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Playing a Band or Orchestra Instrument at Patrick Henry and Long Branch Elementary Schools!! Estelle Roth, director.

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1 Playing a Band or Orchestra Instrument at Patrick Henry and Long Branch Elementary Schools!! Estelle Roth, director

2 Steps to Success Practice!! Practice!!! Practice!!!! Come to class prepared. Bring your instrument to school on lesson days. Participate in our Winter and Spring Concerts! Not sure what instrument you want to play? Come to Instrumental Music Information Night - IMIN!!

3 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC INFORMATION NIGHT Monday, September 9, 2013 Washington-Lee High School An Instrument Petting Zoo - where you can test out various instruments to find the one which suits you best. Local music instrument retailers will be there to answer your questions about rent-to-own programs and purchasing an instrument.

4 Instrument Rental School Rentals for the year are $85. $40 for reduced lunch students, $20 for free lunch students. We have plenty of stringed instruments, flutes, clarinets, trumpets and trombones. We have limited string basses, saxophones and euphoniums. Instruments are also available to rent from Foxes Music and Music & Arts.

5 Instrument Choices String Instruments: ViolinViolin, Viola, Cello, String BassViolaCelloString Bass Band Instruments: FluteFlute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, PercussionClarinetAlto Saxophone TrumpetTromboneEuphonium Percussion

6 Violin Great beginning instrument! The smallest instrument in the string family. Most popular instrument in the orchestra. The violin comes in various sizes to fit the player! The violin can express a variety of emotions – joy, sadness, anger, and calm. Relatively quiet! Can pluck (pizzicato) or use the bow. Watch the Worlds Fastest Violinist

7 Violin

8 Viola Played like a violin. Bigger than a violin - with a deeper, darker, more mellow sound. Watch on YouTube:

9 Viola

10 Cello The cello is a deep-sounding instrument. It has a beautiful, warm tone. It has to be played sitting down. Some school buses might be too crowded to allow the cello on board. Like all of the stringed instruments, the cello comes in various sizes to fit the player. Watch on You Tube:

11 Cello

12 String Bass The double bass is the largest of the string instruments. It produces very low pitches and is used in orchestra, band, and jazz ensembles. VERY LIMITED school rental!! Watch on You Tube:

13 String Bass

14 Flute The flute family has the highest range of the wind instruments. The tone is light and beautiful. The flute is a difficult instrument (but fun!!) to play. You MUST practice!!! Small enough to put in backpacks, and quiet enough to play in apartments!

15 Flute

16 Clarinet The clarinet is an extremely important instrument in the band. Can play very bright, high sounds and rich, deep, beautiful, low sounds. Quiet enough to play in an apartment! Easy to carry to school! Watch on You Tube:

17 Clarinet

18 Alto Saxophone The saxophone is a very versatile instrument, and is used in band and jazz ensembles. Very few saxophones to rent from the school. May be too heavy for some students to play. Beginners can be pretty loud!! Watch President Clinton on Saxophone!

19 Alto Saxophone

20 Trumpet The trumpet or cornet is a sparkling, high brass instrument. It is very fun to play! It is easy to carry, but very loud!! Watch this eight year old play:

21 Trumpet

22 Trombone The trombone is instantly recognizable because of the slide. The trombone uses a mouthpiece like a trumpet, but has a much lower, more mellow, sound. Trombone students should have arms long enough to reach all of the notes! The versatility of the trombone makes it popular in band, orchestra, and jazz ensembles. Watch this trombone trio play:

23 Trombone

24 Euphonium Very large instrument!! Very limited school rentals. Looks like a small tuba, but sounds more like a trombone! Watch flight of the Bumble Bee!!

25 Euphonium

26 Percussion Beginning students will have to buy a practice pad and drum sticks. Percussion students will learn on both the practice pad and the melodic orchestra bells. Watch a percussion ensemble play Mission Impossible:

27 Percussion

28 Next Steps Register Online!!! Henry Students: Long Branch Students: Dont send in any money now!! Information packets will go home in the Thursday folder. Return as soon as possible.

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