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3Q2011 Writers Workbench Better Writers through Instructional Computer Feedback.

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1 3Q2011 Writers Workbench Better Writers through Instructional Computer Feedback

2 3Q2009 Background / Overview Presentation available at - Demonstration (Please ask questions) Hands-on training Please visit our website for more information and see Betty Musgrave or appropriate technician for your at-home copy of Writers Workbench Writers Workbench Presentation / Training Agenda Visit our website at

3 Designed originally by AT&T Bell Labs to help developers write more effective documentation on their developments Brought to education through AT&Ts seeding program via Colorado State U, U of Wisconsin, Glenbard West High School, North Iowa Area Community College, and others Enhanced many times, then, re-created to interactively analyze documents created and revised in Word Writers Workbench Origins Visit our website at

4 set of tools A set of tools that helps students, authors, writing tutors, and instructors learn and teach writing skills programsanalyze 26 programs designed to analyze writers documents as they write and revise in Microsoft Word interactive exercises 29 interactive exercises (STEPS) which teach students skills in different areas of writing reference A reference that provides correct usage of over 800 of the most commonly misused words and phrases A powerful tool that helps high school and college students with writing mechanics What is Writers Workbench Now? Visit our website at

5 3Q2011 Stand Alone PC Operates on a Stand Alone PC Writing Lab Operates in a Writing Lab Microsoft ® Word: Operates in Microsoft ® Word: Word 2000, Word XP, Word 2003, Word 2007, and Word 2010 Microsoft ® Windows: Operates with Microsoft ® Windows: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Mac version coming soon – Word 2011 Is very reasonably priced Writers Workbench Visit our website at

6 3Q2009 Double-click on the Writers Workbench icon to start Word and load Writers Workbench programs and tools Writers Workbench Visit our website at

7 3Q2009 Provides access to the Analysis Programs menu Provide easy access to the Spell Checker, Thesaurus, and Word Count programs included with Microsoft Word Finds subsequent occurrences of words or phrases found by WordSearch on the Analysis Toolbar Provide an easy mechanism to hide and reveal quotes, dialogues, and references from statistical analyses and hide/reveal help The Writers Workbench Composition Ribbon Provides access to the STEPS exercises menu Provides a tool for toggling between writers compositions and their analyses Visit our website at

8 3Q2009 Provides an easily indexed access to correct usage of over 800 commonly misused words and phrases Provides access to Writer's Workbench Help Finds, in the writers compositions, the first occurrence of any word or phrase highlighted in the analysis A powerful tool that inserts more information and examples of how writers might revise their documents Provides an easy-to-use mechanism for formatting and printing Writers Workbench Analyses Closes the analysis immediately without asking to save changes The Writers Workbench Analysis Ribbon Visit our website at Quickly reruns that analysis after writers make suggested revisions

9 3Q2009

10 Writers Workbench Analysis Sets The writer clicks the "Analysis Programs" button to get this menu. Then, he or she clicks on the button for the desired program set to run the analyses. 26 Writer's Workbench Analysis programs provide feedback directly to the writer. The analyses are organized in six groups, covering topics of overall scope to proofreading areas of writing. 1. Content 2. Characteristics 3. Verbs 4. Clarity 5. Words 6. Punctuation Visit our website at Assessment Settings and Assessment Scores Module

11 3Q2009 Writers Workbench Composition & Analysis In a few seconds after the writer clicks on the button to initiate the program, the analysis will appear in the screen to the right of the student's composition. Writers may make either the analysis screen or the composition screen active as they analyze and revise their compositions by clicking on the or button. Visit our website at

12 3Q2009 Writers Workbench MoreInfo MoreInfo is available to authors who would like additional information or examples on how they might revise their compositions based on the analysis. Examples, rules, and more information are inserted directly into the analyses to guide authors through the revision process. A second push of this button directs the author to consult the appropriate STEPS exercise. Visit our website at

13 3Q2009 S elf- T utoring E xploration and P reparation S teps STEPS Each STEPS document describes the information provided in an analysis and, in a two-column presentation, provides instruction in the left column and activities /exercises in the right column. These instructional programs prepare authors to identify whether or not revisions are needed and enable them to make needed revisions. ManualWebsite Visit our website at

14 3Q2009 Writers Workbench STEPS Example 29 different STEPS exercises guide authors through different areas of writing These documents teach authors how to interpret Writers Workbench analyses and how to use the analyses guidance to improve the mechanics of their compositions. Authors move through STEPS via the vertical STEPS navigation bar on the right of the screen. Answers to the exercises appear on the next page of the STEPS program. Visit our website at

15 3Q2009 Writers Workbench WordUse WordUse provides correct usage of over 800 commonly misused words and phrases. Type the first couple of letters of the word or phrase in question and the screen will scroll to that entry. Click on Display to display help for that word or phrase. The index for WordUse provides cross-references for many of the words. For example, there are entries for both accept & except and except & accept or affect & effect and effect & affect. Visit our website at

16 3Q2009 Writers Workbench Analyzing Selected Text The writer can analyze a portion of his or her document by selecting text to analyze. The writer must select at least 50 words. Writers find this selection capability useful in focusing on new text and changes in their compositions. Writers working on long compositions use this feature to divide and conquer. Visit our website at

17 Assessment Module Settings

18 Writers Workbench Assessment Scores Teachers with appropriate computer permissions can set thresholds and corresponding messages for given grade levels and/or assignments Students are provided with goal and suggestion if their statistics do not meet your standards This document can be printed and included in students portfolios Statistics can be logged to a network file to track writing improvement A great place to start IF THE ASSESSMENT SCORES PROVIDE TOO MUCH INFORMATION, SELECT A FEW

19 Writers Workbench Pet Peeves Editor Add contractions like LOL or problematic phrases like yea hey dare Change suggestions if our default suggestions are not appropriate for your students Include or exclude contractions Include or exclude double negatives Remove entries that you dont want flagged as potential errors Your Teacher-At-Home software will allow you to make these modifications; work with techs and administrators to allow changes

20 3Q2011 Writers Workbench Website Visit our website at

21 3Q2011 WWB On-Line Documentation Visit our website at

22 3Q2011 WWB can be used in many ways Documentation and Tutorials on the WWB website Learn what feedback each of the analyses can provide for your students (print the Quick Guide) Some analyses will be much more valuable than others The Assessment Scores module is a great place to start Become familiar with Assessment Settings How do you fold WWB into Your Curriculum? Visit our website at

23 3Q2011 Bring the rough drafts to the writing lab Double-click on the WWB icon on the desktop to start Word and load the WWB tools Then, open the document to be analyzed Theme and student identifier lines are required Run the Assessment Scores analysis How to get started using Writers Workbench Visit our website at

24 3Q2011 Have the student print the Assessment Scores analysis Have the student close the Assessment Scores analysis Review the scores on that analysis with the student Let the other analyses guide the writers to make all of the statistics in the Assessment Scores acceptable If you use advanced features, you can set your own acceptable scores through appropriate standards How to get started using Writers Workbench Visit our website at

25 3Q2011 to open our sample document The Composition and Student Identifier Lines The buttons on the Composition Ribbon - What is Analysis Programs? * What is STEPS? Spell * Thesaurus * WordCount * H&R * Analyzing selected text * WordUse * WWB Help STEPS Buttons on that Ribbon Vagueness * Organization Print * Close The buttons on the Analysis Ribbon WordSearch * FindNext (from Composition Ribbon) MoreInfo (Always Click Here when starting to use WWB) Print – formats and prints * ReRun - quick way to check new analyses after making suggested changes X Close – easy way to close the analysis- always close analysis first Advanced features of Writers Workbench Need cooperation with technicians for network permission Need to modify a file on the teachers workstations The Assessment Scores settings Teachers need to understand the numbers and percentages Someone needs to be in charge (English Chair?) * Standards – based on Illinois or school goals Tracking usage – Ive been working so hard, honest Excel module to track usage Tracking writing improvement Excel module to track writing improvement Dont forget these points

26 3Q2011 Writers Workbench available for home use Students, instructors, and authors can purchase WWB for home use! Writers Workbench is easy to order through our secure web site or through a toll- free call to (888) 366-8326 Price: $100.00 Visit our website at

27 3Q2011 THANK YOU… Writers Workbench Greg Oij - (630) 548-4219 Direct (888) 366-8326 Toll-Free Review: A proverb summarizes our reaction to Writer's Workbench: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime."...

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