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Housing and Conferences

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1 Housing and Conferences
at the University of British Columbia An aerial view of Place Vanier Residence

2 Life in Residence Where else can you find a place to study, get involved, meet amazing people and live, all at the same time? Residence is an integral part of my UBC experience Place Vanier Resident

3 The best thing about residence life is that there is always something to do, and someone interesting to do it with. Rits-UBC House Resident

4 Place Vanier

5 Place Vanier One of UBC’s three international partnership houses.
Single Room Colours with cultural symbolism Artwork donated by Tec de Monterrey University Tec de Monterrey-UBC House One of UBC’s three international partnership houses.


7 Totem Park Residence You live here only a few years, but you carry your memories forever. Totem Park Resident

8 Residence provides a range of events that are great for getting to know people, everything from theatrical productions to ski trips. And contrary to my prior fear - I've never had to wait for a shower to be free. First year resident

9 Laundry Facilities in Residence

10 Totem Park & Place Vanier
Shared Rooms

11 Totem Park & Place Vanier
Residence Dining Totem Park & Place Vanier

12 Walter Gage Residence

13 Gage offers something for everyone:
A great social environment with lots of privacy, opportunity for learning as well as fun, and some really spectacular views. Walter Gage Resident

14 Ritsumeikan-UBC House

15 Living in Rits-UBC House gives me a real sense of what a diverse society we live in. We may look different from one another but we each bring our own culture to share with and learn from others.

16 Fairview Crescent

17 Fairview Crescent The townhouse-style units, private entrance, interesting roommates, convenient study spaces, local coffee shop and green grassy areas – all combine to create a positive study environment that helps me balance working hard with having fun. Fairview Crescent resident

18 Marine Drive Residence
Views from some Marine Drive units

19 Marine Drive Residence
You will make new friendships that last a lifetime and plenty of support for those tough assignments and exams. Marine Drive Resident

Living here is like travelling the world and working in every field imaginable because you meet people from all over whose academic interests range from education and law to genetics and engineering. Living here has definitely made my UBC experience a more complete one. Thunderbird resident

21 Acadia Park Student Family Housing

22 Acadia Park Student Family Housing Some of the happiest moments are when the whole family can participate in an event on campus. We have a real sense of community here.

23 Walter Gage and Totem Park
Glimpses of a rare snow day Walter Gage and Totem Park

24 Students who live in residence
Meet new friends Make academic connections Learn new skills The biggest and best decision in my life is to live in residence. You get the full university experience. Totem Park Resident

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