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1 Beachcomber Bay Sewer Lift Station Homeowners believe a better solution is available for both the City and the Homeowners.

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1 1 Beachcomber Bay Sewer Lift Station Homeowners believe a better solution is available for both the City and the Homeowners

2 2 Tank on Access Location of tank relative to water front

3 3 Tank on Access Too close to homes (8.5m) due to trees limiting location of tank Loss of property value due to this location for both homes Big trucks next to homes for Maintenance (Generator 1/2hr every week) Cabinets and tank cover large 10m layout due to trees. Bedrooms Views from Patmore house

4 4 Tank on Access Tank close to lake – Potential environmental impact to be factored as design is not completely redundant Family backyard activities in close proximity to tank

5 5 Tank on Access Additional work created as culvert drains into proposed Cabinet and Tank locations. Drainage problems on road continues. Trees at risk to damage

6 6 Tank on Access Tank (yellow arrow) Control Cabinet, UV cabinet, Emergency Generator (grey arrows) Bedroom windows

7 7 Tank on Beachcomber Plenty of room for all equipment Easy access for City workers – no extra snow plowing required In direct line for sewer piping in both directions. New lines in both directions (additional line to Boat launch –road to be dug up again since last sewer job). Any matting problems due to tank inlet/outlet could be rectified due to the lines work in both directions.

8 8 Tank on Beachcomber 8065 would not view sewer tank/cabinets due embankment (Picture taken at 2m off ground at paved road edge)

9 9 Tank on Beachcomber 8067 lakeview not impeded and equipment located below due to elevation of house on property

10 10 Tank on Beachcomber Below visual lines from 8067 windows/balcony No views affected

11 11 Tank on Beachcomber Brick retaining wall is on the property line. Control cabinets can be oriented easily to place without affecting the wall Easily accessible to City maintenance trucks New Tank hole at the boat launch took 2 days to install with traffic control. Beachcomber Rd has 2 access points and would have minimal disruption to residents Common tank lift design can be used by City in this location Parking a non issue. Sufficient parking up and down road

12 12 Reasons not to place tank on Access Significant loss of property values of the two lakeshore homes –10 to 15% property loss as per local Real-estate appraisals Tank is positioned too close to homes due to trees along access. Note: The alternative tank location on Beachcomber was deemed a safety issue due to tank hole depth and was rejected by the Consultant. Hole dug at boat launch was much bigger and was not considered a problem. Large trees in area of cabinets/tank could be affected and killed Design has to be unique for this location and not standardized This location requires a small tank and emergency generator. Water table limited the size of tank. Generator added cost to project. Distances to run piping/electrical/new asphalt down access road more costly Access to equipment would require snow clearing and pruning maintenance that is not presently done. All maintenance (pruning/grass cutting) to date has been done by homeowners. Potential spill would be unnoticed and is too close to lake- added risks Additional noise and potential smell related issues due to close proximity to homes bedrooms

13 13 Reasons to place tank on Beachcomber Rd Loss of property value deemed to be less than if located on access Site lines of sewer equipment only affects 8065 and not 8067 since property is elevated would be visually less impacted. Compact design causing less visual impact (access location spreads it out) Tank, piping, electrical in line and next to the road. Tank pump sizing could be reduced for some savings Design could be as other systems around town (standardized design) Equipment cabinets can be located next to retaining wall without having to move it as it is on the property line. (Plenty of room as seen from other layout designs around the city) Larger tank could provide enough capacity to remove generator from project cost and ongoing weekly maintenance start-up checks. Reduced asphalt work due to not having to pave the access No trees to be concerned with or removed as per current design (Arborist costs eliminated) Parking would still be available up and down the street Pedestrian issues are not applicable as no sidewalks exist

14 14 Summary (Beachcomber Rd Location) Less impact on lakeshore property values ($330K) Proximity to houses lessened Standard design as per other sewer lift stations Project cost estimates could be reduced Environmental concerns eliminated. If options exist to move a sewage tank installation further from the lake to a safer location, whats that worth? Placing a sewage tank on this local lakeshore access devalues this piece of land. Any possibility for future sale and city revenue would be lost. This would be regrettable.

15 15 Summary continued Homeowners would be willing to purchase the access as the lateral into lake is no longer needed. This would provide all the necessary additional funds needed for work on Beachcomber Rd and more. Please come out and visit this access location. You would understand how nice this lake access is and what would forever be changed if a sewage system was located on this section of Okanagan lake. We hope you consider the Beachcomber Road Tank location as more suitable for this neighbourhood and kindly request this change in the design which would allow win/win for both the City and Homeowners. Thank-you Rick Patmore / Bruce Doerges

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