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Student Housing & Hospitality Services Report to AMS Council Student Housing and Conference Services Food Services (+ Student Housing and Conference Services.

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1 Student Housing & Hospitality Services Report to AMS Council Student Housing and Conference Services Food Services (+ Student Housing and Conference Services UBCO & Child Care Services UBCV) Jan 23, 2013

2 Integral to meeting the objectives of Place and Promise: the UBC Plan. Student learning; Community Engagement; Aboriginal Engagement; International Engagement; Outstanding Work Environment; Sustainability. Maintaining and managing university residences at both campuses. Providing student development and student service programs for outstanding residential and student learning experiences. Providing quality food and friendly service in warm, welcoming and innovative environments that enhance the campus experience and sense of community for students, faculty, staff and guests to UBC. Providing quality conference services at both campuses that support and enhance UBCs community engagement. Providing quality child care services for infants and school age children through the largest university child care program in North America. Fostering environmental, economic and social sustainability in powerful ways.

3 2013/14 budgeted revenue: $75.0M – Student Housing $7.0M – Conferences and Accommodation (with strong net income) $31.2M – Food Services – rez dining, cash ops, catering, Sage $6.5M – Child Care $119.7M total (vs 2011-12 - $116.3; 2012-13 projected - $118.4M) Creating an outstanding work environment for 1,000 employees – (M&P, 116, 2950, BCGEU), and 620 Students – annual salary budget of $38.4M (32.1%) Stewardship and Sustainability $4.0M in annual, non-capital R&M Asset Mgmt - $490M on balance sheets $10 - $13M in annual, capital renewal ($20M in 2013/14) Current Debt load - $308M 100K roomnights per summer – conferences (UBCO + UBCV) 10,300 students live in residence (1676 UBCO + 8717 UBCV), 4661 on meal plan (1450 UBCO + 3211 UBCV) Over 5 million POS / FS transactions per year (UBCV only)

4 Created and began executing a 4 year growth plan of 2116 beds; total UBCV campus inventory to 10,677 beds: Pond Commons Phase 1 (603 beds), opening Sept 13 Pond Commons Phase 2 (513 beds), opening Sept 15 Orchard Commons (1000 beds), opening Summer 16 Invested $11.3M into existing operations: Totem existing House renewal phase Totem Park landscaping Walter Gage Commons and Apartment Green College Commons Decommissioning of Acadia Park Courts EBI 1 st resident experience survey: Annually completed survey; consistent 90 th percentile rating in overall student satisfaction. Student Housing & C&A 2012/13 successes

5 Open Pond Ph 1 on time and on budget. 2013-14 capital renewal plan; $19.2M Building envelop work at Ritsumeiken, 2 bldgs at University Apartments Totem Park existing House renewal phase 2 Vanier Commonsblock refresh St. Johns and Green College deferred mtnce work Acadia Park Courts decommissioning phase 2 Finalize design on Pond Commons phase 2 and commence construction Finalize design on Orchard Commons and be prepared for Spring 2014 construction commencement Financial Highlights: 2% student housing fee increase Contribution reduced to $3.6M, primarily from C&A, focus on growth with support from Central, central admin services) Revenue neutral (Pond Commons, AP Courts, 2% fee increase, interest revenue adjustment) Absorb 2% + 2% GWI Student Housing & C&A 2013/14 Priorities

6 Winter Session Totem Park / Place Vanier: single: $581 to $592 shared double: $506 to $517 large single (new): $623 to $635 Walter Gage single quad: $659 to $673 Fairview single: $607 to $619 Year Round Housing Marine Drive: Studio: $941 to $960 Single Quad: $779 to $795 Acadia Park (student family): 2 bdrm townhouse: $1047 to $1068 4 bdrm townhouse: $1475 - $1505 Thunderbird one bdrm: $1024 - $1044 Student Housing Fees - +2%

7 Provide on campus accommodation to approx. 30,000 delegates/visitors /hostellers annually Attract approx 90 events each summer: 20 academic conferences + 70 others (including sport, language, tour, short course programs, etc.) Generate summer employment for approx 150 students Annual revenue of $6-8M (excl food/catering); 90% + is room revenue Generate positive returns; to offset student housing fees West Coast Suites – providing short term accommodation on campus on year round basis.

8 Retail Operations, Residence Dining, Restaurants (Point Grill, Sage), Catering operations (Wescadia, Sage) 2012-13 Successes: Opened 3 new cafes – ESB, Law, Pharmacy Developed building use plan and redesign of University Centre, re- opening Sage and Sage Catering September 2013. Completed design of Pond food outlet phase 1 and began phase 2 process Incorporated nutritional and allergen information on grab n go food options Forecast to achieve 2.9% revenue growth, largely from new units, to $29.7M. Meeting COGS and LC budget. Contributing $745K to Central (primary profit centre – Wescadia Catering 50% of all food procured is local (grown, manufactured, baked, caught within 150 miles of campus

9 Food Services 2013-14 Priorities and Financials: Invest $2.6M into operations: Open 2 new units – Pond Commons and Bookstore Starbucks Re-open Sage and Sage Catering and launch new brand Launch on-campus food truck Complete upgrades to Vanier Dining Room Finalize designs for Pond Phase 2 and new dining room and production centre at Orchard Commons Create food plan for re-purposed SUB Review current meal plan and other meal plan structures and determine best model moving forward Grow local food procurement to 52% Enhance menu labelling of ingredients, allergens and nutritional data on internally prepared menu items. Financial: Grow revenues by 4.8% to $31.2M Absorb 2% + 2% GWI into LC and increasing food costs via efficiencies in scheduling, selective price increases and prudent procurement practices Contribution increased to $795K.

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