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Erie Times-News in Education A guide to news-based learning.

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1 Erie Times-News in Education A guide to news-based learning

2 Our Mission Philosophy: Develop and grow the next generation of news consumers. Encourage life-long, daily reading habits and the love of reading in the next generation. Promote social and cultural awareness, civic responsibility, active involvement and positive contributions of our younger citizens. Improve educational access through curriculum supplements in the newspaper, on the internet, and through teacher training. Meet the curriculum standards set by the Common Core Standards of Pennsylvania

3 NIE Goal: Erie Times-News in Education is a 501 (c)(3) that continues to promote and enhance literacy levels of all school children in the Lake Erie region. These children, who currently comprise 25% of our population, represent 100% of our future. Our goal is to encourage life-long daily reading habits that will create informed, literate and educated citizens and promote self-sufficiency, self- confidence and self-esteem. About NIE Newspapers in Education is an educational effort that brings free newspapers and digital content into classrooms to accomplish several important goals: To expose students to current events, to encourage civic engagement, to create a responsible digital identity, to improve student reading comprehension and writing skills, and to foster lifelong reading habits in youth. About NIE at Erie Times-News

4 NIE Fast Facts More than 75 schools and programs Over 16,000 students Sent out over 15,000 NIE newspapers each week Part of our full circulation – reaching 55,000 homes Available to schools in both print and electronic formats

5 Goals for 2013-2014 Continue to provide newspapers for sponsored classrooms Implement digital strategies to become more interactive with students, teachers, and parents on the NIE website Maintain communication and promotion of NIE through social media networks Provide in-class instruction through NIE coordinator using research-based lesson plans Promote literacy, civics, and digital citizenship through Common Core Standards-based print and electronic material

6 Our Website Erie Times-News in Education Lesson plans Download lesson plans; updated daily Participate in daily activities Contact Email NIE coordinator for help or schedule visit to school Common Core Standards Keep posted on any changes & updates Download lessons that follow CCS strictly Workshops Find a schedule of events and educational workshops ORDER NEWSPAPERS!

7 Replica version of the Erie Times-News Replica edition of the Erie Times-News Allows you to read on iPhone, iPad, tablet, any PDF reader Can access email to article authors Sign up as digital teacher, receive 7-day access. ETN eEdition

8 NIE Topics for 2013-2014 Monday: Common Core (Digital) Content: Fun newspapers/digital activities based on Common Core Tuesday: Learn About Your Environment (Print) Content: Explores environmental concepts and activities in Erie County Wednesday: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Print) Content: Serial story with comprehension questions and student work Thursday: Invest in Your Future (Print) Content: Students investigate careers and prepare for the future Friday: The Arts (Digital) Content: Academic activities (reading, writing, social studies, etc.) based on the arts and Showcase in Erie Times-News.

9 Teacher Workshops Summer workshop 2013: Educational Technology Speakers from Northwest Tri-County IU#5 Live presentation of technological tools Sign up for 2013-2014 program Workshops & assemblies held at schools request NIE Coordinator presentation in classes Teach newspapers & media-based lessons to classes.

10 2013 Teacher Workshop

11 Feedback from Teachers I have been using the newspaper as a supplemental teaching tool for years. As a teacher of Language Arts in a high school environment, I have had the pleasure of utilizing the newspaper daily as a means to promote literacy. Sheran Alexander, Erie School District The papers are a staple in my classroom. They are a hands-on tool to familiarize students with current events and American culture. We are living history every day, and the paper is our chronicle. Charles Hager, General McLane High School Trust me when I say that newspapers still impact, excite, and truly change the lives of my students. It is a valuable living, learning document! Cindy Rodgers, North East Middle School

12 See for Yourself! Video by Rob Frank and CyberInk

13 Contact Erie Times-News in Education Erie Times-News in Education is located at 205 West 12 th Street, Erie, PA 16534-0001 Contact Christopher LaFuria, NIE Coordinator, at (814) 870-1838 or (814) 602-8782 or email Visit Erie Times-News in Education on Facebook Or find us on Twitter @ETNeducation

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