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China. India Thailand Mexico Hawaii Texas Somewhere in New Hampshire.

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1 China

2 India

3 Thailand

4 Mexico

5 Hawaii

6 Texas

7 Somewhere in New Hampshire

8 Stick-to-it Strategies healthier eating and active living education + policy environmental change

9 Stick-to-it Strategies education + policy environmental change Chronic disease prevention Extending life span Improving quality of life

10 Stick-to-it Strategies education + policy environmental change 10 to 20 years of extended, higher-quality living

11 Policy Ideas l Require chain restaurants to disclose on menus and menu boards the calorie levels of standard menu items l Improve school nutrition environments by: developing nutrition standards for all school foods promote and serve 1% and fat-free milk strengthening nutrition education in schools supporting daily physical education for every school- child l Reduce the number of ads that promote high-calorie, low-nutrition foods to children

12 l Expand efforts to promote mass transit, walking, and bicycling and build infrastructure for physical activity l Support a campaign to reduce TV viewing l Encourage food companies to market healthy food and adhere to responsible marketing practices l Hold a Governors meeting to urge restaurants to serve smaller portions and use healthier ingredients l Worksites--improve nutritional quality of foods and provide nutrition information in cafeterias, exercise facilities and physical activity breaks

13 California Department of Health Services

14 What Workers Want

15 l Have employers create a work environment that supports healthful eating –Offer fruit and vegetable snacks instead of junk foods at meetings, in common work areas, and in break rooms –Offer tasty, affordable, and healthful foods in vending machines and in cafeterias –Organize healthy food potlucks –Receive coupons, subsidies, and discounts for purchasing healthy meals either at the worksite cafeteria or at restaurants and stores close to the workplace

16 l Distribute educational materials at the workplace that would provide the hows and whys of eating more fruits and vegetables l Have a knowledge person, like a nutritionist, available at work to provide information and motivate employees to eat healthier l Offer incentives for eating 5 a Day –Gift certificates –Extra time off –Small yearly bonus

17 l Have extra time allotted for physical activity either before, during, or after work l Offer discounts or subsidies for fitness club memberships l Have on-site exercise classes l Provide showers and changing facilities l Engage in workplace physical activities with peers

18 What Employers Want

19 l Offer more fruits and vegetables in vending machines in place of junk food l Offer coupons or discounts for healthful food items either in the worksite cafeteria or at local eateries l Provide information about personal nutrition

20 l Offer activities before, during, or after work l Assuming space/facilities and time were given to employees to engage in physical activity at work, most felt it would be a costly liability if someone was injured l It is best to have a physical activity program either run by an outside group or led by employees for employees




24 Randomized Results

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