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PROGETTO RICICLAGGIO Nell'ambito di … Scambio culturale ITALIA - SVEZIA 5^ B Erica ******* A.S. 2003 - 2004 Con il contributo di:

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1 PROGETTO RICICLAGGIO Nell'ambito di … Scambio culturale ITALIA - SVEZIA 5^ B Erica ******* A.S. 2003 - 2004 Con il contributo di:

2 Recycling in Italy


4 The Circle of Paper Recycling

5 Paper products, cardboard and card, when they are used, they should be recycled so they can be used again. How? Its easy: Separate them from the trash and transport them to the separate collection of rubbish containers and follow the instructions from your community the instructions from your community. To separate the collection of rubbish

6 The paper selection in platform Paper, cardboard and card removed from the separation collection of rubbish dumpsters are transported in pulp-paper platforms. This is the first step of the recycling work. Here paper materials are cleaned, pressed and sent to the paper factories that can use them again factories that can use them again.

7 In a special factory paper comes to light again… Here starts the real recycling process. Its very easy: paper and other paper products are mushy; the mixing is cleaned again, spread in big sheets and finally they are dried and rolled in big spools of paper. So the paper products are totally recycling. So the paper products are totally recycling.

8 …and what can we do with these products? These spools are carried to paper industries where they make packing and other cardboard things like shoeboxes. Here sheets are cut, folded, stuck, coloured and printed to have our daily products.

9 Do you know that... 4...Almost the 90% of Italian newspapers is printed on recycled paper? 4...almost the 90% of pasta boxes, shoeboxes and other products are realised with recycled cardboard? Italy every paper products are made of recycled paper?

10 Plastic Recycling in Romentino

11 Some information about Romentino... 4 The law obliges the communities to sort and recycle garbage. 4 Romentino is one of the 37 municipalities who recycle and sort garbage

12 How to sort different garbage... You put glass into blue basket or container. You put plastic in a yellow bag and food into brown basket or container. And you put paper in cardboard box. All the things that cant be recycled go in grey sacks.

13 Different days for different garbage 4 Monday: things you cant recycle 4 Wednesday: Organic materials and glass 4 Thursday: paper 4 Saturday: organic materials and plastic

14 Plastic Recycling

15 In the last few years Italy has become the first European country and the second one of the world that recycles most plastic. For example, the way to reclycle plastic bottles is : 4 First of all, we have to clean the bottle 4 Then we have to press the air out of the bottle and clos it with the plug 4 At the end we have to put it into particular containers. 4 In some towns you can find containars along the street, in other towns everybody has different containers at home for different kinds of trash. How to start at home...

16 The two ways to recycle plastic... 4 Manual sorting 4 Automatic sorting

17 Manual sorting 4 The simplest and least effective way of manual sorting is the negative sorting. It means a conveyor belt where people pick up whatever is not a PET bottle just by visual recognition. 4 This way is ineffective because PET bottles are similar to other plastic bottles and people get bored and pay little attention to what theyre doing 4 There is also positive sorting, where people pick up all the plastic bottles and toss it on another conveyor going to the granulator. This way is much more accurate.

18 Automatic sorting 4 Automatic sorting uses X-rays and other kinds of rays. 4 The machine recognises different kinds of plastics, X-ray detectors can only scan and remove PVC. 4 The best way to guarantee a perfect separation is to combine X-ray detectors with other kinds of rays.

19 Glass recycling

20 The process of recycling There are different steps in the recycling. Process: 4 first of all you have to separate different materials; 4 then the glass is collected by lorries and brought to the recycling centre.

21 Why should we recycle? There are three main reasons to recycle glass: 4 Glass recycling saves energy 4 Recycling glass helps us care for the environment 4 Recycling glass cuts waste

22 Italy-Sweden 4 In 1989 Italy recycled more than Sweden but now its the opposite situation. 4 Our recycling systems are similar 4 Theres a big difference: in Sweden glass is separated first from the metal and then devided into colors.

23 Our experience in Trecate Waiting for the meeting with the Municipality of Trecate we went to the supermarket and asked the people the following questions:

24 Do you recycle?

25 Why do you recycle?

26 What do you recycle?

27 Do you think that Italian recycling system is good?


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