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Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. Introduces Sankalp Xpress Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013.

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1 Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. Introduces Sankalp Xpress Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013


3 The Enterprise SRPL comprises of five business groups that are managed as business entities within the Sankalp Group The Sankalp Group has predominant presence in the following industries: Hospitality Processed Foods Real Estate Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013 The Sankalp Group has set a benchmark in these fields & has become a popular Brand name in India

4 Profile Established in 1981 by Shri Ramavtar Goenka Presently run by Mr. Kailash Goenka Headquarters at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Pan Indian & Global presence More than 110 operating outlets The Brand Sankalp is also into Out Door Catering, Banqueting, Hoteliering, Processed Foods as well as Real Estate Successfully launched quick on-the-go meals from Sankalp Xpress kiosks Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

5 Our Organization Board of Management Mr. Kailash Goenka (CMD) 3 Restaurant Brands Out Door Catering/ Kiosks Real Estate Development Processed Foods Sector Hospitality Industry Sankalp Saffron Sams Pizza Salt n PepperSankalp Square Sankalp Serenity Wide Range of South Indian Cuisine: Instant Mixes, Frozen Chutneys & Gravies Hotel Ramada, Ahmedabad Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013 Sankalp Sapphire Sankalp Xpress Sankalp Grace II Sankalp Grace I Sams Pizza Quick Pick

6 Sankalp Strives To ~ Offer the very best in quality cuisine and create an un- matched experience in family dining Achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality, hygiene, service and customer satisfaction Continuously offer value-addition in all spheres, thereby ensuring repeat visits by patrons Capture, recreate & replicate the Sankalp experience in as many places as possible Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

7 A Brief About Sankalp Xpress Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

8 For those times when ~ You dont have the time to sit back & order a meal & wait for it to be served OR Your hectic schedule just does not allow you time for a meal OR You are simply hungry and need a meal quickly Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013 Sankalp Xpress comes to your rescue

9 Your Friendly Kiosks Sankalp now expands to offer you friendly, easy to come by, whistlestop Xpress Kiosks These quaint outlets that come at round – the – corner ease have been specially designed to bring the authentic taste of South with ease Prepared with a passion for the taste of the south, Sankalp Xpress adheres to exacting parameters of hygiene even as they whip out quick fix meals Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

10 The Brand Brand Name: Sankalp Xpress Have retained Sankalp as it already enjoys credit worthiness, popularity, brand equity & loyalty Sankalp intends to create brand recall which in turn would give rise to a desire for South Indian cuisine, thus resulting in impulse buying Xpress signifies quick & fast meals To extend its consumer base among lower income groups as well, Sankalp has come up with Sankalp Xpress Aims to start a hundred kiosks all over India in the next few months Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

11 No Fuss Meals for Everyone Low investments, low maintenance, high returns, high on convenience No messy procedures involved, No requirement of a kitchen or water supply Cater frozen products that can be simply unwrapped, heated and offered in convenient & attractive packaging Aim to target generation Y, young professionals as well as executives Cuts across all age groups Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

12 Rich in Variety & Taste These kiosks will offer a varieties of: Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013 Iddli Steam Iddli20 Plain Dosas Plain Dosa30 Sankalp Special Dosa30 Garlic Dosa30 Schezwan Dosa30 Cheesy Plain Dosa45 Cheesy Sankalp Special Dosa45 Cheesy Garlic Dosa45 Cheesy Schezwan Dosa45 Special Dosas Mumbaiya Dosa45 Palak Corn Dosa45 Madrasi Dosa45 Chinese Schezwan Dosa45 Paneer Capsicum Dosa45 Cheesy Mumbaiya Dosa60 Cheesy Palak Corn Dosa60 Cheesy Madrasi Dosa60 Uttappams Veg. Spring Uttapam55 Mix Veg. Uttapam55 Tomato Corn Uttapam55 Cheesy Veg. Spring Uttapam70 Uppma Vegetable Uppma30 Cheesy Mix Veg. Uttapam70 Cheesy Tomato Corn Uttapam 70 Cheesy Chinese Schezwan Dosa60 Cheesy Paneer Capsicum Dosa60 Soft Drinks Aerated Drinks15 Bottled WaterMRP Flavour Drink15 All items served with succulent coconut chutney Extra Chutney5

13 The Kiosk Area required – 80 sq. ft. Length – 10 ft; Depth – 8 ft; Height – 6.5 ft


15 Requirements Approx. 80 sq. ft. carpet area on foray of a mall Budgeted Investment of approx. 5.5 lacs Property should be with clear visibility where there is a movement of minimum 3000 people daily by foot The place can be owned or rented 3 persons will be required from the franchisees end to run the outlet. The company will provide training to them. All vendors are fixed by the company leaving no hassles for the franchisee to get interiors done and sorting agencies for fixing workouts. Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

16 So Ready Yourself For Awesome Round The Corner Express Kiosks Experience Thank You! Sankalp Recreation Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL)2013

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