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Deakin University Warrnambool

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1 Deakin University Warrnambool

2 My background Grew up in Cobram, NE Vic From a farming family
Attended GVGS from grade 6 to year 12 ( ) Always enjoyed the outdoors Concerned about the health of environment

3 What am I studying Bachelor of Environmental Science (freshwater biology & management) 3 year degree, with an optional 4th honours year. Main study areas include biology chemistry ecology Human aspects of environmental management

4 Course structure Study 4 subjects each semester
Two separate lots of exams each year Subjects consist of lectures and laboratory/field work components Third year has a professional practice subject = real work

5 Why did I chose this course
I enjoy being outdoors, especially rivers and oceans To see the environment better conserved Belief that change is best achieved at management levels

6 Good balance between practical and theory classes
Deakin very progressive at including broad environmental aspects into course structure My course is a reasonably unique course and Deakin recognised as a good provider of environmental sciences.

7 Why Warrnambool and not Melbourne?
I wanted to stay in a country town Studying in the country is significantly cheaper than the city Surrounded by open space and a clean safe environment Why study environmental science in a concrete & steel city when you can study it in the living & breathing country

8 Just to highlight that last point
Field trips in Warrnambool = 30 min bus trip down the road Melbourne based students often have all day field trips, simply due to the travel time In Warrnambool you literally live study and play in the environments that you are learning how to manage

9 Every day student life in Warrnambool
Maybe 4 -6 hours of class, 4 days a week Private study ~ equal to time spent in lectures Healthy out door life style in wild and beautiful environment Size of town and uni big enough to allow pub and café culture to develop in town

10 Warrnambool nightlife
Important consideration for students, it shouldn’t be BUT it is! Warrnambool has good range of pubs and clubs With out price tag of Melbourne Safe environment Will suit all reasonable students who don’t feel the need to stay out until 6am!

11 Warrnambool accommodation options
University Residences / Colleges Share house Flat / apartment Choice can depend on, finances desire for social contact level of independence lifestyle choices Describe my experiences

12 Warrnambool on-campus Residences
Great way of getting introduced into Uni life and meeting friends Develop those all important social networks & refine social skills Study, career, medical and emotional support Explain I lived on res for first two years, made heaps of great mates and was RA for second year.

13 Highly recommended for at least first year
Allows students to refine people skills Semi independent life style Close to uni

14 Share houses, flats and apartments
Great option to live with your mates Good availability of rental accommodation in Warrnambool Real Estate agents confident in dealing with students, short and extended leases available

15 Moving to Warrnambool Probably first time living away from home
Deakin Warrnambool provides lots of ways to reduce initial anxiety Plenty of clubs and societies to join Lets students meet others with similar interests Easy town to find your way in and a decent local bus and regional train services make getting around easy

16 Some of the Warrnambool clubs
Aquatic Collective Warrnambool Deakin University Football and Netball Club (Sharks) Deakin University Commerce Society (DUCS) Rugby Union Poker Club Deakin Warrnambool Soccer Club

17 SCUBA Deakin Uni Underwater Club

18 Where could study in Warrnambool take you?

19 How does North of the Arctic Circle in Norway sound?

20 Atlantic salmon sea cage farming in the north of Norway

21 What a place to work!


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