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StoveTop FireStop Automatic Cooktop Fire Suppressors Invisible-Inexpensive-Invaluable.

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1 StoveTop FireStop Automatic Cooktop Fire Suppressors Invisible-Inexpensive-Invaluable

2 2 The True Cost of Fire Based on a recent study by the NFPA, the yearly cost of fire in the United States was an estimated $347 billion. Property damage accounted for just $18.6 billion. The other almost $328 billion was due to costs associated with The monetary value of donated time from volunteer firefighters - $128 billion Cost of career fire departments - $36.8 billion The estimated monetary equivalent for the deaths and injuries due to fire - $42.4 billion Insurance coverage -$17.2 billion -Other economic costs - $42.3 billion The bottom line is, fires are costly and dangerous. Furthermore, they cause a trickle-down effect that drains city resources, fire department budgets, and taxpayer money.

3 3 The Leading Cause of Residential Fires in the U.S. How can we prevent the damages and injuries that result from unattended cooking? Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries, causing an estimated $362 million per year in direct property damage, not including costs incurred by fire departments and the immeasurable cost of human life. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of cooking fires.

4 4 The Solution: Automatic Stovetop Fire Suppression Designed to suppress residential stovetop grease fires, StoveTop FireStop ® Venthood attaches by magnet to the underside of the vent hood. When flame activated, each canister releases a fire-suppressing powder, and effectively suppresses stovetop fires (see right).

5 5 Also, StoveTop FireStop Microhood StoveTop FireStop Microhood protects cooktops with over-the-stove microwaves or cabinets. Available in black or white, the units attach to the wall below microwaves or kitchen cabinetry, 15-27 inches above the cooktop (see right).

6 6 Comparing Venthood to Microhood Venthood attaches by magnet to traditional vent hoods Microhood attaches with drywall anchors and screws to the wall beneath microwaves over stoves Needs 27-35 above cooking surfaceNeeds 15-27 above cooking surface One canister protects front and back burners on each side Front canister protects front burner while back canister protects back burner on each side

7 StoveTop FireStop in Action

8 8 Simple, Yet Powerful, Features and Benefits Protects four burners Works automatically: dispenses fire- suppressing powder onto fire when flame activated Installs easily Cleans up easily: powder is non- toxic bicarbonate of soda Alerts immediately: emits loud pop sound upon activation Supplements sprinkler systems: likely to activate before sprinklers = no water damage Lasts five years: no inspection or maintenance

9 9 StoveTop FireStop Is… Americas leading automatic stovetop fire suppressor Reliable: upholds a sterling track record, with millions of units sold over 35 years Made in the U.S.A. Used for electric, gas cooktops, and modern smooth-cooktop designs

10 10 StoveTop FireStop Is… Affordable and cost-effective (about $50 per stove) Universal: works for any traditional four-burner cooktop Available through commercial and retail avenues such as Lowes, HD Supply, and Ace Hardware

11 11 Fortunately, StoveTop FireStop Does Not… Activate unless touched by the flame, thus preventing false activations Require costly, professional installation Require the resident to do a thingStoveTop FireStop works automatically Affect the functionality of your stove Potentially void your stoves warranty Need maintenance, cleaning, or inspection

12 12 What customers say about StoveTop FireStop Before StoveTop FireStop was installed, a stovetop fire caused a $245,000 loss to an apartment complex. Less than one year later, StoveTop FireStop was in place, and discharged on a stovetop fire in the same building, recently rebuilt from the previous fire loss. Cost = the price of StoveTop FireStop and a quick cleanup. We have no idea how many injuries have been prevented or lives have been saved as a result of our installation of StoveTop FireStop. Gordon W. Provost, Risk Manager Boston Financial Property Management I am an owner/operator of about 1,100 1960s vintage apartments in Atlanta, and your StoveTop FireStops are in every single apartment. Careless cooking is the #1 cause of apartment fires, and your devices have put out more fires than I can remember in my ten years in the industry... I stopped counting the 20th time your devices went off! They have saved me hundreds of thousands by mitigating more extensive fire damage, and kept my property insurance premiums low. Every apartment in America should have your devices. Thank you, StoveTop FireStopyoure a lifesaver! Brent Sobol, Managing Director Happy Home Communities – Atlanta, GA This past weekend I had my two grandchildren, and while fixing dinner I had to leave the kitchen to change the VCR for them. My frying pan caught fire while I was out of the kitchen. I heard a loud pop, and upon arriving back in the kitchen, I found the fire completely smothered out! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It saved my property and possibly protected us from injury and harm. Karen Johnson, Oklahoma

13 13 StoveTop FireStop has been featured on

14 14 The Experts Know... Overland Park, KS Fire Department Bristol, VA Fire Department Dothan, AL Fire Department Orange County, FL Fire Rescue Sandy Springs, GA Fire Department … The effectiveness of StoveTop FireStop. Heres just a few of the fire departments who have used grant funds to purchase StoveTop FireStop for their communities: Newnan, GA Fire Department High Point, NC Fire Department Columbia, TN Fire Department St. Paul, MN Fire Department Arvada, CO Fire Department White Bear Lake, MN Fire Department

15 15 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant Success Story The Bristol, VA Fire Department purchased 1,000 pair StoveTop FireStops in 2007. Shortly after the some of the devices were installed, a mother and her two young children were saved. While she was busy tending to her 4-month old and 15-month old, a small fire started in the kitchen of her apartment. The stovetop extinguisher device quickly and effectively extinguished the fire, saving this family and preventing what could have been a serious fire where other families could have been injured and/or displaced, stated Fire Marshal Eric Blevins. The fire department cleaned up the stove and checked the area to make sure it was safe to return to the apartment. The family was able to sleep there that night. A fire could cause the destruction of a whole building, take lives, cost thousands in repairs, and use up valuable resources at the Red Cross, said Blevins. These automatic stovetop extinguishers can not only save lives but also save the city a lot of money." "Sometimes a small act of prevention can pay off.

16 16 Firefighters Respond to Apartment Fire Pine Mountain, Georgia Fire Department News March 12, 2009 Pine Mountain firefighters were summoned to the Butts Mill Road section of Pine Village Apartments on Thursday, March 12.The alarm was dispatched as a kitchen fire but added the resident thought the fire was out. The particular section of Pine Village Apartments contains two-story units and with the potential threat the Hopewell Fire Department was dispatched as automatic mutual aid. Apartment management had installed StoveTop FireStop which put out the fire. The resident was treated at the scene and did not require further treatment. Damage to the apartment was minimal with smoke stains on the stove hood and cabinetry. There were no injuries in connection with the incident.

17 Firefighters Tout Success of Simple Device June 17, 2008, WDHN18 - Dothan, AL Firefighters say a Dothan apartment complex was saved by a simple device. The device, called the StoveTop FireStop had been installed in every kitchen at Beverlye Crossing Apartments. When a stove fire started and was put out by the device, apartment managers and firefighters took notice. The Stove Top Fire Stop works like an automatic fire extinguisher. It can be attached with a magnet to the underside of a common range hood. When flames reach it, a flame-retardant powder is released, stopping fire in its tracks. The Dothan Fire Department is now installing the devices in some area homes. Captain Chris Etheredge said the device's strength is that it does its job all by itself unlike traditional fire extinguishers. 13

18 Small device stops stove fire

19 19 Small device stops stove fire Nov 22, 2010, Savannah, GA (WTOC) - A possible disaster was averted thanks to a small device designed to keep a stove fire from becoming a huge blaze. "The fire started by having combustibles being placed too close to the stove, and the heat from the stove started the fire," said Savannah Fire Battalion Chief Thad Dixon. The small piece of equipment helped put out the fire quickly and save other apartments from catching on fire. "It went off and knocked the fire before we even got here," said Chief Dixon. The fire took place at Live Oak Plantation. Property manager, Michael Scaife, said It [StoveTop FireStop] has the potential to save thousands of money in property damage and lives. I hope a lot of other apartments start to take this into consideration because it's a low expense and it can save thousands of lives.

20 20 Code Enforcement During the first three months of 2009, the Shreveport, Louisiana Fire Department responded to twenty-three apartment fires which damaged more than forty-seven individual apartments. The majority of the fires originated on stovetops where the contents of unattended pots and pans ignited, causing the fire spread. The estimated cost of repair for damages caused by these fires exceeds $1.5 million dollars. The Shreveport Fire Department operational costs also increased, as numerous companies and equipment had to be dispatched to extinguish these multiple-alarm fires. The following cities have enacted ordinances requiring automatic stovetop fire suppressors, such as StoveTop FireStop: The City of Shreveport, Louisiana The City of Carrboro, North Carolina The City of Westwego, Louisiana The City of North Richland Hills, Texas

21 21 In summary, StoveTop FireStop… Can protect homeowners and apartment residents from the #1 cause of home fires: cooking. Works independently, saves money and lives, greatly reduces property damage, and offers invaluable peace of mind. Is cost-effective, reliable, and has been praised in the media for its life- saving potential. Can prevent the spread of careless cooking fires, hopefully making your job safer, and helping to conserve your yearly operational budget.

22 22 Contact Us If there is anything we can do to assist you, please contact us! Carter Shackelford Sales and Marketing Manager 817.870.8044 Kelli Edwards Account Manager 817.870.8043 Visit us online at

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