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6/2/2014 1 Challenges Growing population of 45 million high school dropouts Approximately 1 million youth drop out annually Transitioning.

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1 6/2/2014 1

2 Challenges Growing population of 45 million high school dropouts Approximately 1 million youth drop out annually Transitioning youth experience high rates of involvement in the criminal justice system and/or a reliance on social services 6/2/2014 2 Teens that drop out of high school are much more likely to be teen parents, commit crimes and rely on welfare.

3 6/2/2014 3 Newspaper Family Stories Sites of Worship Billboards Radio Movies Magazines Neighbors Schools www.generational

4 6/2/2014 4 Newspaper Family Stories Sites of Worship Billboards Radio Movies Magazines Neighbors Schools www.generational

5 Benefits of Online Training 6/2/2014 5 Convenience Available anytime/anyplace; allows individuals to set their schedule Customizable/More Options Blended, onsite, online – numerous options to meet the students needs. Can be modified to address unique training requirements Consistent Content/Good Teachers Provides opportunities for consistency within an organization or field. Access to great teachers in every subject matter. Cost-effective Minimizes training costs requirements (initial and long term costs)

6 Educational Opportunities Career Online High School – Accredited career high school program – E-cademy Career High School Career Courses – 10 different vocational/career tracks for a career credential or career certification. Independent Living Skills – E-cademy Learning Center – 5 Catalogs 6/2/2014 6 E-cademy Learning Center

7 Career Certifications (Electives) Childcare and Education (CDA) Prepares students to obtain the national Child Development Associate (CDA) certification and employment as a childcare worker. Office Management Prepares students to obtain a certificate and employment as an office manager, receptionist, data input specialist, and/or a customer service representative. Certified Protection Officer (CPO) Prepares students to obtain a Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certificate and employment as a security guard and/or a protection officer. Certified Transportation Services Prepares students to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and employment as a truck driver and/or commercial driver. Homeland Security Prepares students to obtain entry level employment as a security officer, baggage screener, and/or a compliance inspector. Healthcare - Coming Soon Prepares students to obtain certification as a Home Health Aide (HHA). 6/2/2014 7

8 Electives, Electives, Electives 6/2/2014 8 Business Management Business Communication Personnel Management Self Management Business Training Customer Services Business Computing

9 6/2/2014 9 Independent Living Skills

10 Curriculum Organization 6/2/2014 10 Topics that encourage a healthy, safe lifestyle Health/Leisure Topics targeted to establishing financial independence Financial Management Topics to help build personal and professional relationships Relationships Topics that address skills for living on your own Life Skills Topics focused on educational and professional growth Career/School

11 6/2/2014 11 Influences on Healthy Behaviors (interactive course) IDENTIFY the influence of peers on healthy behaviors. IDENTIFY the impact of media and technology on healthy behaviors IDENTIFY the influence of personal values and beliefs on healthy behaviors. Health/Leisure catalog Lifestyle category D is for Decisions (video) RECALL the four steps involved in making a good consumer decision. IDENTIFY the difference between a need and a want. IDENTIFY resources that help one spend money wisely. RECALL tips for shopping on-line. Financial Management catalog Consumer Education category Support Systems (pdf) RECALL the definition of a personal support system. RECALL how to build or improve an existing personal support system. RECALL the purpose of a support system. Relationships catalog Personal Development category Cost of a Car (interactive course) RECOGNIZE a fair price for a new or used vehicle. RECOGNIZE the affordability of a car based on personal spending plan; monthly insurance cost, maintenance and gas; debt-to-income ratio and spending habits. DISCRIMINATE between poor and better choices in car financing. Life Skills catalog Transportation category Job Applications and Interviews (Powerpoint) RECALL how to fill out a job application. RECALL preparations and conduct for a job interview. IDENTIFY questions that can and cannot be asked by interviewers. Career/School catalog Resume and Interview category Lesson Examples

12 6/2/2014 12 Application

13 GOAL Academy 6/2/2014 13 Provided 10 Career Tracks for students. Articulation Agreement with local Community College. Developed an internship program based on those tracks. Museum of Arts Chamber of Commerce Non-profit Organizations Child Care Centers

14 Riverside Unified School District 14 Average Daily Attendance Recapture - $10,430 per student EACH STUDENT RECEIVES: (hard services) NEW LAPTOP TWO-YEAR Online curriculum subscription HIGH SCHOOL diploma CAREER-VOCATIONAL certificate EACH STUDENT RECEIVES: (soft services) Wrap-Around support and stabilization network Social services, faith-based community, community based organizations, family engagement assistance Access to workforce development coalition 6/2/2014

15 Georgia Department of Human Resources (Computer Camps 2011-12) 15 Contract provides SIX computer camps for 150 youth in care Camps include accommodations, meals, and hands-on training Camps located throughout the state of GA EACH STUDENT RECEIVES: NEW LAPTOP and INK-JET PRINTER to keep! ONE-YEAR Online Independent Living Skills (ILS) subscription Customized catalog with 200 courses Program Impact: Since 1998 more than 17,000 young people in 22 states and Puerto Rico served 6/2/2014

16 Student Benefits 6/2/2014 16 Earn credit for courses Earn credit for internship Gain real life job experiences Potential Employment opportunities Resume Builder Engagement Factor

17 6/2/2014 17 Reporting

18 NexPort Campus – Digital Libraries 6/2/2014 18 Digital libraries can be created and maintained with subscriber-only access. Customers may choose to share their libraries or not.

19 Reports 6/2/2014 19 Customized reports Filter on groups within a organization and/or data fields Save report parameter(s) Download reports

20 Instructional Access, Inc. provides new laptop computers for each participants and digital literacy training to ensure students online learning success. 6/2/2014 20 DEMO TIME

21 6/2/2014 21 Instructional Access, Inc. Digital Literacy Computer Training Established 1998 More than 17,000 young people in 22 states and Puerto Rico served The Instructional Access, Inc. Just Add Water approach manages all aspects of the training, logistics, and arrangements Training options are fully customizable Affordability Computer Camp training takes place in the local area where youth participants live EVERY PARTICIPANT RECIEVES A NEW LAPTOP / PRINTER

22 ALL Youth need equal access to computers. Evidence supports that having a computer at home as an educational tool enhances student learning and educational outcomes. (Learning With Technology: The Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement, 2005). Digital literacy can support student academic success, workforce-career development, and support a healthy online learning values and internet responsibility Need: DEMO TIME

23 Contact Information 6/2/2014 23 Joy Morales Cress, M.A. Managing Director, E-cademy Learning Center 719.271.1397 (Cell) 719.647.6322 (Office) Alfonso Garcia, Director, E-cademy Learning Center 719-369-9547 (Cell) 719.647.6322 (Office)

24 Contact Information 24 DeNae Reagins, M.A., Partner 951.341.8982 (Office) 909.717.8982 (Cell) Steve Martin, M.B.A., Partner 951.341.8982 (Office) 951.283.8982 (Cell) 6/2/2014

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