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READOUT LINK Filippo Costa. 2Filippo Costa - readout link.

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1 READOUT LINK Filippo Costa

2 2Filippo Costa - readout link

3 3

4 SIUSource Interface Unit CONVERTER CARD CMCCommon Mezzanine Card HOLAHigh-speed Optical Link for Atlas TELL1Trigger ELectronics Level 1 DDLDetector Data Link READOUT LINK ROLReadout Link SLINK64Simple Link Interface GbEGigabit Ethernet RORCReadout Receiver Card DAQ RECEIVER CARD ROBINReadout Buffer INput module FRLFront end Readout Link NICNetwork Interface Card LEGEND 4Filippo Costa - readout link

5 FEE Converter card DAQ receiver card readout link PC or crate (VME, Compact PCI) 5Filippo Costa - readout link General picture

6 6Filippo Costa - readout link

7 7

8 8

9 9

10 ITs 10Filippo Costa - readout link

11 THE 11Filippo Costa - readout link

12 SAME 12Filippo Costa - readout link

13 THING 13Filippo Costa - readout link (almost)

14 14Filippo Costa - readout link

15 15Filippo Costa - readout link ~2500 CHF (~1300 per link)

16 16Filippo Costa - readout link ~2500 CHF (~1300 per link) ~3300 CHF (~1100 per link)

17 17Filippo Costa - readout link ~2500 CHF (~1300 per link) ~3300 CHF (~1100 per link) 1550 CHF (~800 per link)

18 ~2500 CHF (~1300 per link) ~3300 CHF (~1100 per link) 1550 CHF (~800 per link) > 6000 CHF (~300 per link) 18Filippo Costa - readout link ALICEATLASCMSLHCb

19 1600Slink optical160/200 MB/s YesOn board. 3 x 64 MB 500DDL optical200 MB/sYesOn the PC memory 8 GB 600Slink64 copper400 MB/sYesOn board. 64 KB 400Ethernet4 x 1Gb/sNOOn board. 128 KB 19Filippo Costa - readout link

20 20Filippo Costa - readout link No general software tools to debug data flow.

21 S-Link is a that can be implemented in an FPGA (not resources demanding) 21Filippo Costa - readout link

22 Very robust link. Cost is pretty low. 22Filippo Costa - readout link

23 23Filippo Costa - readout link GOL

24 IN GENERAL 24Filippo Costa - readout link

25 RUN 2 25Filippo Costa - readout link

26 26 We are busy updating the experiment for you and will be back shortly Faster readout and higher data throughput for TPC and TRD. Higher data throughput between HLT to DAQ.

27 Filippo Costa - readout link27 PROTOCOL UPGRADE: faster DDL protocol from 2 Gb/s to 6 Gb/s. HARDWARE UPGRADE: INPUT: from 2 ch @ 2Gb/s to 12 ch @ 6 Gb/s. OUTPUT: from PCIe gen.1x4 to PCIe gen.2x8. Current RORC firmware implemented on new hardware. Same software framework, only driver upgrade to handle the new hardware.

28 Filippo Costa - readout link28 We are busy updating the experiment for you and will be back shortly 64-bits PCI technology, obsolete and causes problems for upgrading DAQ PCs. Number of readout links will increase. Reduce amount of RACK space. Increase data throughput from ROS to HLT after LS1.

29 Filippo Costa - readout link29 Use of the ALICE CRORC, but is called ROBINNP. HARDWARE UPGRADE: INPUT: from 3 ch @200 MB/s to 12 ch @ 200 MB/s (6Gb/s) OUTPUT: from PCI 64 bit 66MHz to PCIe gen.2x8. Bigger buffering capacity (up to 4 GB of DDR2/3). New firmware (the PPC present in the ROBIN will be moved out and implemented in software).

30 ALICEATLAS 12 ch @ 6 Gb/s12 ch @ 2 Gb/s (in average, if needed 6Gb/s) No use of internal memoryUp to 4 GB of DDR2/3 used to buffer events in the board Same hardware – different features 30Filippo Costa - readout link

31 31 PCI bus PC memory, managed by PHYSMEM Receiver DMA controller Receive Address FIFO DMA report #1 DMA report #2 DMA report #3 DMA report #4 DMA report #5 Buffer Descriptor #1 Buffer Descriptor #2 Buffer Descriptor #3 Buffer Descriptor #4 Buffer Descriptor #5 Receive Report FIFO Firmware Software D-RORC DDL Push ALICE CRORC FIRMWARE Filippo Costa - readout link

32 32 ATLAS ROBINNP firmware

33 Filippo Costa - readout link33 We are busy updating the experiment for you and will be back shortly Hardware is aging (Myrinet) … needs for new components and replacements. New components are not compatible with the current hardware. Faster readout and higher data throughput, needed by trigger and HCAL.

34 34Filippo Costa - readout link

35 35 The existing DAQ receiver card (FRL) stays in place to support legacy FEDs. New FEROL card has 2 x 10 Gb/s and 2 x 6 Gb/s channels. No CMC, but IPCORE, same interface to the FEE. The new 6 Gb/s link has re-transmit feature. 500 MB internal buffer. 2 input links are treated independently and can share the same 10 Gb/s. The second link 10 Gb/s will be used to receive 10 Gb/s in future (1 Input 1 Output) 10 Gb/s reduced TCP/IP implemented in FPGA.

36 36Filippo Costa - readout link

37 ABORT/RST 37Filippo Costa - readout link

38 38Filippo Costa - readout link CONGESTION CONTROL

39 Filippo Costa - readout link39

40 Filippo Costa - readout link40 The dont have special plan for the upgrade during LS1 … however …

41 Filippo Costa - readout link41 Look (again) what LHCb has done

42 Filippo Costa - readout link42 They have achieved goals that other experiments are planning in the future: Common readout unit (TELL1) used by all the detector groups. Use of Ethernet protocol.

43 RUN 3 43Filippo Costa - readout link

44 LS2 Online Upgrade FLP DAQ and HLT FLP ITS TRD Muon FTP L0 L1 FLP EMCal FLP TPC FLP TOF FLP PHOS Trigger Detectors ~ 2500 DDL3s 10 Gb/s (~1 TB/s in input) L0 RORC3 CLK EVB farm 44Filippo Costa - readout link

45 ALICE readout link SIU3RORC3 TBD XILINX / ALTERA / ACTEL FPGA Custom DDL 10 Gb/s Ethernet @ 10 Gb/s PCIe over fibre GBT Det. Read-Out FPGA SIU IP CORE 45Filippo Costa - readout link

46 DDL 3 (UDP Ethernet) 10 Gb/s embedded in the motherboard XILINX VIRTEX 6 DDL optical fibre SFP+ 10 Gb/s 46Filippo Costa - readout link

47 Detector Readout Electronics DCS FPGA readout Physics DATA Our proposal is to share the same physical link between the 2 data traffics: 99% PHYSICS data 1% or less, DCS monitoring data DAQ+DCS proposal of sharing DDL3 data taking in progress… DCS DATA DCS DATA DCS data 47Filippo Costa - readout link

48 48Filippo Costa - readout link Detector linkReadout electronic GBTTELL40 10 GbE (production and early tests) 40 GbE, Infiniband or PCIe Reduced TCP/IP or advanced UDP

49 Filippo Costa - readout link49 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US !!!!

50 ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb have different physics goals, but from the readout link point of view they try to achieve the same thing, move data from A to B. Why things are so different? Requirements and data throughput are not the same, but features could be adapted, instead writing them from scratch. Common effort to standardize the link and the electronics, ultimate goal: common readout unit for detector groups, use of commercial hardware and industrial-standard protocols. How to increase the knowledge sharing between all the experiments groups? It is always a joy to share good experience with a protocol or a link, but maybe we could learn more from things that went wrong (and usually are not showed at conferences) Some remarks … 50Filippo Costa - readout link

51 Philippe Farthouat Dominique Gigi Benedetto Gorini Markus Joos Niko Neufeld Christoph Schwick Petr Zejdl 51Filippo Costa - readout link

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