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Using Standardized Recipes

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1 Using Standardized Recipes

2 Standardized Recipes INGREDIENTS Listed in the order used Amounts

3 YIELD Number of servings or amount the recipe makes

4 Temp., time, & equipment Size and type of pan Other equipment needed
Oven temp Preheating instructions

5 Step-by-step directions
How and when to combine ingredients Some recipes include both conventional and MW method

6 Nutrition Information
Not on all recipes May include: Fats Fiber Carbs Sodium Protein Vitamins Fiber Minerals

7 2 Basic systems of measurement
1. Customary Units (most common) Ounces, teaspoons Cups, pints, gallons 2. Metric Units (based on multiples of 10)

8 Metric Units (continued)
Include: Milliliters ml Liters l Milligrams mg Grams g Kilograms kg Degrees Celsius °C or centigrade

9 Metric continued Millimeters mm Centimeters cm Meter m

10 VOLUME The amount of space an ingredients takes up 1 cup cooked pasta
examples 1 cup cooked pasta 1 tsp oregano

11 Ingredients measured by weight or heaviness

12 Ingredients measured by count or number


14 What is the difference between I cup of popcorn and 1 cup of water???????????????

15 Both take up the same amt of space-eight fluid ounces- but they do not weigh the same; the water is heavier

16 Kitchen Scales Use to find out how much each cup weighs
Weight is often measured in ounces, while volume is measured in fluid ounces

17 CONVERTING RECIPES To change a recipe if the yield is not the amount needed. At home what do you usually do? Why might it be different in a restaurant?

18 To increase or decrease recipe yields;
Decide how many servings you need, or the DESIRED YIELD Determine the CONVERSION FACTOR or the number that each ingredient amount is multiplied by in order to adjust the yield of the recipe

19 Desired yield Original yield
=Conversion factor If a recipe serves 8 And you need to serve 4 What is the conversion factor?

20 Multiply each ingredient amount by the conversion factor
Multiply each ingredient amount by the conversion factor. This keeps all the ingredients in the same proportion as in the original recipe.

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