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Public Health: A Nutrition Program By: Victoria Lawton.

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1 Public Health: A Nutrition Program By: Victoria Lawton

2 Goal To improve the nutritional health of those living in urban areas by providing information in applications displayed on smart phones and equipment worn on the wrist.

3 What to inform about Proximity to locally grown food sources Nutritional differences of similar products In season fruits and vegetables Seasonal recipes Nutritional content of meals Meal planning Discounts on healthy foods

4 Limitations of Urban areas Limited access to locally grown produce Many fast food restaurants Few grocery stores Limited income

5 Benefits of improving nutrition Energy to perform daily tasks Healthy weight Protected against diseases of malnourishment Cells are able to perform properly Stronger bones Healthy cholesterol and blood pressure

6 Zipongo Free application Available in the app store Search for discounts on items by store or product Allows you to make a custom grocery list Offers healthy recipes Value: makes healthy eating more affordable

7 Thyrve Free application for smart phones Available in the app store Food tracker Focuses on how you feel post-meal Separates your meal into the food groups Indicates which groups you are deficient in Value: displays your deficiencies and assesses how you feel post-meal

8 Locavore Free application Available in the app store Pinpoints local farmers markets in your area Give ideas on how to prepare the produce and store produce Provides a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables Value: shows availability and accessibility of fresh produce

9 Fooducate Free application, plus version is $3.99 Available in the app store Give knowledge about food labels Identifies positive and negative aspects of every product Gives a grade for the products healthiness Offers healthier alternatives Value: helps guide shoppers to pick healthier option in the grocery store

10 iPod touch- 4 th generation Ipod touch: $175 Handheld device used to run the applications for the program Cheaper to purchase, can buy older versions that are cheaper Handheld, portable, and user-friendly All applications listed are available on apple devices Value: handheld, allows clients to utilize the applications listed Buy from:

11 Conclusion The four applications satisfy all the needs outlined for urban residents They offer information, incentive and availability. Free apps= no cost The iPod allows the users to utilize the free applications detailed iPods are handheld, portable, and easy to use

12 Resources fitness-apps#

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