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Purchasing Card Training

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1 Purchasing Card Training

2 Agenda Purchasing and Payments System as it exists in Oracle
Purchasing Card System Demonstration of BMO Details Online

3 The Purchasing Process
Requestor Purchase Req. Ship Goods Accept Goods Invoice sent to Purchasing to be scanned into the Markview system Cheque Approver Purchasing Agent Acme Ltd. Payment Paper Req Electronic Req Image sent to Dept. for approval/confirmation of goods received Sent to Acme Ltd.

4 Approved Methods of Purchase
Petty Cash, Purchasing Card Purchasing Card, Purchase Requisition K Purchase Requisition Purchase Requisition + competitive bidding 100K process Purchase Requisition + public competitive 1Mill bidding process >1Mill Purchase Requisition + written bids through public competitive bidding process

5 Purchasing Process – High Value

6 Purchasing Process – Low Value

7 Purchasing Card

8 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a purchasing card and why would I want a card? A purchasing card is basically a “credit card” that can be used to acquire and pay for smaller dollar purchases of goods or services without having to issue a purchase order.

9 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is eligible to obtain a purchasing card? Any one responsible for completing routine purchase requisitions, petty cash transactions, or miscellaneous payment requests is eligible to obtain a purchasing card. Your department head must approve all requests for cards, Each department is responsible for determining who will manage and administer its card(s).

10 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a limit to the number of cards that a department can have? No, cards are issued to individuals, a department can have as many cards as are necessary.

11 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get a purchasing card? The Purchasing card application is now part of the “System Access Request” form. In addition, the “Approving Official Agreement” form must be signed by the approver. Return the completed forms to the Purchasing Card Administrator for processing. At the time of card issue, cardholders are required to sign a "Cardholder Agreement" form.

12 A MasterCard with Control Features
Transaction Limit (up to $5000 CDN) Monthly Limit (up to $25000 CDN) No Country Code Blocking Cash Advance Blocking Merchant Category Blocking

13 Prohibited Purchases Complete list of Blocked Merchants available on P-Card website Personal purchases Travel expenses Business entertainment Donations Gift certificates Car Rentals Gasoline Car washes Alcoholic beverages

14 Suggested Purchases Magazines Conference Registrations Software
Lab Supplies Postage Professional Membership Dues Books Office Supplies Printing & Duplicating Services Minor Maintenance and Repair Work Taxi

15 Frequent Asked Questions
Q: Can the purchasing card be used for telephone purchases? Yes, but cardholders should exercise caution when giving out a purchasing card number over the telephone. When placing orders by telephone, cardholders should only conduct business with a reputable supplier familiar to either the requisitioning department or the Purchasing and Payment unit. Following these simple tips helps to reduce the risk of fraud and other potential problems. Note: You may contact any of the Purchasing Agents to confirm that the merchant is reputable. The four Agents are Aris Medeiros, Peter Herman, Olga Payne and Susie Temou.

16 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: For telephone purchases, is there anything that I must remember? The cardholder is responsible for instructing the supplier to provide a detailed receipt listing all good and/or services, pricing taxes and shipping or delivery charges. The supplier should be instructed Not to send an invoice to Purchasing and Payments. Note: If the receipts is missing one of the following items, please fill in the Supplemental Receipt Form and attach the slip to the form. Please ensure that your Approver has signed the Form.

17 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can the purchasing card be used to purchase good and services over the Internet? Using the purchasing card over the Internet is allowed. However we suggest caution and dealing with organization you know because it is difficult to determine whether the organization receiving your card information is reputable and transmissions are secure. Note: You may contact any of the Purchasing Agents to confirm that the merchant is reputable. The four Agents are: Aris Medeiros, Peter Herman, Olga Payne and Susie Temou.

18 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: For Internet purchases, is there anything that I must remember? Purchases over the Internet may require a Billing Address. If so, please use the following: 350 Victoria Street Toronto, ON M5B 2K3 (416)

19 The Purchasing Process
Purchasing Card Purchase ACME Ltd. Purchasing Card Widgets Reminder: Keep All Original Receipts Note: If you lose the original receipt please fill in a Supplemental Receipt form (your approver must sign the form) located on the purchasing card website:

20 Cardholders’ Responsibilities
Approving and reconciling your transactions for the period (21st to 20th) on or before the 20th of every month Submitting all original receipts along with a Custom Cardholder Statement Report to the Card Administrator by the 10th of the next month. (Researches submit to Maria Medeiros upon receipt of report) Immediately reporting your card lost or stolen If you are changing departments or departing from the University please return the card as this one must be de-activated and a new card must be issued. Inform the Purchasing card Administrator of changes in position or Purchasing Card responsibilities.

21 Approvers’ Responsibilities
Approving all cardholders’ transactions on or before the 22nd of every month Ensuring all transactions made were legitimate and charged to right account. Ensuring cardholders uphold their responsibilities or if necessary complete the responsibility on behalf of the cardholder Approvers are encouraged to examine cardholders’ receipts before they are submitted to the Purchasing Card Administrator

22 Accountability Cardholders and Approvers are responsible for all purchases made on the purchasing card. the Approver is the control point for the integrity of the Program and protection of department’s budgets Purchasing Card does not affect your personal credit rating

23 Ensuring Responsibilities are Completed
Cardholders and Approvers receive P-Card Alerts on a regular basis If obligations are not met: Reminder Purchasing Card Suspension Warning Letter Purchasing Card is Suspended NOTE: All accounts are subject to audit review

24 We will now do a demo of BMO Details Online:
Demonstration We will now do a demo of BMO Details Online: *** The cardholder/approver must log into the above website to approve their purchases ***

25 Purchasing Card Process
Cardholders make their purchases View transactions on Details Online (BMO Site) Transaction is reviewed by the cardholder Transaction is approved by the approver Transactions are charged to the appropriate cost centre at the end of the month

26 Purchasing Card Process
Transactions not approved by the deadline are charged to the cardholder’s default cost centre. Purchasing & Payment receives one bill for all transactions made during the billing cycle. This bill is paid within 7 days from a clearing account.

27 Changing the Cost Centre
Segment Identifiers and Field Lengths: Fund – F## Cost Centre – C##### Account Code – A#### Activity – T#### Employee/Course – E######### Note: Must be entered in “Customer Code” field Always enter identifier in upper case No spaces or dashes i.e. F11C12345A7070T0000E

28 Customer Code Field This text box must always remain blank unless you are changing the cost centre/account. Do not fill in the actual customer code from the merchant. The Customer Code text box must remain blank, unless you are changing the cost centre. If you have any characters or numbers in the box please delete it.

29 Disputing a Transaction
If unsure of legitimacy, ask administrator to have BMO request an invoice from supplier (may take 30 days) Attempt to resolve unauthorized/incorrect charge with supplier If the charge needs to be disputed: Inform both approver and Purchasing Card Administrator Dispute on Details Online (check off transaction, click transaction detail, and click Dispute Txn) Within the next week, check Details Online to ensure that the dispute has gone through Note: When you are pulling up the transaction in the “Transaction” module, change the Search to “All Record Types”

30 Policy & Procedure Highlights
Dividing a purchase into several transactions to avoid the per transaction limit is PROHIBITED Cards cannot be transferred to, assigned to or used by anyone else other than the designated cardholder

31 Policy & Procedure Highlights
Under no circumstances should the cardholder use the P-Card for personal purchases Failure to abide by this condition will result in the revocation of card privileges and can lead to termination In the case of inadvertently charging a personal purchase, the cardholder must: 1. immediately notify both their approver and the Purchasing Card Administrator 2. reimburse university in the same period and attach cashier’s slip to Custom Cardholder Statement Report 3. note in the description field when approving the transaction, that the university has been reimbursed

32 Policy & Procedure Highlights
Purchases made outside of Ontario may not include taxes and duties A Self Assessment is done at the end of each month

33 Policy & Procedure Highlights
Please read through the Policy and Procedures available both in your Training Folder and on the purchasing card website at If you have any questions or do not understand any of the procedures please contact the Systems Administrator at ext or via It is important the both the cardholder and approver understand their responsibilities. If the cardholder or approver does not follow the policies and procedures of the PCard system, then the Systems Administrator will suspend the card and both the cardholder and approver will need to go through a retraining to get the card reinstated.

34 Purchasing & Payment Site
The new purchasing card forms are located on the purchasing card website at

35 Forms

36 Purchasing Card Website: Questions/Inquires Contact:
Contact Information Purchasing Card Website: Questions/Inquires Contact: Nirva Saatjian Ext: 4107

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