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Welcome to the Computer Lab!. Welcome to the Computer Lab!

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2 Welcome to the Computer Lab!

3 Welcome! Mrs. Spatz Computer Lab Manager

4 Computers … a Playground for the Wild Explorer
We are WILD about Learning!

5 LAB RULES Learn Have Fun Follow the Rules

6 Lab Rules Computers must be used for school-related work only.
Computers may only be used as directed by your teacher.

7 Lab Rules Students may not bring food, drinks, or candy into the computer lab. Hands should be clean before using the computer keyboard or mouse.

8 Lab Rules Students should enter and exit the lab QUIETLY, WALKING in a single file line. Seats may be assigned alphabetically, starting with the computer next to the telephone, or at the discretion of the teacher.

9 Lab Rules The computer next to the printer is saved for the teacher as it runs the SMART Board. The island computers should be saved for staff use if possible.

10 Lab Rules You must have parental permission prior to using the Internet. You may only go to Internet sites as specifically directed by your teacher. You may not use Google or other search engines.

11 Lab Rules Educational games ONLY are allowed.
No racing, gambling, shooting, or arcade games of any type are allowed.

12 Lab Rules Students may not download software onto computers.
Students may not give out their name or any identifying information when on the Internet. Students may not click on or respond to any pop-ups or other advertising.

13 Questions If you have any questions, please raise your hand. Don’t call out or get out of your seat. Most work in the lab is individual work and does not require talking. Concentrate on your own work. If someone needs help, let the teacher or lab manager help them unless told otherwise. If your computer “freezes” or gives an error message, please don’t try to fix it. Your teacher may have you move to another computer if the lab manager is not immediately available. If I’m not in the lab and there are severe problems, ask the office to locate the lab manager.

14 Independent Student Use
Students may occasionally be sent to the lab to work on their own. A STAFF MEMBER MUST BE PRESENT AND WILLING TO SUPERVISE THESE STUDENTS. Students may not be in the lab unless a staff member is present. If the lab is being used by a class and there are available computers, students may use them. There is to be no talking out of respect for the students in the class. Students working independently must leave the lab if the supervising staff member leaves the lab.

15 Technology Pledge 1. I will use the computer as a learning tool.
2. I will use the computer only as instructed by the teacher. 3. I will always respect the computer as part of school property. 4. I will work cooperatively with my partner. 5. I will work only from the websites given to me by my teacher. 6. I will always ask permission before printing.

16 Logging On To use CCC, the Internet, and other programs in the lab, use the lab log-on of “CAICCE”. 3rd-6th grade may use their own log-ins if work needs to be saved. Usernames are the student’s first initial and last name. Common names may include a number at the end. Passwords are student lunch numbers. Use the U: THAWSPACE drive to save files temporarily.

17 Printing Students may only print when required by their teacher.
Permission must be given prior to printing. Make all corrections and check the “Print Preview” BEFORE printing. Do not print web pages. Copy and paste information to a Word document to print, if needed.

18 Starting Programs Computers in the lab should have either a fish background or a plain blue background. The fish are labeled with the most common programs. Double click on the icon to start.

19 CCC Individual numbers will be assigned for K-5th graders for the CCC math and reading programs. Numbers will not be the same as used during last school year. You must be signed on as “CAICCE” to use the CCC program.

20 Lab Web Links Cedar Creek maintains an extensive collection of Internet links. Double click on Internet Explorer. The home page should be set to CCE. Near the bottom of the CCE page, find “Lab Web Links” and click on it.

21 Subjects Field Trips Alphabetical List


23 Lab Web Links Students may use the Lab Web Links as directed by the teacher. Teachers may request additional links to be added. Clicking on links from these sites, past the direct link listed, is not permitted unless approved by your teacher. (For example, a link might go to a math game. There may be links on this page to other video games, contests, etc., which are not intended to be used in the lab, so these links should not be followed.)

Tie wraps on cables should be left in place Logged on as CAICCE with fish desktop or solid blue screen with icons Mouse straightened on the mouse pad with cord free from other cords Headphones on the counter with cord also on the counter and out of the way of other cords Chair pushed in straight

Computer should be logged on the CAICCE lab log-on. Headphones and cords should be placed at back of counter. Papers should not be left in lab. Mouse pad should be straight with mouse centered and cords free. Cords should not be off of counter. Chair should be pushed in straight. HOW NOT TO LEAVE A COMPUTER!!

26 ENJOY! I hope you enjoy learning in the computer lab!
If you have any questions, please ask!

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