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2 June 2014. System Administration Campus Integrated ICASICAS.

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1 2 June 2014

2 System Administration Campus Integrated ICASICAS

3 ICAS offers A complete solution for managers in educationA complete solution for managers in education Linking of the administration core to the campus communityLinking of the administration core to the campus community Up-to-date, accurate and reliable information and reportingUp-to-date, accurate and reliable information and reporting Integration of major campus functions and processes into one systemIntegration of major campus functions and processes into one system

4 Complete management solution ICAS, the Integrated Campus Administration System has been developed by Strive Software International for effective management in education. The power of ICAS, coupled with its ease-of-use and flexibility, is a decisive factor in linking the administration core to the campus community. ICAS incorporates user-friendly graphical interfaces and data integration, employing the very latest technology.

5 ICAS incorporates Automated timetabling technologyAutomated timetabling technology Staff and student performance evaluationStaff and student performance evaluation Account and budget controlsAccount and budget controls Customisable reporting optionsCustomisable reporting options Industry standard securityIndustry standard security ICAS is an exceptional Management Information System designed specifically for education establishments to optimise workflow and cooperation between all departments. ICAS is fully web-enabled, providing the opportunity to harness the potential of the internet by establishing a vital link between the campus administration and the student community. Students use this communication gateway to enjoy the advantages of online registration, timetables, account enquiries, reports and results, multiple answer tests and assignment submission.

6 Striving for perfection ICAS has been deployed at leading institutions and offers users a complete solution for all their administration needs. ICAS is continuously being improved to meet stringent industry demands and standards. ICAS is developed in consultation with a network of education administrators. All versions of ICAS have been thoroughly tested and successfully implemented across a wide spectrum of institutions. As part of the package, Strive Software International offers extensive training at all levels, from beginners to experts.

7 LearnersOnline Offering the freedom of the Internet with the confidence of professional administration

8 Anytime, anywhere e-learning LearnersOnline is a tightly-integrated Learner Management System facilitating web and intranet based education, delivering the right content to the right learner at the right time. LearnersOnline incorporates admission, registration, career counselling and access to content catalogues. It is an interactive synchronous and asynchronous learning environment providing course material, interactive testing, and intelligent grading programmes with immediate feedback to the learner. This sophisticated Learner Management System is the hub for online assessments, skills-gap analysis, performance management and much more. The LMS can be integrated with existing systems and will exchange data with the human resource information system (HRIS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Information is only accessible by authorised learners, lecturers and administration staff.

9 Learner Management System Online registration Monitor pre-requisites and course qualifications Manage course availability, control access and schedule courses Enables course enrolment and cancellation Assignment submission Exam booking and registration Monitor communication between learner and tutors Consolidated feedback for reporting Prepare and controls departmental budgets Electronic submission of assignments Automated voting polls Report to screen, e-mail, or printed outputs Allocation of Courses to learners Discussion forums

10 Building a learning foundation A complete e-Learning strategy is necessary to conquer corporate challenges and achieve competitive advantage. LearnersOnline automates the administration of training activities, cataloguing of courses, registration of users and tracking of learner progress, as well as providing reports to management and the learner. Develop human capital and extend the reach of the organisation by offering opportunities for staff to learn new skills. Use newsletters, memos and the corporate intranet to reinforce the benefits of e-learning. LearnersOnline has established procedures for monitoring continuous professional development/education points programmes with direct online access to knowledge and information bases. Lifelong professional competence is maintained through planning, learning and recording frameworks. LearnersOnline is compatible with the Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard. It can communicate with courses created with built-in tracking capabilities which comply with the AICC specification. LearnersOnline has the added benefit of complete integration into ICAS

11 Content Management System Course management and tracking Course scheduling and result tracking Course evaluation Log-in and session management Reduction of internal training costs Reduced workplace time-out Improved retention of acquired knowledge No travel costs Unlimited access to infinite knowledge Supports third party e-Learning content Continuing Professional Development point tracking

12 ICAS Corporate Training System Linking people, training and performance Linking people, training and performance

13 Linking employee training to organisational goals The ICAS Corporate Training System controls the process of managing training and knowledge resources within the organisation. It links employee training and development efforts to business needs, to meet the strategic goal of raising both individual and organisational levels of competency. Organisations can strategically coordinate training efforts and capitalise on economies of scale. The employee is linked directly to training resources both internally or externally from his workstation or from home. Management approval of training is responsive and on-line, and relevant departments are kept informed. The ICAS Corporate Training System is an integrated management and learning environment with a consolidated feedback mechanism. Organisations are able to train, test and track staff results across LAN, WAN and web-based networks.

14 ICAS Corporate System Learner registration and course approval Course scheduling Online access to instructor-led and self-directed courses Monitor education-outcomes activity Analyse employment profile for each financial year Detailed analysis of all training received during a financial year Analysis of training requirements to achieve priorities Annual and periodic training reports Monitor and control departmental budgets Integrate with HR Systems (SAP, PeopleSoft and others)

15 Broadening the Skills Base The ICAS Corporate Training System establishes the basis for the staff members learning plan according to detailed skills assessment. The curriculum path is determined using a combination of management inputs, pre-assessments and skill gap identification. Data on staff training, skills, and knowledge areas are collected and maintained in a database. The skills and knowledge of employees are compared with job profiles based on organisational needs. Employees and management collaborate to develop targeted training plans, which include short and long-term actions and measures of progress. Learners are able to enrol in required courses independently by scheduling courses from their learning plan or by personal choice. Pre and post skills assessments will improve performance by measuring progress and readjusting training goals and curriculum. Career planning is carried out by comparing current skill sets to the skill sets required for desired positions. Skills assessment across the organisational spectrum is accomplished through testing and evaluation of staff. ICAS Corporate Training Systems advanced functions, customisation options and integration capabilities, transform learning and training institutions into completely integrated learning organisations

16 Skills Development Monitor and track employee skill levels and competencies Full management reports on student progress. Online assessments Personalise learning plans to fill individual skill gaps Development of curriculum paths Produce reports pertaining to skills development training Match employees to job requirements using skills-mapping capabilities Integrates fully with major content providers Employment equity planning Profile workforce as per the NQF levels Employment profile for each financial period Department of Labour returns and documentation Provide a foundation for learning based on a detailed skills assessment Analyse employment policies, practices and procedures Consolidate skills development reports

17 Strive Software International Strive Software International laid its foundation in the education industry in 1997 and continues to be the leading designer and developer of world-class integrated education management software solutions. The Industrial Development Corporation through its SPII programme awarded Strive Software International a grant for Industrial Innovation. In addition, Praxis Capital, a leading venture capital company, invested in Strive Software International, providing the company with resources for further growth.

18 Strive Software International is committed to: Total Project ResponsibilityTotal Project Responsibility Product supportProduct support Continuous product improvement and enhancementContinuous product improvement and enhancement Exceptional customer serviceExceptional customer service Professional testing on all productsProfessional testing on all products

19 Contact Us Postal Address: P O Box 1541 Highlands North 2037 South Africa Physical Address: 4th Floor, Cedar Grove, Grove City 196 Louis Botha Avenue, Houghton Estate 2198 Johannesburg Gauteng South AfricaWeb: +27 (11) 728 0039Facsimile: +27 (11) 483 0084e-mail:

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