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Tanzania – Elective 2008 Ruth Bowyer Forever Angels Baby Home & Bridge2aid.

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1 Tanzania – Elective 2008 Ruth Bowyer Forever Angels Baby Home & Bridge2aid

2 Tanzania Tanzania lies in East Africa – although it has been spared much of the internal conflict that has affected many other African countries, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world Forever Angels Baby Home and Bridge 2 Aid are both based in Mwanza. It is the second largest city in Tanzania and lies on the shores of Lake Victoria.

3 Tanzania is beautiful country!! Tanzania has one of the most famous national parks in the world – The Serengeti. The Serengeti is perhaps most famous for its lions, elephants and other wild animals. Tanzania is also home to Mount Kilimanjaro.

4 There are more than 1.5 million orphans living in Tanzania. For every 10 children that are born, one dies. By 2010 it is expected that one in every ten children in Tanzania under the age of 15 will be an orphan. Primary education is free, however the cost of secondary education is beyond the means of most Tanzanians 10% of the population carry the HIV virus

5 Forever Angels Baby Home Forever Angels Baby Home cares for up to 40 orphaned and abandoned infants from birth to 5 years old They aim to liaise with the infants extended family (where possible), and work closely with social welfare to find new families for the children. Alongside healthy infants, their mission is to care for sick, HIV positive and terminally ill children, providing them with a loving and comfortable environment for whatever time they have left.

6 Forever Angels Baby Home The Baby Home offers a loving environment for children to grow, be nurtured and be loved until they can be found a new family of their own.


8 Mwita Mwita was left outside a hospital in Mwanza with his name written on a piece of cardboard and tied with string around his neck. Mwita was severely malnourished and had hypothermia, he was covered in head to toe with scars and burns. After much care and attention Mwita is now a healthy, happy and mischievous toddler! March07 Jan 08

9 …then click the placeholders to add your own pictures and captions. Haji Haji's Mother died in July when Haji was 6 months old and his father is sick and unable to care for him. Haji is HIV positive. However, he takes ARV medication and is healthy and happy. Sadly, Haji’s father only has a short time to live and has asked for the baby home to find a new family for Haji. Nov 06 Jan 08

10 …then click the placeholders to add your own pictures and captions. Mary’s mother is very sick with TB and HIV. Mary has also battled with TB, malaria and HIV. Laurens mother died from birth complications. She will stay at Forever Angels until she is weaned and will return to her father and siblings. Katy was found at the roadside, along with a bag full of clothes. She has cerebral palsy. There is no specialist care for disabled children in Mwanza.

11 Bidge 2 Aid Community Development Sex Education and HIV awareness lesson at Fonelisco Orphange

12 Weigh Day at Bukumbi Village

13 Serengeti Safari

14 Kilimanjaro Half-Marathon

15 Learning Outcomes Initiative & confidence – the “student” part of being a student nurse means nothing in Africa!! Consequences – actions must always be thought through carefully with regard to context. Holistic care really is the key to making changes and improving lives. The link between health, the family unit, and education is magnified in the face of extreme poverty. Perspective!!! Poverty and quality of life is relative to the society and circumstance in which you live.


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