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John R. Kasich, Governor Tracy J. Plouck, Director.

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2 John R. Kasich, Governor Tracy J. Plouck, Director

3 Brief Review of SFY 2013 Plans for SFY 2014-15 Workforce Capacity Building Community Prevention and Treatment Plans Research Plans Evaluation Performance Measures Update Future Reporting Problem Gambling Campaigns – How to employ in the community 2

4 3 o County ADAMH Boards o Behavioral Health Service Providers

5 Prevention Prevention science resources posted Prevention workforce trainings: Held in Akron, Bowling Green, Cambridge, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Lorain. Nearly 300 professionals participated in the trainings. Ohio Problem Gambling Resource and Training Center – Drug-Free Action Alliance hosting and will be live in SFY 2014. 4

6 Treatment Best practice programs – original 6 funded by Ohio Lottery Commission Athens, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus (2 yrs), Toledo, Youngstown From SFY 2011-13: SCREENEDTREATED EDUCATION 5,898209 >10,000 Treatment workforce trainings: 8 Trainings in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, and Warren for 500 professionals March 2013 Problem Gambling Conference 5

7 Distribution and Use of Funds 2 allocations in SFY 2013, totaled nearly $1.5 mil. 60/40 Breakdown with 60% prevention and 40% treatment funding. 22 Boards requested and received waivers – mostly toward more prevention with 8 Boards asking to use more funds for addiction treatment. Boards assured that anyone presenting for treatment with gambling diagnosis would get state-funded care. Focus on community awareness and education, needs assessment, and workforce capacity building. $65,000 used for Helpline, prevention & staff trainings 6

8 Workforce Capacity Building Prevention – Drug-Free Action Alliance – 12 trainings planned Treatment – Recovery Resources – 8 trainings Problem Gambling Conference – March 4-5, 2014 Development of Problem Gambling Treatment Guide – a plug and play tool for treatment professionals, to be completed in SFY 2014. 7

9 Treatment Endorsement & Prevention Expansion Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board is working to have a bill enacted that will create an endorsement to the Chemical Dependency license for treatment of gambling disorder. Currently LCDCs cannot treat gambling disorder. Prevention Specialists will have an expanded scope of practice to include problem gambling. They hope to have a bill passed this winter, and rules approved by summer 2014. 8

10 Problem Gambling Campaigns New campaign being launched 12/30/13 Targets young adult males, but has broad appeal Focus is on prevention versus treatment Employs intrigue and humor to engage the consumer to learn more Will include a statewide traditional and digital buy Until campaign for community use Can be modified to target demographic groups Available to BH system of care via Northlich ad agency and Ohio Lottery Commission Allows community to direct localized messaging for specific audiences under common umbrella campaign 9

11 Community Prevention Prevention Goals: Delaying participation until legal age; Preventing the onset of problem gambling by reducing associated risk factors; and Minimizing the negative consequences by improving access to intervention and treatment services. ADAMH Board plans are consistent with the goals and strategies established by OhioMHAS. 10

12 Community Prevention Highlights: Lucas – Initiated Toledo Gambling Pledge, extensive partnering and education. Stark – Community assessment process; includes a mobile QR code for younger appeal. Athens/Hocking/Vinton – Partnering with Ohio University for an outreach program for students. Butler – Strategic Prevention Framework process with youth and adult surveys & assessments. Hamilton – New taskforce; capacity-building & community assessments underway. Several counties plan on Gambling Summits. 11

13 Community Treatment Ohios 2012 Gambling Survey showed an estimated.3% or 26,000 Ohioans with gambling disorder. Studies show it takes 3 + years before a person may seek out treatment. Early indications of need growing. Problem Gambling Treatment Guide to be created and online in SFY 2014. Behavioral health field will be ready for treatment need. 12

14 Community Treatment Highlights: Cuyahoga – Recovery Resources (best practice provider) bringing in national expert Jeff Marotta as a program consultant. Some screening practices: Lucas – Will implement community-wide screening with partners that include VA, JFS, jail, faith community. Fairfield - $11,375 at $17.50/screen Defiance/Fulton/Henry/Williams - $2,625 at $15/screen Miami/Darke/Shelby – Creating PG education kits for primary care physicians. Trumbull – Requiring providers to have PG treatment professional. 13

15 Research Plans: Current & Future OhioMHAS: Analysis of cluster data from 2012 Ohio Gambling Survey. Targeted Response Initiative with young adults 18- 25 yrs. in SFY 2014. Funds set-aside each year for: Statewide CDC Youth Survey to add gambling questions for ages 14-18 in SFY 2016. Statewide Gambling Survey – Round Two for SFY 2016 with results in SFY 2017. 14

16 ADAMH Board Research Plan Highlights: Lucas – Will focus on cultural competence to target messaging and tools to sub-populations. Hancock – Did Minnesota Community Readiness & Health Assessment Survey to find lack of awareness of PG but 61% believe prevention can help. Huron – Had 300 surveys completed at county fair. Analysis is underway. Stark – Partnering with Kent State to assess community needs in line with state survey. Hamilton – Adding gambling questions to student survey for this fall. 15

17 Evaluation Prevention Indicators – 1.Number of Ohioans exposed to problem gambling messaging. Media reach will be tracked for new media campaign, and behavioral health prevention will be tracked through POPS data system. 2.Number of community coalitions engaged in problem gambling prevention. No community coalitions were engaged in problem gambling prevention in SFY 2012. Now working with DFAA & Statewide Prevention Coalition Assn. to include problem gambling prevention. 16

18 Evaluation Treatment Indicators – 1.Calls to Helpline = 4,415 in SFY 2013 with 1,864 needing referrals for assistance. 100% of problem gamblers who needed assistance, received it. 2.Numbers screened for problem gambling: SFY 2012 = 4,249SFY 2013 = 965 (partial yr.) 3.Numbers assessed and treated for PG diagnosis: SFY 2012 = 119SFY 2013 = 90 (partial yr.) Independent Evaluation – A vendor will be engaged to develop & implement an evaluation plan for OhioMHAS PG services. 17

19 Budget The 5JL0 Problem Casino Gambling and Addictions fund budget includes: Personnel (2 FTEs and 2 -.15% FTEs) Contracts (includes research and workforce development) Other miscellaneous (includes travel, staff training, printing/marketing, and national memberships) Equipment (includes a laptop and an LCD projector for field training) Allocations to ADAMH Boards $1.472 million in SFY 2013 $3.8 million planned for SFY 2014 Per capita distribution to allow for local control 18

20 ABCs of Using the Until Campaign in the Local Community John R. Kasich, Governor Tracy J. Plouck, Director

21 20

22 Won award from National Council on Problem Gambling Designed to reach a broad audience Easily targeted to specific demographics Has print and radio – no TV ads Northlich will customize based on community needs

23 Older Adults Until you dont have $10 for your grandsons birthday card. Until you cant buy your medicine. Until you cant pay your bills. Until you hurt your family and friends. 22

24 College Students Until you ditch class for gambling. Until you sell your books. Until you lie about gambling to friends. Until you hurt your family and friends. 23

25 Other Adults Until you borrow money you cant pay back. Until you cant pay the bills. Until you lose your job. Until you hurt your family and friends. 24

26 Teens Until you cant buy the new app or phone upgrade. Until youre failing your classes. Until you lie about where you were. Until you hurt your family and friends. 25

27 26

28 Modifying of existing poster/rack cards 27 Northlich Agency Estimated Costs TimeRateTotal Account Management 1 hour$115 Project Management 1 hour$115 Production Designer 2 hours$95$190 TOTAL $420 Assumes 1 round of revisions Assumes changing out Until copy and including local agency information in the block at the bottom only. Any additional changes will be estimated separately. Contact: Ashley Davis Senior Account Manager Northlich Work: 513.287.1823 Mobile: 513.969.8157

29 RADIO SPOT 28 Time at end of spot for local tag with community treatment organization name and phone number or web address. EX: For help in XX County, call or visit…

30 New Brochure, Localizable Press Release for Problem Gambling Services Is problem gambling prevention and/or treatment a new line of business? New brochure available Fill-in-the-blank press release thats easily adapted to build awareness/education and spread the news that an agency or county board area now provides problem gambling services Contact Stacey if you want the brochure copy to create your own piece. Visit > Prevention OR Treatment > Problem Gambling > Resources 29

31 30

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