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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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1 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Selling LAP 108

2 Objectives Identify types of customer buying decisions.
Facilitate customer/client buying decisions.

3 Identify types of customer buying decisions.
Objective Identify types of customer buying decisions.

4 Nick wants to buy a digital voice recorder:
Doesn’t know anything about them Goes to a recommended store Sees a variety of different models Doesn’t want to spend more than $60 Wants to purchase today Buying decisions: He has already made some. He still has some to make. Nick needs the help of a skilled salesperson.

5 Customer Buying Decisions
Usually require a certain amount of assistance and reassurance from a salesperson Successful salespeople are well-prepared to help. Customers and clients are unique: At different stages in the decision-making process Make buying decisions in no particular order

6 Types of Customer Buying Decisions
Need decision: Why should I buy? Usually the first buying decision a customer makes Determining a need or want for a good or service Often made before coming in contact with the salesperson

7 Types of Customer Buying Decisions
Product decision: Which one should I buy? Of all the products available, which is right for the customer? Influenced by factors such as: Customers gather product information from sources such as: Brand: Dodge Type: SUV Model: Nitro Size: Midsize Color: Red Advertising Manufacturers’ promotional materials Trade magazines The Internet Friends Relatives Salespeople Quantity Brand Type Model Style Color Quality Size/shape Flavor Packaging Reputation

8 Types of Customer Buying Decisions
Place decision: Where should I buy? Influenced by factors such as: Customer service Promotion Location Customers value convenience. E-commerce—can order almost anything from home Product quality More important for some purchases than others Often a key factor in industrial purchases Recommendations Employees Advertising Direct marketing Online marketing Positive publicity Brand preference Loyalty

9 Types of Customer Buying Decisions
Price decision: How much will I pay? Closely related to product decision (often made at the same time) Influenced by factors such as: Product features and benefits (primary consideration) Uniqueness of product Warranty Customer service Brand preference

10 Types of Customer Buying Decisions
Time decision: When should I buy? Salespeople can help by explaining: Reasons for customer delay often include: Need for additional information Finances Disadvantages of waiting to purchase Advantages of purchasing now Discounts Free shipping Rebates Extra products Missing out on a sale Limited product availability The availability and advantages of credit

11 Facilitate customer/client buying decisions.
Objective Facilitate customer/client buying decisions.

12 Assisting Customers with Buying Decisions
Step one—Determine if the customer needs help. Question the customer. Listen to responses. Rely on your experience, or learn from a mentor.

13 Assisting Customers with Buying Decisions
Step two—Gain the customer’s confidence. Make only promises you can keep. Be a good listener. Display self-confidence. Demonstrate expertise on: Products Company Industry Market conditions and trends Demonstrate confidentiality. Demonstrate friendliness and build rapport.

14 Assisting Customers with Buying Decisions
Step three—Be honest and sincere with the customer. Step four—Show genuine interest in helping the customer. Don’t act as if you’re rushed. Answer all questions. Take notes. Assure customers you will help them make the best decision.

15 Assisting Customers with Buying Decisions
Step six—Relate features and benefits to the customer. Step five—Demonstrate product knowledge. For your products as well as your competitors’ If you can’t answer a question, find out from another employee. Assure the customer that the quality of the product is worth its price. Use specific rather than general terms.

16 Jake is under pressure to make sales:
Yes, the price of this laptop is more than you wanted to spend, but we have financing available. Jake is under pressure to make sales: Feels he’s convincing customers to buy products they don’t need and might not be able to afford His boss says that’s not Jake’s problem. What do you think?

17 MarkED Acknowledgments Original Developers
Christopher C. Burke, Sarah Bartlett Borich, MarkED Version 1.0 Copyright © 2008 MarkED Resource Center

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