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1 Zoomnia Roosevelt High School Yonkers, NY March 17, 2008.

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1 1 Zoomnia Roosevelt High School Yonkers, NY March 17, 2008

2 2 Sabena Acheampong * Farah Adam Yarelis Borrero Darnel Echols Jose Flores Arturo Gonzalez Elias Gonzalez * Samuel Mateo Christian Ongsueng Denisse Osorio Edwin Trent Angel Valentin Veronica Moscoso Pavitra Latchman Christien Jackson Mentor: Sylvia LaRue Branchcomb ZS Coaches: Gian DiGregorio & Vatsan Gopalakrishnan * Team Captains

3 3 COMPANY SITUATION Zoomnia arms you with vendors and service providers to meet your every need! The best part about Zoomnia is that it supplies you with a list of certified and insured providers for free!! Due to its anonymity it is under utilized.

4 4 CUSTOMER ANALYSIS In an effort to make Zoomnia a household name (at the tip of your fingers) we conducted a survey using the following parameters: location, education, salary, internet access, and high level service needs. Our survey results indicated that potential customers: are working middle class Americans; live in apartments, condos, and co-ops; take local transportation and work locally.

5 5 CUSTOMER ANALYSIS Customers are currently using MSN, Yahoo, and Google search engines to address their needs. The customers surveyed liked Zoomnias concept of providing only certified and recommended results; however, they did not particularly like the layout, it required too much written input especially for non-English speakers.


7 7 Yonkers was chosen as the survey city due to its socioeconomic and ethnic diversity. The results indicated that targeted advertising by service would have the greatest impact on soliciting new customers.

8 8 STRATEGIES AND MESSAGES Zoomnias message should be regionally targeted by service need. For example: Ads in Northeast Yonkers should concentrate on people who need contractors, tutors, etc. However, in Scarsdale and Armonk more suburban areas, the need may warrant caterers, party planners, and landscapers. Zoomnia should advertise links or trailers with realtors and municipal government sites to attract individuals moving or relocating to new cities and towns, giving Zoomnia a national edge.

9 9 STRATEGIES AND MESSAGES Reaching out, Zoomnia can get their message out effectively using more than one language, via recommendations, and running commercials that address specific area needs. Zoomnia ads need to be strategically placed, e.g. local newspapers, Pennysavers, college and career websites, other search engines e.g., fastweb, collegeboard, etc. Once the needs of a specific region/city are known they should also advertise using local television and radio.

10 10 Your need is our concern!

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