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Electronic Tools to Improve Assessment Michael Perry National Board Certified Teacher East Paulding High School Kennesaw State University.

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1 Electronic Tools to Improve Assessment Michael Perry National Board Certified Teacher East Paulding High School Kennesaw State University


3 Streamline assessment from start to finish with ExamView Assessment Suite Professional Edition, a complete toolset in three seamless applications. Build comprehensive tests with Test Generator, administer tests with Test Player, and analyze results with Test Manager. Customize questions in a full-featured word processor. Select questions from 14 formats including Multiple Response, Bimodal, and Dynamic. Save questions in Question Banks for compilation into multiple study guides and tests. Administer tests on paper, over local area network, or online. Grade tests through a variety of scanning methods, track progress, and generate reports–all in one program.


5 Present ExamView content in a game show format. Transform students into contestants and watch classroom participation thrive. Instructors can assess students while the QuizShow host directs the game. Import questions from ExamView assessments, Learning Series question banks, or customize your own. Students receive instant feedback on their answers, instructors receive instant feedback on student performance. eInstruction response pads collect individual results from class. Three ways to play: challenge the computer, race against the clock, or compete against classmates.

6 Puzzle View

7 It’s FREE! PuzzleView is available as a free download. Simply install the program, download the free word lists, and you are ready to go. There are no additional charges. Create Puzzles in Seconds You won’t need a user guide or directions to use PuzzleView. One click takes you to a puzzle wizard that walks you through the four easy steps. You will be able to create engaging crossword, word search, jumble, and cryptogram puzzles in seconds. Five Puzzle Types Motivate your students with five fun puzzle types: crossword puzzles, word search with clues, word search with words, jumble puzzles, and cryptogram puzzles. It’s so easy to switch between the different puzzles that you can let your students pick their favorite types. Printable Format

8 Classroom Performance System


10 CPS for PowerPoint Make lectures work for your students Assess their progress as you go Re-teach what they don’t understand immediately

11 Questions Do you take work home to grade? You don't have to... Do your students love coming to class? They could… Do you know how each student is performing on the state standards? You could… Let me explain........

12 Classroom Performance System by eInstruction Involve everyone – CPS facilitates feedback from every student. Allow each student to participate simultaneously! Embarrass no one CPS allows you to elicit a response from every student without embarrassing anyone for a wrong answer. Reach a new generation Bridge the generation gap with technology that is dynamic and relevant to today’s young people. Capture attention CPS promotes an environment of steady provocation and interactive learning. Captivate students for the entire class period with eInstruction’s interactive pad technology.

13 Classroom Performance System Streamline your grading. Your CPS results can be easily exported to Excel, Word, PDF, or the CPS Gradebook. Pass out a paper test and allow students to answer at their own pace. CPS' automated assessment feature lets students answer test questions at their own pace while keeping track of answers and grades behind the scenes.

14 Classroom Performance System Use CPS to increase benchmark test scores. CPSOnline gives you immediate results school- and district-wide - making CPS an ideal tool for benchmark testing. Provide a non-threatening environment allowing all students to participate - even the shy ones.

15 CPS RF – The Next Generation The new CPS RF is the perfect tool for testing, reporting, and data- driven decision making. This interactive device allows students to answer multiple choice and numeric response questions while seeing their answers on the pad's LCD screen. Two way radio frequency protocol 3 line LCD panel to easily view answers Numeric entry capability (up to 12 characters) Testing without a projector or TV New, smaller size Fraction capability Battery and signal strength indicator Designed to avoid data collisions No need to point response pads at a receiver 200 feet transmission distance Operates using two AA batteries

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