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Instrument Families – Music 7

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1 Instrument Families – Music 7
The String Family

2 The Bow Most string instruments are played using a bow
The bow is a piece of wood with horse hair stretch from one end to the other The bow is then pulled across the string of the string instrument

3 Violin The first and smallest of 4 classical string instruments
The main melodic instrument of the orchestra Made in different sizes depending on how big YOU are.

4 Violin Many classical composers loved this instrument and wrote for them all the time. The best violin player in the orchestra is called the concertmaster – their job is to take over if the conductor is not there.

5 Viola Looks and played exactly the same as a violin.
Plays in the ALTO CLEF!!! Bigger than the violin and it plays lower.

6 Cello String Instrument that is played sitting down.
Plays in the bass clef. Much lower than violin or viola

7 String Bass So big you must stand up to play it.
Plays in the bass clef. Plays the bass part in the orchestra

8 String Bass String Bass is also used in Jazz Band
This time the we don’t use a bow – the bass is plucked

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