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Smart Classroom Training & Troubleshooting Presented by, Amber Kutny, ITTS Media Technician.

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1 Smart Classroom Training & Troubleshooting Presented by, Amber Kutny, ITTS Media Technician

2 Welcome Amber Kutny, Media Technician FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY Office: (910) 672-2123 Mobile: (910) 237-0760 Fax: (910) 672-1916 Video IP:

3 Welcome ITTS Website: SMART Classroom Website:

4 Interact with me What does it mean to be educated in the 21 st century? What makes education so different now?

5 Interact with me Who is currently using A/V technology in their teaching? What do you use the most? Comments, positive & negative, regarding the technology?

6 Contents of SMART Classrooms SP Control Panel Projector Electronic Screen (or Smart Board) Computer VCR Document Camera Sympodium Monitor (or Smart Board) Audio Amplifier & Speakers

7 Overview of Setup Projector Sympodium VCR Amplifier Document Camera Computer Tower Control Panel

8 Controlling the System: SP Control Panel All SMART Classrooms have one built into the podium

9 SP Controls Turn the PROJECTOR on or off VolumeControls VCRControls

10 Display Options Select the output you wish to view through the projector

11 Additional Plugs Control all equipment from one panel 2 additional plugs S-Video (video camera, microscope) Laptop Bring your own cables Select Laptop (where applicable) Select Computer (where applicable) Scroll Lock Scroll Lock 2 – Secondary Input Scroll Lock Scroll Lock 1 – Primary Input Set your laptop to project out of the VGA port Fn key and F#

12 Additional Plugs Laptop Hookup S-Video Hookup (ex. Microscope, video cameras, etc.)

13 Computer Plays DVDs 2 USB ports on front Audio out & Line in on front Log in & Log out ONLY Rebooting is rather time consuming

14 VCR (DVDs play through the Computer) For your VHS videos

15 VCR Controlled on SP Control Panel Controls may not work if IR sensor is damaged Use the controls on the VCR Volume Controls On SP Control Panel Audio Amplifier must be On, Speaker A, Volume Up

16 Document Camera Displays anything you put on it If LIQUID or ALIVE put in a container PLEASE Uses Take notes; project books / pictures / transparencies; demonstrate skills, etc.

17 Document Camera Turn Document Camera on Switch is on the Document Camera Select the Document Camera input On SP Control Panel Note the image is on the projector AND on the monitor

18 Sympodium Monitor Write on majority of applications Exceptions are playing videos ID 250 ID 350

19 Sympodium Monitor Writing controls located at top of monitor Pointer / Black / Blue / Red / Eraser

20 Sympodium Monitor Eraser tips Circle section and tap in middle – erases section Change to pointer and tap once to delete ALL writing

21 Audio Amplifier MUST Be on (Green) Select Speaker A (Red) Volume knob turned up

22 Classroom Troubleshooting

23 Interact with me Most common problems in A/V classrooms? ITTS Help Desk – Here to Help You Ext. 2085 In-room phone – direct line FootPrints Work Order Ticket Please… remember your manners Many students man the phone lines

24 FootPrints Tickets Important information to include Contact Information & preferred method of contact Location of problem In body AND in subject Specifics of the problem What doesnt work? How do you know this? Visuals / messages / beeps? What did YOU try?

25 FootPrints Tickets Importance Please state… (and be honest) Please fix at some point within the semester Please fix at your earliest convenience MUST have fixed ASAP (Emergency)

26 FootPrints Ticket - Example

27 Computer Problems Cannot log onto the domain! Is UNCFSU selected? Is your password correct? Is the Caps Lock on? Is the Num Lock on? Is the internet cable SECURELY plugged into the wall port? If visible – are there blinking lights where the cable is connected into your computer?

28 Computer Problems Cannot access webpage(s)! Were you able to log onto the domain? Can you access any webpage? Inside domain – Outside domain –, Is a red X over your Comp-to-Comp icon? Can you access your network drives? Network drives (O:/, P:/ and T:/ )

29 Computer Problems Projector wont turn on! Is the SP Control Panel blinking red? Wait 60 seconds (for cool down) and try again

30 Computer Problems Projector says no input & displays blue! Which input is selected? Document Camera, VCR, S-Video, and Laptop if NOT ON and selected will display this If laptop plugged in… Has main computer idled too long and is displaying a screen saver? Move the mouse

31 Computer Problems No audio! Is the projector on? Is the SP Control Panels audio turned up? Is the computer audio unmuted and turned up? Is the program audio unmuted and turned up? Is the audio amplifier on? Speaker A selected? Volume knob turned up?

32 Computer Problems Cannot locate my T:/ Drive! Steps for ALL computers: My Computer > P:/ > Apps > Scripts > employee-t.bat

33 Computer Problems






39 Advanced SMART Software Section

40 SMART Classroom Software SMARTs license allows any faculty member, staff member, or current student to have a copy of the SMART software loaded onto their computer.

41 Software Request Put in a FootPrints Ticket A member of ITTS will come to your office to install the software

42 Unique to SMART Classrooms SMART Control Panel Where to locate/activate Double Click Icon

43 Contents Notebook Recorder Video Player Keyboard Pen Tools Settings BridgeIt Help More

44 SMART Notebook Similar to PowerPoint Can add slides Note take on the screen

45 SMART Notebook Gallery Essentials for Educators SEARCH & DISCOVER! Make presentations In class Before Class

46 SMART Notebook Capture Tool 4 Options Click & Drag Frame Capture Capture Screen Freehand Capture NOTE: To capture outside of SMART Software Print Scrn key – Copies screen to clipboard Alt with Print Scrn – Copies selected window only

47 SMART Notebook Export 4 Options Web Page Image File (.jpeg) PDF PowerPoint NOTE: May shift images

48 SMART Recorder Can record audio and video of desktop! Great to accompany online courses! WILL slow down computer Close unused applications No editing capabilities Recommend purchasing microphone for verbal instructions

49 SMART Recorder - Example Click to play.

50 SMART Video Player Can write on video files as they play DOES NOT play DVDs I still recommend WinDVD or Windows Media Player

51 Onscreen Keyboard Use in classroom when using Sympodium Tethered Pen Not recommended for password typing! Not recommended for long phrases

52 Pen Tools Convenient Visual reminder of pen options Access other tools Change Color Size Transparency Pattern

53 Settings Realign SMART Board Sympodium Monitor

54 Bridge-it, Help, and More Bridge-it We do not have a license for the full version Similar to Windows Live Meeting Help More Hidden tools Geared towards K-12

55 Document Camera Capture Program Capture Document Camera images as.jpeg image files Different program for each model Slim Promaxs programs Have some bugs; may not work

56 Final Thoughts…

57 Keep the Equipment Safe Report suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY to campus police Ext. 1295 Close doors securely behind you Close windows at the end of the day Leave NO unauthorized person alone in a technology rich classroom

58 When We All Pitch In W E A LL W IN !

59 THANK YOU! For additional assistance please email or call me.

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