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PoT/Com Orientation EDUC 311 (S18) EDUC 316C (318) Tuesday, September 07, 2010 Scarfe 10:30.

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1 PoT/Com Orientation EDUC 311 (S18) EDUC 316C (318) Tuesday, September 07, 2010 Scarfe 1005 @ 10:30

2 agenda attendance who is Bruce Seney? EDUC weblog information cards ice breaker - middle name exercise EDUC 316C (318) course outline purpose of EDUC 316C requirements of EDUC 316C course atmosphere (trust)[sandwich feedback]

3 agenda (contd) e-portfolio and BCCT Standards e-coaches bring an artifact to Tuesdays session (Sept. 14 th ) Introduction exercise - Tuesday, Sept. 21 st ISS - Tuesday, Sept. 21 st EDUC 311 (S18) – September 9 th Sessions Upcoming lectures Tour of Scarfe (specifically CMS) [if time permits]

4 Who is Bruce Everett Seney? Vancouver born and raised Graduate of UBC Taught for 34 years Coached sports and sponsored clubs Husband, proud father and grandfather Has a passion for the craft of teaching Enjoys working with Teacher Candidates EDUC weblog

5 The 4 Bs of a Teacher Candidate Becoming a teacher involves: Being true to yourself, Building real relationships, and Belonging to an educational community. c/o Paula Rusnak

6 My beliefs Teaching is a skill, a craft that takes a career to develop. Most new teachers are not born. They are novices who evolve with experience. Effective teaching is adapting to different students, cultures, locales, times, and trends. Teaching is collaborative - working with students, colleagues, mentors, outside agencies (PACs, PSAs, the Ministry). Teaching is communicating, listening, connecting, engaging, being relevant, and encouraging critical thinking. Teaching can become a lifelong passion.

7 EDUC weblog (2010- 2011) The EDUC Weblog will be the main source of updates, resources and information about EDUC 311 and EDUC 316C The website is:

8 Information Cards Full Name [underline your preferred name] Contact phone number [for emergencies only] UBC email address Best email address Hometown High school that you graduated from Most recent degree and University Education specialty(ies) [e.g. English, Math, Physical Education, Social Studies, EAL or Modern Languages] Teaching experience

9 Ice Breaker: Middle Name exercise Meet in one of these subject areas - English, Physical Education or Social Studies Talk with someone you have just met Share your middle name and the reason(s) why each of you have that name.

10 EDUC 316C Course Outline course outline purpose of the course Professionalism requirements of the course: ISS & memory stick & laptop (Mac carts have been reserved for specific sessions); $2.00 fee. Major assignments

11 EDUC 316C Course expectations proposed schedule attendance and participation e-coaches: submit grey form (both sides) to Bruce Seney who will forward the form to John Yamamoto. course atmosphere (trust) sandwich feedback (oht)

12 E-Portfolio & BCCT Standards What is the E-Portfolio? What are the BCCT Standards? – check the course blog…. We will be discussing the e-portfolio in detail as one of the agenda items during our EDUC 316C class next week. bring an artifact to Tuesdays session (Sept. 14th) WordPress blog will be full of artifacts and reflective writings (written in a professional style, not a personal style). e-coaches: submit grey form (both sides) to Bruce Seney who will forward the form to John Yamamoto.

13 ARTIFACT FOR TUESDAY, SEPT. 14 th Bring an artifact that has been instrumental in your decision to enter the Faculty of Education -or- Bring an artifact that indicates what type of teacher you wish to become. Examples of artifacts:

14 Introduction exercise (September 21 st ) Practise your introduction in front of a mirror. Plan your walk to the front of the classroom. Make your voice perform - use pace, pitch, tone, volume and enunciation to create variety and emotion. Think about your body language. Use your stance and gestures to develop a rapport with your audience. Make eye contact.

15 Individual Style Survey Tuesday, September 21 st Please purchase the ISS a.s.a.p. Complete pages 3 & 5 plus the 3 other Appraisal Forms - you need to consult three people who know your communication style. We will analyse your survey results on Tuesday, Sept. 21 st.

16 EDUC 311 (S18) SESSIONS Thursday, September 9 th BUY your EDUC 311 reading package today!!! 14:00 – 15:00 – Reading session (Scarfe 202) 15:00 – 16:00 – Course Outline and expectations (Scarfe 202) 16:30 – 18:20 – Inquiry session re. Conceptions of Teaching (Scarfe 207)

17 EDUC 311 Questions Conceptions of Teaching What are some present day understandings of teaching and teachers? What are some historically significant understandings of teaching and teachers? What understandings do you hold about teaching and teachers?

18 EDUC 311 Readings for Thursdays Sessions Freire, P. (1998). Teachers as Cultural Workers: Letters To Those Who Dare Teach. Westview Press, pp. 39-46. Danylewycz, M. & Prentice, A. (1991). Teachers work: Changing patterns and perceptions in the emerging school systems of 19th- and early 20th- century central Canada. In Prentice, A. & Theobald, M. R. (Eds.). Women Who Taught. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. pp. 136-159. Weber, S. & Mitchell, C. (1999). Beyond Nostalgia: Reinventing Ourselves as Teachers. Press. Ch. 3 & 4.

19 Upcoming Lectures A session on Digital Tattoo will be presented in Hebb Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 16th from 12:30-1:30. Claudia Ruitenberg will present a one- hour session on Professional Conduct in Hebb Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 23rd from 12:30-1:30.

20 Tour of Scarfe (if time permits) CMS Library Note: we have a compulsory library orientation session on Thursday, September 16 th (3:00-4:00; go to the library after completing your EDUC 311 reading block).

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