full ESM MMI Operational Support 07Aug 2009

3 Candidate Applications
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Armoured Fighting Vehicles Reconnaissance Vehicles Fast Patrol Boats Light Utility Aircraft (FW & RW) Man portable and deployable Remote Installations 07Aug 2009

4 Functional Performance
Parameter Performance Frequency range 2-18GHz ( options down to 500MHz, up to 20GHz) Frequency Accuracy Better than 15MHz ( option down to 4.5MHz ) POI 100% in frequency, 360o FOV (switched, option inst.) Sensitivity -57dBm typ (tgt -60dBm) at Antenna output Bearing Accuracy 10 deg rms typ Time to Alert Less than 1 sec Pulse Density Better than 1M pulses/sec Minimum Pulse width <75ns Network Capable Yes Operator workload Minimal operator workload 07Aug 2009

5 Non-Functional Performance
Parameter Performance Size Less than 1.25 litres (exc Antennas and MMI Display) Weight 1.5kg (exc Antennas and MMI Display) Power 24W, 9-36VDC – suitable for solar power operation MMI Display Ruggedised PDA, Toughbook, Customer specific MMI Altitude 60kft Operating temperature -20 to +85 degrees C Ease of Installation Minimal interconnections 07Aug 2009

6 System SWaP Comparison
System name Op Freq Sens I Dyn Rng Size (Ltrs) Pwr cons (W) Wt (kgs) Finder Plus (Aeronix) 2-18GHz * >40dB <98 <400 <53 WBR2000 (ArgonST) -65dBm 60dB <56 <350 <45 ELT/160 Elt SpA E-J & K Med Simple 1ATR 15-20 SPS-65-V5 ELISRA 0.5-18GHz 10 ALR-400 INDRA 0.5-42GHz (4GHz IB) 200 10.2 ALR-67V3 Raytheon <2-40GHz 18 109 35 ESP Avitronics 1-18GHz -55dBm >60dB 8.4 140 16 CATS Thales E-J, opt K D and CD -50dBm 50dB 10.3 144 Source: JED RWR Survey - Feb 2009 07Aug 2009

7 System Architecture 07Aug 2009

8 System Hardware Suitable for where Antennas are platform mounted.
Display unit can be handheld (as shown) or full ESM MMI on Laptop (see later) 07Aug 2009

9 System Hardware (Mast Mount/Remote)
Mast-Top unit contains all except display unit – suitable for mast-top & remote site operations 07Aug 2009

10 Example Operational Context (1)
System hardware and display mounted in vehicle 07Aug 2009

11 Example Operational Context (2)
System hardware mounted in vehicle – Display carried by foot patrol 07Aug 2009

12 Example Operational Context (3)
System hardware mounted in UAV – Data relayed via UAV control centre. Display carried by foot patrol 07Aug 2009

13 Signal Conditioning - RR017
4 RF ports into two simultaneous Video/RF channels ( option for 360 degree instantaneous FOV ) Rejection of out-of-band signals Switched attenuation (for large signals) Dual DLVA Automatic (in-pulse) selection of IFM signal Automatic PDW Generation Detection & Declaration of CW signals 07Aug 2009

14 RR017 4 Port – 2 Channel Wideband Rx
07Aug 2009

15 Threat Processing Waveform Based Processing Algorithm
High pulse density (>1 million pulses per second) Fast reaction time (typically < 1 second) Ability to cue fast set on ECM capability Insensitive to receiver/digitiser colouration 5000 threat mode library (expandable) 500 entry track table (expandable) 07Aug 2009

16 Handheld Display PDA-based unit (incl WiFi & quad band GSM)
No operator intervention Audio and visual alarm Display centred around sensor location Up to 30 threats displayed (expandable) Also displays own lat/long (via internal GPS) MIL STD 2525 Symbology (can host User Defined set) Application portable to other host processors 07Aug 2009

17 Full ESM MMI For use by EW Analysts Full Tactical Displays
Map/Imagery Polar Graphical 500 entry Track Table with parametric details Supports display of platform/weapon data MIL STD 2525 Symbology (can host User Defined set) Application can be hosted on existing user IT systems 07Aug 2009

18 Operational Support Library Generation tool can be integrated with national source databases Library entries can also be generated locally from own sensor PDW collection or from PDW data collected by other sensors Note:1 x system may also be required at Op Support unit for Library validation 07Aug 2009

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