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2012 Campaign Report and 2013 Campaign Plan June 28, 2013 Stand Together. Live United. Tour of Second Harvest Food Bank Live United Flea MarketLibrary.

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1 2012 Campaign Report and 2013 Campaign Plan June 28, 2013 Stand Together. Live United. Tour of Second Harvest Food Bank Live United Flea MarketLibrary Campaign Team 2012 Leadership Breakfast

2 2 2012 Campaign Results & Overview

3 33 2010FSECC2011 United Way 2012 United Way Leadership Donors $79,400$99,131$76,838 Special Events $4,598$7,867$10,963 Main Campus $129,038$134,131$113,814 Brevard Campuses $10,024$10,095$9,012 Volusia/Flagler Campuses $1,453$2,254$2,105 Lake/Sumter Campuses $20$593$639 TOTALS $145,133$154,940$136,533 Campaign Status

4 4 YearTotal Diff from prev year % change, prev yr % change 5-year 2006 220,368 13,8886.7%33% 2007 144,479 (75,889)-34%-17% 2008 159,009 14,53010%-11% 2009 140,013 (18,995)-11.9%-19% 2010 144,788 4,7743.4%-30% 2011154,940 10,1527.0%-30% 2012136,533 (18,407)-11.9%-5% Economic crash effect on our campaign

5 5 Last years new additions to the campaign 5 Planning Committee Asked for event chairs to lead special events Campaign schedule change Previous model – two-month campaign with training and planning done at same time as pledge drive. Implemented model – one-month pledge drive campaign preceded by one month of planning and training.

6 6 2012 Survey Feedback Highlights

7 2012 Survey 7 Preferred methods of donation: 36% ePledge 5% paper pledge card Strongly Agree AgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree The campaign is important for UCF 60%20%3%6% Confident in data security 58%20%3%6% Confident in online payment site (security) 50%28%3%0% One-Month Campaign Model was positive 35%28%25%3%0%

8 8 2012 Survey

9 9 Suggestions: More collaboration between ambassadors More opportunities for team meetings & involvement More university-wide events Better marketing for the campaign and events Criticisms: Newsletters are long There are too many emails Newsletters should be formatted to forward information to departments, not information that is only for representatives It is too difficult to designate donations We should be focusing on the UCF Foundation campaign, not charities

10 10 UCFsCampaignStructure

11 11 Campaign Ambassadors Planning Committee 20 + Serves on committees to plan university-wide events as well as oversee campaign administration such as marketing, prize solicitation, etc. Campaign Cabinet 10+ University leaders who provide guidance, oversight, and visible support for the campaign. 150 + Disseminates campaign information on the department level. Campaign Management Coordinates planning committees, communications with all TeamUnited members, oversees campaign, and manages donation intake. United Way Manages donations, administers ePledge system, assists with campaign management

12 12 Jan-Aug Administrative planning September Ambassador Training Campaign Ambassador Planning Event Planning & Registration Begin Marketing October October 1 – Kick-Off October 31 – Campaign ends November Campaign Wrap-up Ambassadors and campaign cabinet in place Technology & security University-Wide events planned Community Support ePledge implemented Marketing plan Departmental-level planning Ambassadors plan campaign for their department Ambassadors register events Campaign Schedule

13 2013 … Planning Committee growing University volunteers leading events and spearheading various aspects of the campaign Security improvements based on feedback from University Audit 13

14 14 Ever Evolving Website…. Ever Evolving Newsletter Format

15 15 Special Announcement!

16 16 Special Announcement! Who will win? our community our university (…and our faculty & staff.) 2013 United Way Campaign Student-Faculty Challenge

17 17 Special Events 2012 Highlights & Awards 2013 Event Plans

18 18 2012 Events University-Wide Events Live United Flea Market RunUnited (5 runners, 289.24 miles, $1,388.42) Critical Needs Drive Star Jar Contest Positive PostCard Project

19 19 2012 Events Agency Awareness Volunteer opportunities Knights Give Back It Takes Courage Days of Caring Potluck Event Agency tour opportunities Second Harvest Food Bank Coalition for the Homeless Other United Way Volunteer Carnival

20 20

21 21

22 22 2012 Events Team Award Rotating trophy to be taken back at the 2013 Employee Award Ceremony 1st Place: $2,487.38 Facilities & Safety 2nd Place: $1,188.80 Information Technology & Resources 3rd Place: $1,082.30 Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies

23 23 Kip – winner 2012 Facilities & Safety Cutest Pet Contest Wag more. Bark less. 2012 Departmental Events International Pot Lucks Halloween events Contests Cook-Offs Raffles Lunches & breakfasts Themed Luncheons Bake sales Training Event (CPR) Spirit Days & Jeans Days Tailgating / BBQ Girls Night Out Penny Wars

24 24 2013 – Weve already begun! Book Drive in support of United Way Day of Action, raising 22 books United Way Volunteer Carnival United Way Day of Action Volunteers Stamp Out Hunger food drive, raising over 100 lbs of food.

25 25 2013 – In Planning! Campaign Leadership Breakfast Campaign Orientation Regular Campaign Meetings open to the campus community 5 th Annual Critical Needs Drive 3 rd Annual RunUnited 2 nd Annual Live United Flea Market Spooky Knight 5K Fun Run Tours and volunteer activities at United Way agencies

26 26 Leadership Spirit Award Sponsored by

27 27 2011 Leadership Spirit Award Trophy presented at 2012 Employee Award Ceremony All honorees attended a luncheon sponsored by Dr. Hitt. 26 Nominees Winner: Sue Ann Mann Honorees: Rhodney Browdy Barbara Brown Maria Gambino James Godden Patricia Hall Maritza Pomales Donna Reid

28 28 2012 Leadership Spirit Award Trophy to be presented at 2013 Employee Award Ceremony Honorees to attend a luncheon sponsored by Dr. Hitt. 22 Nominees Winner: TBD Honorees: TBD Youll receive nominees on Monday, July 1. Votes will be due Monday, July 9.

29 29

30 30 2013 Campaign Plans Discussion Winning, Together.

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