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1 Citibank Visa Corporate Purchasing Card The State of New York Binghamton University For Official Government Use Only New York State.

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1 1 Citibank Visa Corporate Purchasing Card The State of New York Binghamton University For Official Government Use Only New York State

2 2 CITIBANK PROCUREMENT CARD OVERVIEW State payment practices are inefficient – 63.29% of our transactions that are eligible to be paid by credit card are $250.00 or less – representing 1.34% of the dollars spent – 39.14% of these payments are under $67.00 – representing 0.28% of the dollars spent – Processing a traditional voucher costs at least $95.00 – Processing a P-Card transaction costs $10.00 WE CANT KEEP OPERATING THIS WAY!

3 3 CITIBANK PROCUREMENT CARD OVERVIEW Continued Streamlined way of purchasing supplies and equipment using State, IFR, or Dorm funds Items are purchased without Purchase Requisitions Purchase Orders Vouchers This system is costly, inefficient and frustrates State employees trying to do their jobs Ultimately, we have a costly system to control minutiae

4 4 PLACING A P-CARD ORDER Give the vendor Name, Card Number, Expiration Date, and notify that we are tax exempt Tax Exempt ID 23-1354443 Ship to Address Cardholders Name followed by Campus Address (same as address listed on application) Do Not Use Home Address

5 5 P-CARD RECOMMENDED USES Maintenance/repairs of equipment Service Contracts for equipment Supplies and materials Equipment Printing Conferences/Seminars Items on a centralized commodity (P) contract – Dell Computers – Curriers

6 6 P-CARD PROHIBITED USES Personal Expenses Travel and Entertainment expenses(e.g. food, airfare, and lodging) Consulting Services Advertising Expenses Freight Expenses for items not purchased with the P- Card Leases or Rentals Temporary Employment Agency Services Hazardous Materials

7 7 VISA CARDHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES Submit cardholder application to the Campus P-Card Administrator (Matt Schofield AD512) Cardholder training session at your workstation – One on one review of the program – Detailed instructions of the sign on process – Sign acknowledgement form Reconcile and certify billing statement in 10 business days or less

8 8 CITIBANK BILLING PROCESS Cardholders place orders using their card Around the 10th of each month, cardholders will receive an email from Citibank indicating their statement is ready for downloading for the previous month The P-Card Administrator will email Cardholders to certify their statement in AEPC, the campus card management system Cardholders retain their billing statement, all supporting documentation, and a signed copy of their certification screen Send originals to Business Office and make copies for yourself to be retained for 1 year

9 9 AEPC CERTIFICATION PROCESS Wait for email from Campus P-Card Administrator indicating your statement is available for certification Sign on to AEPC Print purchase log (Attachment 9A) and attach: 1.A copy of your monthly certification screen with cardholder and supervisor signature (Attachment 9B) 2. Supporting documentation for each transaction on the statement. Note: Arrange documents in the order charges appear on your purchase log

10 10 APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION The following as appropriate Receipt or card transaction slip from the merchant Order form for subscriptions, memberships, and conference registration fees Detailed order confirmation email for internet transactions

11 11 VISA CREDIT LIMIT $2,500 transaction limit, $5,000 monthly limit Verify that sufficient OTPS funds are available for a purchase

12 12 INFORMATION TO REQUEST FROM THE VENDOR Order Confirmation Number Expected Delivery Date Itemized Receipt Vendor invoice, if any, should be sent to the cardholder not the P-Card Administrator

13 13 RECEIPT OF EQUIPMENT PURCHASES For computer related equipment, all purchases over $500.00 should be reported to Physical Facilities Purchases of any equipment over $1500.00 must be registered and bar coded by Physical Facilities Questions - Go to: perty.htm perty.htm Or call: 7-2971

14 14 PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PURCHASE Contact vendor to request Return Authorization Number Account Credit for Item A credit receipt to document the item was returned Monthly Citibank charges must be paid in full. Do not reduce your billing statement by the amount of any anticipated credits. Credits will appear on the next billing statement. Do not obtain a check for your credit, Have vendor credit your card

15 15 PROCUREMENT CARD AUDITS Periodically the Business Office or Internal Audit Office will conduct internal audits of cardholder activity. Audits will be announced or unannounced External Audits are performed by the Office of the State Controller (OSC). OSC does not provide advance notice of audits to the campus. It is VERY important that cardholder documentation is complete and readily available Documentation for the current fiscal year must be centrally located in your department OSC has the ability to revoke our participation in this program if cardholders are mismanaging their cards

16 16 MISUSE OR ABUSE OF P-CARD Using the card in a manner that violates New York State, SUNY, and University Guidelines Using the card for purchases in excess of the authorized dollar limit per transaction Using the card for prohibited purchases. (e.g. personal and travel expenses) Failing to properly reconcile and certify monthly billing statement in a timely manner Splitting up orders to remain within the dollar limit for AEPC transactions Allowing others to use the card (only the cardholder may use the card)

17 17 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS FOR MISUSE OR FRAUD Any action the University deems appropriate including: A written warning Suspending card privileges for 3 months Revoking card privileges permanently Termination of employment JUDGE WAPNER SAYS:

18 18 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who do I call if I have a problem signing on when it is time to certify my statement? – A: If having trouble with initial sign on screen, call the BU Help Desk – 7-6420. If having trouble signing on to AEPC, call Mickey Loveria – 7-2162 Q: Can a co-worker use my P-Card? – A: No. P-Cards can only be used by the cardholder. Lending the card to other University employees is strictly prohibited.

19 19 Frequently Asked Questions Q: What do I do if I need to return a purchase? – A: Contact the vendor directly and make arrangements for return. Be sure to give the vendor your card number and other confirmation numbers, so your account will receive the appropriate credit. Q: What do I do if my card is lost or stolen? – A: Contact Citibank and the Campus P-Card Administrator immediately, also notify if a replacement card is necessary.

20 20 Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do we dispute a charge? – A: First try to settle any dispute with the vendor. If you are unsuccessful go to the Citibank web site and complete a charge dispute form via the web. Q: Can we adjust our bill for disputes or credits? – A: All bill must be paid in full within 10 business days. If a dispute has been filed with Citibank, the bill will still be paid in full. All adjustments will be credited to your account on the next bill.

21 21 Frequently Asked Questions Q: May a cardholder keep the same card when moving from one department of the University to another? – A: Yes, but cardholders must have the card coded to charge their new departments account. Q: Will the P-Card effect my personal credit rating? – A: No, credit checks are not performed on the cardholder nor is there any effect on the cardholders personal credit rating.

22 22 Campus program guidelines All necessary forms Training presentation Links to purchasing, accounts payable, and travel PROCUREMENT CARD WEB SITE

23 23 ENJOY PAPERLESS PURCHASING Purchase items in a timely and efficient way without worrying about: Requisitions Purchase Orders

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