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D r. N orma G aines- H anks Department of Human Development & Family Studies Barbados Study Abroad 2013 1 Co-Faculty Directors D r. F rancis K wansa Department.

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1 D r. N orma G aines- H anks Department of Human Development & Family Studies Barbados Study Abroad 2013 1 Co-Faculty Directors D r. F rancis K wansa Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management

2 J oin us for a C aribbean experience unlike any other T ravel Dates (tentative): January 2, 2013 – January 31, 2013 T ravel Coordinators: Joann Mirkarimi and Rick Sobers - FunBarbados, Inc., 2 Barbados Study Abroad 2013

3 P rogram Summary R equired Service-learning placements (tentative partners) Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health Total required hours varies by course enrollment S ix credits Required: HDFS/HRIM 367 – Culture in Context: Barbados Plus ONE of the following HDFS 334 – Experiential Education HDFS 365 – Service-Learning (non- HS majors; limited enrollment) HRIM 316 – Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Protocol 3Barbados Study Abroad 2013

4 C ourse Options C ourse #1: HDFS/HRIM 367: Culture in Context – Barbados Dr. Gaines-Hanks and Dr. Kwansa Required for all students C ourse Objectives : To provide students with A basic knowledge of the social and historical factors/entities which impacted on and created Caribbean cultures. A broader understanding of Barbados and its people beyond the typical tourist perspective A better sense of personal and professional aspects of Bajan life 4Barbados Study Abroad 2013

5 C ourse Options Course #2 – Option 1 HDFS 334 Experiential Education (Human Services majors only)/ HDFS 365 Service- Learning (non HS majors; limited enrollment) Dr. Gaines-Hanks Course requirements Approximately 45 hours of placement Placement journal Reflections Seminar-format 5Barbados Study Abroad 2013

6 C ourse Options C ourse #2 – Option 2 HRIM 316 – Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Protocol Dr. Kwansa Course information Approximately 30 hours of placement Discussions and course activities related to local customs and culture Students required to submit a term paper on a selected topic and a journal 6Barbados Study Abroad 2013

7 G eneral Information T he eastern most island in the Caribbean 7Barbados Study Abroad 2013

8 G eneral Information G eography: 166 square miles (430 square kilometres); approximately 75% is coastline 8Barbados Study Abroad 2013 C urrency: $1.00 US = $1.98 BDS

9 G eneral Information P opulation: Approximately 260,000 Bajans: More than 70 per cent are direct descendents from the forced mass African migration of the late 1600s and 1700s-the slave trade European (primarily British) Also: Hindu (India), Arab (Lebanese and Syrian) and Jewish communities. 9Barbados Study Abroad 2013

10 G eneral Information R emained under British rule from its first settlement in 1627 to its Independence on November 30, 1966 10Barbados Study Abroad 2013 The Emancipation Statue, also referred to as Bussa, a slave who helped inspire a revolt against slavery in Barbados in 1816. Slavery was abolished in Barbados in 1834.

11 G eneral Information T he chattel house a unique feature of Barbados one product of the cultural side of sugar plantation workers needed houses that were easily assembled and taken down so they could move from plantation to plantation. 11Barbados Study Abroad 2013

12 P rogram Information- L ocation Based on the southwest side of the island, in St. Michaels parish Easily accessible to Bridgetown 12Barbados Study Abroad 2013

13 W hats included in the Program Fee? Housing: P aradise Villas Located in Black Rock, St. Michael parish, on the West Coast; only 220 yards from one of the island's finest beaches. Bedrooms are individually air conditioned. Daily housekeeping service included. 13Barbados Study Abroad 2013

14 H ousing Barbados Study Abroad 201314 U nits overlook beautiful tropical gardens. W ater sports, banks, supermarkets, restaurants and shopping facilities are just minutes away. Paradise Beach

15 P rogram Fee: What else is included ? Program-related Transportation Excursions/Program activities with meals Arrival Dinner Pre-Orientation Breakfast Welcome Reception (with food) Excursions (to be confirmed) Group Dinner Farewell Program and Closing Reception Pre-Departure Breakfast 15Barbados Study Abroad 2013

16 C ultural Excursions - H istorical Tour (Includes lunch) Historical Bridgetown: Barbados capital and commercial center Barbados Study Abroad 201316 Synagogue: The only one in Barbados St. Patricks Roman Catholic Church Bethel Methodist Church Bridgetown Central Business District and Careenage

17 C ultural Excursions - N orth and Eastern Island Excursion (includes lunch) Outing includes buffet lunch at Sunbury Plantation; soft drinks and snacks served along the way 17Barbados Study Abroad 2013

18 C ultural Excursions - A rt and Craft Tour (includes lunch) Wood Carvings: Medford Mahogany Works or Williams Legacy – Sustainable Craftsmanship Pottery: Earth Works Pottery and Batik Gallery 18Barbados Study Abroad 2013 Reginald Medford

19 C ultural Excursions Other sites to be confirmed 19Barbados Study Abroad 2013

20 C ultural Excursions Barbados Study Abroad 201320 Music and Culture Excursion: Sunday Jazz Brunch Naniki Restaurant Cultural Excursion: Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry

21 W hats NOT included in the program fee? Daily Eating Options Self cooking in apartments (mini-mart within walking distance of hotel; grocery store accessible by bus or taxi) Local restaurants easily accessible via local transportation (e.g., public bus or taxi) Holetown, St. James Black Rock, St. Michael St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 21Barbados Study Abroad 2013

22 W hats NOT included in the program fee? Getting around the island Bus: Blue: Government Yellow: Private White Mini-bus: Who Knows---NOT advised! Taxi stand outside of hotel 22Barbados Study Abroad 2013

23 N on-P rogram Activities: Free time activities 23Barbados Study Abroad 2013 Duty-Free Shopping Beaches and Water Sports Broad Street, Bridgetown Limegrove Lifestyle Center, Holetown

24 N ext Steps…Is this the right program for you? Are you… 1. …COMMITTED to the programs primary focus: Service-Learning? 2. …FLEXIBLE and able to function relatively INDEPENDENTLY? 3. …in GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING 4. …a student with a CLEAN JUDICIAL RECORD? 24Barbados Study Abroad 2013

25 N ext Steps…Apply on-line by September 14 th Pay $300 deposit within 72 hours of submitting your application or not later than Friday, September 14 th, 2012 at: /payments_and_refunds.html /payments_and_refunds.html Confirm course appropriateness for your academic program with your faculty/academic advisor 25Barbados Study Abroad 2013

26 N ext Steps…to be considered for an interview Attend information session PRIOR TO September 14 th you must Complete on-line application Secure one on-line recommendation Pay the $300 application deposit Complete pre-interview questionnaire (once you confirm your continued interest) Ensure your passport is good until August 2013 26Barbados Study Abroad 2013

27 F inances 27 Program Fee: $3700 - $4000 (estimated; to be confirmed by early September) Suggested Spending Money: $1200 US (minimum) Scholarships Global Citizenship Awards Potential award: $1000 to $4000 Factors: Applicants financial need; academic merit; quality of essay; faculty recommendation; activities/awards; number of college credits completed; and a comprehensive student conduct review. Global Scholars Awards Potential award: Up to $2,000 Factors: Applicant's academic merit; quality of essay; faculty recommendation; activities/awards; and a comprehensive student conduct review. Check IGS website for deadlines and more information: Barbados Study Abroad 2013

28 F inances Loans Students and parents should act now (not wait until September). As soon as 2011 taxes are completed, you should contact the Office of Student Financial Services ( and complete or update your FAFSA. Once a current FAFSA is on-file, you can seek pre- qualification for 2012-13 loans. Having the FAFSA completed this Spring simplifies things should you need to take a loan in the Fall. 28Barbados Study Abroad 2013

29 F inances Refunds Until final decisions are made, $300 deposits are fully refundable Once accepted only a partial refund is available, depending on what may have been spent on airfares or other program related expenses. Any program withdrawals after acceptance has been confirmed are subject to deductions for any payments made 29 Barbados Study Abroad 2013

30 R equirements for those accepted into the program Attendance at Fall 2012 MANDATORY orientation sessions (to be announced) Submit payments by posted deadlines Monday, October 15, 2012: $1500 non- refundable deposit Monday, November 5 th, 2012: Final balance Saturday, December 1st, 2012: Tuition/fees Complete all IGS on-line orientations and information 30Barbados Study Abroad 2013

31 Q uestions? Barbados Study Abroad 201331

32 M aybe we will see you in 2013! Barbados Study Abroad 201332

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