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Secondary Life Skills Programming

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1 Secondary Life Skills Programming
Southeast Texas Cooperative for Special Services

2 Binder Tabs Middle School High School Intro Procedures Intro IEP Bank
Reading Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Literature Guide Cooking Guide Rec and Leisure CBI Intro Procedures IEP Bank Reading Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Tech Apps Work Based Learning Literature Guide Cooking Guide Rec and Leisure CBI Middle School High School

3 Procedures: Ideas for Parent Communication Data Collection Sheets
There are procedures that are only relevant to Cy-Fair in this binder, please do not use the budget and materials ordering information. Trial Date #1 #2

4 IEP Templates Planning Worksheet to help create IEP: Who
Behavior Conditions Criterion IEP Template Example: When given (_) digit addition problems (student) will solve using (calculator, manipulatives) in (_) out of (_) trials. Remember that a time needs to be added to our IEPs. It can be broken down by grading periods, semesters or weeks.

5 Outstanding Moments

6 Reading and Language Arts
Alignment with State Standards How to create a class library with books related to student experiences Functional Reading Calendars, Recipes, Applications, Clothing labels, Menus, Community Words, Greeting Cards, s and Text Messages, and Social Networking Words for Survival and Dignity Signature Templates Sample Applications Role Play Scenarios

7 Math Alignment with State Standards Hierarchy in Number Skills
Hierarchy in Computation Skills Math Word Wall Ideas Money Assessment Checklist Time Assessment Checklist Math

8 Science and Social Studies
Alignment with State Standards Unique Curriculum Lesson Plans broken down into each Grading Period (6 periods) Grooming, House Care, Clothing Care all included in Science Sample Lesson Plans with time suggestions for each curriculum materials Pre and Post trip lessons that correlate to the CBI section of the curriculum Lesson Plans broken down in to Levels 1-3 Science and Social Studies

9 Ideas for read aloud books with simple synopsis of each book
Lesson Plan format for the books that include vocabulary building, sequencing ideas, comprehension strategies and even extensions such as snacks and art projects Snot Stew Literature Guide

10 Cooking Guide Cooking Readiness Pre and Post-tests
Health and Safety Pre and Post-tests 6 weeks Cooking Curriculum 1st six weeks: hand washing, safety and basic identification 2nd six weeks: Appliances (identification and usage) 3rd six weeks: Food Groups 4th six weeks: Reading and Following Recipes 5th six weeks: Meals 6th six weeks: Accumulation of skills Cooking Guide

11 Teen Issues Permission Form to address the topics covered
Hygiene, Health, Modesty, Growth and Development, Menstruation, Peer Pressure, Gang Awareness, Self Esteem, Drug and Alcohol Awareness Pre made PECs symbols for Washing Hands, Showering, Brushing Teeth and General Grooming Social Situations Developmental Growth Worksheets Student and Classroom Resources on heath, bullying, self esteem, and gang awareness Teen Issues

12 Recreation and Leisure
Six Weeks Lesson Plans Always addresses a Physical Activity and a Leisure Activity Example: 1st six weeks- Balance and Fair Game Playing Resources for various Physical Activities and How to Modify Equipment Hobbies and Craft Ideas for Leisure Activities YouTube video links for different exercises and crafts Recreation and Leisure

13 Community-Based Instruction
CBI Planning Guide Various forms to use for CBI in both English and Spanish Pre-Tests to determine the skill level of each student Site Map examples Community-Based Instruction

14 Technology Applications
Basic Computer Skills Weather Report, instead of using Calendar time use a weather site and create a spread sheet with daily temperatures, rain chance and conditions Social Networking Etiquette Using a digital camera to create books, compile information for picture schedules, worksheets… Create their own calendars Budgets, Journals, Power Point for CBIs and Newsletters Technology Applications High School Only

15 Work Based Learning High School Only
Work Based Leaning activities to try in the classroom before you begin the job activity Examples: eye contact, hand shaking, conversation Vocabulary related to job site working Attitude, Request, personal space Various Work Skills to address Custodial Retail Grocery Restaurant Office/Clerical Practice Applications, Time Sheets and Budgets Work Based Learning High School Only

16 Questions?

17 Resources

18 Office 936-336-8701 Cell 832-767-8540

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