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Meeting Your Mentoring Requirement through Corporate and Community Partnerships 1.

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1 Meeting Your Mentoring Requirement through Corporate and Community Partnerships 1

2 In partnership with

3 The E*Trade & Partnership Since 2004, has partnered with E*Trade 45,000 employee volunteer hours spent mentoring public school kids 10,000 mentor / mentee matches made Over $1.6 million in E*Trade donations 3 …demonstrable impact

4 Booz Allen Hamilton Office Depot New York Mercantile Exchange NEC Ernst & Young Trufina Covington & Burling Someone in your community???? 4 Other Partners & Companies

5 The Problem 5 1.2 million or 30% of all students in the US will drop out of school this year CA has a 25% Drop Out Rate In public schools the average ratio of guidance / career counselors to students is 1:750.

6 The Problem 6 47% of high school dropouts reported the reasons they left school were: Not one adult ever connected individually with them at any time during their school years. School was not relevant to what they consider the real world..

7 The Solution 7 The National Dropout Prevention Center confirms that mentoring programs are consistently correlated with Improved school achievement, Increased graduation rates, Increased school attendance, Decrease in discipline, Early pregnancy.

8 The Case for E-Mentoring 8 Students have multiple opportunities to connect with mentors, regardless of location. This eliminates transportation, mentor travel time and other costs at the same time Geographic and other barriers are removed..

9 WHO is Developed by teachers Connects students with mentors across the country Mentoring by professionals in the field students are interested in. 9 Professionals Mentoring the Next Generation

10 WHAT is icouldbe? 10 Imagine interactive technology /social network similar to Face book Designed specifically for students to set and meet current and future academic, career and college goals Guided throughout by the support and care of an adult mentors focused on one student at a time. A Media that students are comfortable with

11 WHERE is 11 Any place that has internet access Proven Impact of : In class Home anywhere with internet access Online 24/7

12 WHEN 12 Any time, at the convenience of the student Proven Impact of : Meaningful relationships to explore dreams for the future 1 hour or class period a week Mentoring at a time in students life when questions and decisions about their future are critical

13 WHY 13 Americas Youth Need More Guidance Proven Impact of : Eliminates costs for high levels of staff supervision background checking The number of students mentored in each school is unlimited

14 WHY 14 Americas Youth Need More Guidance Proven Impact of : The quantity and quality of mentors are unlimited The quantity and quality of mentors can improve significantly over face to face mentoring Students are accustomed to online interaction and feel more comfortable with it

15 Paths to Success 15 Career Exploration College Preparation Financial Literacy.

16 Partnership Illustrated 16 Industry Schools tech, expertise, program mgmnt, evaluation tech, curriculum, expertise, program mgmnt funding, industry expertise computer access, teachers, students e-mentors, professional and personal guidance teens, community investment and marketing opportunity Partnering Towards Innovation Proven Impact of

17 Three mentors from career fields of interest to the student Teacher in the classroom staff member 17 Five caring adults Individualized Support To Each Student

18 10 years' experience providing mentoring programs to at-risk students. 10 years' experience managing volunteer mentors to work with at-risk youth. Research-backed curriculum 18. High-Impact Mentoring for Students

19 Up to 3 one-to-one mentors provided to each student. All mentors available for questions, discussions and advice for all students. Fully integrated program assessment evaluated by independent researchers Year-long mentee-mentor relationships, plus lifetime alumni status for all mentees to remain in contact with mentors for years to come. 19. High-Impact Mentoring for Students

20 Implementing the Program In Your School Fully developed training program for school-based staff Dedicated program staff person providing real-time support for each school Fully integrated real-time management web portal for school administrators and teachers Progress reports provided to schools demonstrating student progress and program impact Support for Teachers and Administrators

21 conducts rigorous verification and triple background checks for all mentors Our technology uses proprietary filtering techniques, unmatched in other e-mentoring programs Is recognized by Harvard Law Schools Berkman Center for Internet & Society Safe and Secure Online Environment Implementing the Program In Your School

22 The Curriculum icouldbe.orgs student-driven curriculum gives an unprecedented level of control to our mentees. Mentees choose their own path Career Exploration College Preparation Financial Literacy 22 Interactive, Individualized & Practical Research-Backed Curriculum

23 23

24 Last But Not Least…..… Academy requirement 11 th Grade Students are required to have a mentor Matching funds from business partners 24 How Can This Help My Academy?

25 Matching Funds 25 Calculate dollars X students X mentor hours = matching funds for grant Example 1 Mentor 32 hrs @$50.00 Hr. = $1,600 X 25 Students = $31,250 Total Matching Funds = $40,000.00.


27 What's on the disk? Academy UC Corse Progression Curriculum Units List On Line Safety Unit & Activity Spreadsheet 27

28 28.

29 29

30 Happy Trails 30

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