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LIVING IN A BOX November 27, 2013 Lucas Griffin

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1 LIVING IN A BOX November 27, 2013 Lucas Griffin
Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc.

2 What is a Container? The Shipping Container Revolution was started by Malcolm McLean, who, in changed the world by inventing the first shipping container concept.

3 There are now approximately 20 million TEU in service in the shipping lines today, with over 55 million TEU on the planet.

4 MV Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller has the largest cargo capacity of any ship yet constructed, and is the longest ship in service worldwide as of She can carry 18,270 TEU.

5 A Busy Container Port - these units are all in service!

6 Basic Features of a Container

7 The materials Most containers are now made of Corten Steel.
Corten Steel is an anti-corrosive blend of metals that is 40% stronger than mild steel. Superior bonding properties with paints and coatings Corten steel is mold resistant. Containers are adaptive to any type of insulation. A 1 1/4" plywood floor made of teak or mahogany hardwood.


9 WHY Containers? The strongest self-standing structure in the world.
Form of recycling - every shipping line and leasing company can only use these containers for ten years before recertification or resale. Very quick build time as structure already exists. Container buildings can fit on small properties, unusable by traditional construction. Lower building costs % cheaper than traditional construction. Approx $100/sq.ft.

10 Modifying Containers In Amsterdam and the UK, shipping containers have been popular for student housing and apartments since 2005. At about the same time in the US, people like Adam Kalkin, Peter De Maria, and the Lo-Tek company in New York began using the shipping container in contemporary homes. In mid 2006, David Cross of SG Block was featured by Bob Vila and on many news programs because his company built the first conventional looking container home for a government project in St. Petersburg, Florida.

11 Jerusalem Orphanage

12 Adam Kalkin – Bunny Lane House Exterior

13 Adam Kalkin – Bunny Lane House Interior

14 12 Container House by Adam Kalkin

15 Redondo House by Peter DeMaria, California.
8 containers with traditional materials, in ground container pool

16 Amazing Brisbane property, made out of 31 shipping containers, by experienced builder Todd Miller of Zeigler Build

17 Keetwonen Student Housing, Amsterdam
1,000 containers in 12 Five-Storey Buildings

18 Cite-a-Docks, Le Havre, France
Cite-a-Docks, Le Havre, France. A four-story building that houses 100 apartments made of shipping containers.

19 Container City, London, UK

20 This fantastic development took just 8 days to install, and cost around 2/3 that of a traditional building.

21 Clothing Store, San Francisco

22 Starbucks Drive-Thru, Seattle WA

23 Atira Women’s Resource Society, Vancouver, BC

24 Six 40ft containers divided into12 self contained units

25 Waldorf School, Costa Mesa, California

26 Acrylic Stucco Finish

27 Wood Siding with covered and open decks

28 Park Model with vinyl Siding with Hardie Plank Trim

29 KottageRV by Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc.

30 Luxurious KottageRV by Secure-Rite Mobile Storage

31 16 x 40 Container Office with Kitchen, HVAC system

32 20ft Washcar Container with toilets, sinks, showers

33 WHY Containers? Form of recycling. Very strong structure.
Very quick build time. Container buildings can fit anywhere. Lower building costs. Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc.

34 Any questions. I hope you are inspired
Any questions? I hope you are inspired! Let’s work together to build sustainable communities!

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