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Bambini in Cucina NBCS Learning for me is always a journey. I see myself as facilitator & co learner.

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1 Bambini in Cucina NBCS Learning for me is always a journey. I see myself as facilitator & co learner.


3 Getting Real with Languages How do we make it real for students? How do we promote language development ? How do we increase engagement ?





8 Bambini in Cucina Whats it all about ? Italian language and culture., namely food. Students Background knowledge & experiences. Students own ethnicity and family traditions with food and recipes. Raising awareness, realising its value, appreciation, curiousity and further questioning. Who ?Stage 3 – mix of Yr.5 & 6 Connecting with a chef in local community- Cavallino Restaurant in Terrey Hills: Chef Roberto. Duration: one Term

9 In a nutshell An intercultural experience of Italian language and food. The learning experiences take a blended learning approach integrating ICT, cooking and the four macro skills. 3MBC. 2 demonstrates understanding of significant cultural values and practices in Italian-speaking communities Taking it beyond the classroom/spaces walls. Organisation: Week A will be spent in the Galley Kitchen cooking, Week B will be in the classroom as a language intensive, preparation, review, research and consolidation time. 30mins will be spent online and/or with the teacher. This part of the Learning Session will be facilitating regional cuisine knowledge, vocabulary prep, look at Class Forum responses and add next reply, recipe prep in advance for the next week. The other 30mins will be their PBL [Project Based Learning] session. The project timeline will be for 8 weeks. The focus is one regions cuisine and a scaffold for presentation is set up in advance.

10 The FORUM school intranet, secure site, moodle password I chose this tool as a major form of qualitative feedback. 1.Reflect on experience 2.A place to share eg. background knowledge 3.Ask questions 4.Give opinion 5.Connect with others, even our chef.

11 Our first Forum Post This is our class forum where each week everyone needs to contribute by either : reflecting on the cooking experiences, share great recipes, share new learning about vocabulary we've tried ask each other questions about Italian recipes we've tried encourage each other positively both about our cooking and Italian language skills Buon Divertimento Week 6 Interviewing Chef Roberto by Imma Buono - Saturday, 28 May 2011, 08:38 PMImma Buono What did you find most interesting about Roberto's responses ? were you surprised by any of them ? What did you think of our volunteers' yummy Tiramisu` ? Remember to thank them.

12 Some responses…. It was great to meet Chef Roberto and to hear his stories and recipes. I found it interesting that his parents were not chefs but he was inspired by his grandparents and most of all his love of food! I found seeing Chef Roberto was cool because not other much other schools get to have this experience so it was awesome. Chef~ hi guys i am roberto..... i want to apologize in advance for all my spelling mistakes!!! thank you all for your nice comments about me,i will be back with you in the kitchen next tuesday for a nice "contorno" that your very nice teacher Imma organized!!!! I want to share with you my tiramisu' recipe: 5 egg yolk 5 table spoons of sugar 5 white of egg 500 g of mascarpone cheese 200 ml pure creme 300 g savoiardi biscuits 150 ml coffee with a shot of amaretto liquer 100 g shave choccolate mix the egg yolk with sugar until it becomes frothy and creamy.Add the mascarpone.wipe your creme and white egg(separate) and add to the mascarpone really gently... dip the biscuits inside the coffee and layers up your bowl with biscuits and your mascarpone mix..Finish off with shave choccolate. Keep in the fridge for 2 hours and serve it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone and see you soon.......

13 Do you have a special family recipe ? Week: 5 Your Famil y Recip es by Imma Buono - Mond ay, 30 May 2011, 09:04 AM Imma Buono Do you have a special family recipe which has been passed down to you ? Maybe it's grandmother's special cake or biscuits ? Have you learnt how to make it or helped make it ? When do you tend to eat it ? eg. Christmas or special celebrations. Tell us about it. My dad has taught me how to make gnocchi. His mum taught him. I like to have gnocchi with a basil pesto sauce. We also make our own pasta sauce and the first time I helped with that I was six years old. Our entire family would come to our house and that means all of my cousins, aunts and uncles ! We would make 3-500 bottles of salsa which we then divide up amongst our families. It's loads of fun. My mum has taught me how to make our special Easter cake. Maestra Buono. my family recipe is apricot chicken and i can make it myself!!! And veggies on the side with a drink MY family recipe is my nannas short bread! She makes lovely cookies and gives them to us. in my family a chocolate cupcake is passed down and i have not made it but i hope to make and it is yummy my family recipe is tripple chocolate brownies you put in 2 dark chocolate bars in then 1 white chocolate bar then milk chocolate bar. it's awesome. My family recipe is a berry cake that my Gran tought me how to make. We have it every Christmas!!! One of my famililies recipies is a boiled fruit cake. This recipe has been passed down from my grandmother to my mum then to me. My mum has recently made this cake for afternoon tea. It is so easy and i hope my mum will teach me soon. I do not have a family recipe. But i would like one. My Great Auntie taught my family to make Zucchini Fritters, we usually have them at family gatherings. My Nan has tough me and my family to make Meatballs, we usually make them at BBQ's or family gatherings. My Nan has taught me and my family to make Stuffed Eggplant, we usually have them at BBQ's. I have had my nonnas spagghetti and my mum has got the recipe. But when my mum tries to make she can't get that sort of flavour the same as my nonnas can because she doesn't try it often. My nonna also makes a sort of biscuit that is really hot when it comes out of the oven. The biscuit has a raw egg in the middle but then it cooks after a while and the biscuit softens and it is delicious but my nonna only cooks it on Easter day we don't have the recipe though. I have a family recipe that got passed to my mum and then passed on to me it is a Spanish chilli dish I was about ten when i started cooking this type of dish and you can have it with anything you want it is really nice and tasty. One of my favourite family recipes comes from my chinese grandfather which is tomato, beef, rice. In Cantonese it's called faanke, ngauhyuhk, faahn. It's a great winter dish. Another favourite dish is wonton soup. I help wrap the filling into the pastry sheets and drop them in the hot water.

14 Do you think this program should run again next year ? Week 9 Survey: Bambini in Cucina by Imma Buono - Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 04:58 PMImma Buono Write me a 1 sentence reply to each of these questions. 1. Which cooking session did you like the best and why ? 2. Do you think this course should run again next year, why ? oYes, I do think this program should run again because every second week i would be excited and i was looking forward to eating what we made!! oMy favourite cooking session was today, how to facciamo un contorno delizioso (make a delicious side dish): the patate con prosciutto, mozzarella and thyme was bellissimo and the pesto fantastico! oYes, definitely this course should run again, it was a great experience and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to learn Italiano in the kitchen with Chef Roberto. Grazie mille Maestra Buono! oThe session I enjoyed most was the Tiramsu' session. oYes I think this course should run again next year because it was really fun experience and I would definitely would like it to continue. I definitely think this course should run again next year because other people will get a chance of cooking some yummy Italian foods and also get to enjoy it afterwards. I have learnt how to make tiramisu and learnt that working in a group is important. I think that an Italian's attitude about food is that they think it is very impotant to them. They all love cooking. And if an Italian wasn't allowed to cook food their life would never be the same. Italian attitude about food- Italians like to eat alot of food because they always have so many courses. I could not eat that much of food just yet. A chefs Journey- Chef Roberto has an awesome restaurant, is really nice and can cook super yummy food. His food looks and tastes bellissimo. and best of all assaggia. A Chef's Journey: Meeting Chef Roberto was inspiring as I love cooking too and hope one day to be a chef.

15 Tell us about what youve learnt Roberto's journey I've learn't about chef Roberto's journey. He started at 14 cooking at a pizza shop then he moved on to become the boss of his own shop hear in Australia Italians attitude about food Italians attitude about food is that they love it. big part of there life I think the italians love food alot. I think it is a big part of there life. I have learnt to make tiramisu and pasta el forno. Some Italian verbs are cucinare to cook, fare to make and taglia to cut. Chef Roberto jouney stated in a pizza shop when he was 14. Now he works at a restaurant in Terrey Hills. recipes Italians are very passionate about food. There are a lot of recipes that i have learned. One of my favourite recipes that i have learned to cook is bruschetta. Italians are very passionate about food. interesting ingredientsfun delicious to eat and are great to make sharing family meals is important to them Italian recipes have interesting ingredients, are fun to cook, delicious to eat and are great to make. Italian's attitude about food: preparation and sharing family meals is important to them, they are very passionate and really love food. Italian verbs: It's been helpful to learn the verbs while actually cooking in the kitchen. Some examples are cucinare, aggiungere, taglia, premi italian menus Antipasto, Primi I have learned a lot about the italian menus such as Antipasto, Primi etc. working in a group I have learnt about working in a group and making Italian food like Tiramisu their menus are enormous primi, secondi contornidolci Italians attitude to food is that they love it. At an Italian restaurant their menus are enormous. They have Antipasti as there appetizers, primi as their first course, secondi as second course,contorni as side dishes and dolci as dessert Italian verbs I have learnt lots about Italian verbs this term. Italians attitude about: Italians LOVE food, they are REALLY good at cooking and have ALOT of food on their menus Meeting Roberto is probably the best thing Personally I would love to be able to cook with him Meeting Roberto is probably the best thing because he loves food and his accent is very distincive. i think his love for food is immaculate and i love that about him. Personally I would love to be able to cook with him

16 Post reflection I ended up including The Forum at the start of the Week B session. It helped to reorientate and set the desired tone and expectation for each session. If students hadnt had time to upload their post this was the perfect opportunity. We usually ended up having a chat along the way. I had the Forum on display on our big screen, making it a live experience. I would use that tool again in this way.

17 A few other elements in this blended learning approach. The Passport linked to the Class Forum and also group work in the kitchen. These points go towards an end of term certificate and the NBCS Challenge [merit system].However, I found it became cumbersome in management. The students intrinsic motivation was what drove each session. Ill rework the concept more to mark our learning journey. Needs more thought. Each lesson will begin with the Forum- a reflection time: rate the dish out of 10, what did you like about it ? not like ? Do you feel skilled enough now to try it at home ? Use Graphic Organisers like KWL [post it notes] Online formative quizzes-verbs e.g. Hot Potato quizzes. Take it in when you are ready. Interactive Whiteboard resources: to help build food, recipes, geography, language skills including idioms related to food.

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